Is Kellogg A Good Company To Work For?

Kellogg is a company that works worldwide and is known for the production of a wider range of food products like cereals, crackers, cereal bars, varieties of vegetarian foods, fruit-flavored snacks, etc. The company was established in the year 1906 by Will Keith Kellog. To date, the company is responsible for manufacturing food products in over 180 countries. The company so far has provided many people with employment opportunities. In this era of competition, where tons of the food industry offers employment opportunities, we are left with a question ‘Is Kellogg A Good Company To Work For?’ Below there are the reasons which help in answering our question.

Is Kellogg A Good Company To Work For?

Is Kellogg A Good Company To Work For?

Benefits for Employee:

1. Physical well-being:

  • Looking towards the current scenario where health has become a priority and the cost for various healthcare programs is high, It is very difficult for an individual to cope with health-related costs. So, the employee working at Kellog are provided with health insurance benefits, as well they cover accident insurance. 
  • The company provides insurance for medical conditions, dental and vision problems. The company also covers insurance for both temporary and long-term disability. 
  • The company provides Mediclaim benefits for their working employee. Also, the Mediclaim benefits are provided for family members of the employee like their partner, children, and parents. Insurance is also provided for same-sex partners. 
  • The company also takes care of the health of the employees by organizing yearly health checkups and providing sessions for improving fitness. For the nourishment of employees, Kellog provides free Kellog products in the office which are of great nutritional value.

2. Emotional Well-being:

  • Productivity and efficiency are important aspects of any workplace. If the employee is affected emotionally then it can impact both efficiency and productivity of the employee, for the betterment of the employee company arranges an employee wellness program that includes both webinars and counseling for the employee and their families. 
  • If the employee is emotionally well then it adds productivity to work. Kellogs considers emotional well-being as one of their priorities for their employee. The company also provides flexible shift hours and locations to work. Also, the company has relocation policies.

3. Leave Policy:

  • The company offers casual leave and sick leave with the added benefit of birthday leave. The company also grants 6 months of maternity leave for the mother and 1 month of paternity leave for the father. The company also offers vacation leave along with paid leave. The option to work from home is also available.

4. Financial Support:

  • The company on regular intervals has financial planning sessions along with the planning of tax. On average Kellogs offers a minimum salary of rupees (in INR) from 3.1 Lakhs to 6.3 Lakhs per annum. The salary is raised according to the experience and post of an individual.
  • The company provides the employee with travel expenses like the provision of leave travel in advance along with a meal card for food. The company also offers the benefits of quarterly and yearly bonuses to employees. 
  • The company also takes care of the telephone services by providing remuneration. The company also takes care of maintenance for corporate cars and provides wages for the fuel.
  • Along with retirement benefits like the Employment Provident Fund, Gratuities, and National Pension Scheme, the corporation also provides perks to its employees. For there employees, the organization provides flexible spending account, also adhere to investing and saving policies.They also provide their employees with 401(k) plans.

5. Social Wellbeing:

  • Kellog values their employee’s contributions and hard work as well as they honor their skills at regular intervals. The company appreciates the performance of its employees by organizing yearly awards, and  functional excellence awards are provided. 
  • The company also provides long service awards at intervals every five years. It engages its employees in volunteer work in the fields of food security and nutrition and also provides a platform for bonding with the team. It helps them to create a stronger network.

6. Women Benefits:

  • For the safety of females, the company follows a women’s safety policy which includes women’s travel and stays guidelines. As the company follows the rule of equality females are also treated equally and wages are paid according to their capabilities.
  • The company also provides female maternity leave and refurbishment for the caretaker of the children. Adoption benefits are also provided by the company, along with the travel policy, they also add the benefit of a child travel policy.

7. Employee development Programs:

  • For the development of the employee, the company provides an employee assistance program, as well for the betterment of employees diversity programs are arranged.  For improving the skills of their employee’s company also offers job training sessions at regular intervals, for improving the efficiency and value of employee company arranges professional development courses at regular intervals. 
  • For building better coaches and enhancing leadership qualities they provide a people manager effectiveness program. They opt for regular learning for their employees to keep them up to date. They also offer functional capability programs which are conducted by industry experts to improve the skills of their employees.

8. Working atmosphere

  • The company offers an astonishing and peaceful working atmosphere for the employees, which helps to improve productivity of an employee. The company also provides educational benefits.

Today in the outer world where an employee works under pressure with fewer chances to show their abilities, facing the problems of inequality and struggling, Kellog offers every individual a foundation for showing their skills, and talents and helps them to reach their full potential. They believe in Equity, diversity, and inclusion, and they consider every culture to be important.  The company considers both males and females equal so, the chance of gender bias is neglected. They allow their employees to show their creativity and make further progress in their careers. 

Now We’ve learnt about ‘Is Kellogg A Good Company To Work For?’, Kellogg offers food to a wide range of consumers worldwide, providing exceptional employment opportunities. The employee working with Kellogg can avail mentioned benefits. Without a doubt, Kellogg seems to be a great company to work for.

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Is Kellogg A Good Company To Work For?

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