Thanks For Being There For Coworkers Who Helped In Job- Examples

There are several uses for writing thank you notes to others but they all serve the same purpose – appreciate them for assisting in the task that they have done for you. You can do this in several ways such as giving a corporate gift, a generous gift, a retirement gift, or even simply saying […]

Hard And Soft Services Facilities Management

When we think of “service,” our mind instantly travels to the hospitality industry. However, services are more pervasive than you think and can be found in any industry. They play a significant role in almost every business. Instead, the company may outsource this production to an outside partner or contractor. It results in a service […]

Why the younger masses are lacking in work ethic?

The lack of a work ethic among individuals has been a concern for companies and organizations for decades and today’s younger generation seems to be following a similar path. There are several potential explanations for why this might be the case, but there is no single answer that will fix the problem. Some possible solutions […]

How To Say No When Work Calls You In?

Indeed, office work never ends. Especially, if the office is smaller and your boss knows you well. You must be thinking ‘What if my boss considers me negligent towards work? What if my peers judge me? What if it affects my promotion, appraisals, incentives, etc?’ Forcing yourself towards more work may affect your health and […]

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