Is Twitter A Good Company To Work For?

Twitter is perhaps one of the most talked about social media platforms in recent times. Whether the chatter around the platform is a good sign or a mere publicity stunt by its newly appointed CEO is something that can be debated but its impact on the overall spectrum of the world and its thinking is undeniable. Let’s learn about ‘Is Twitter A Good Company To Work For?’.

Is Twitter A Good Company To Work For?

Is Twitter A Good Company To Work For?

Right after acquiring the company and becoming the CEO, Elon Musk made some controversial decisions and statements against the former setup which handled the company. Musk garnered huge support from the public but it does not necessarily equate to the fact that working for Twitter in the current scenario might not be the brightest of ideas. Considering the massive layoffs that took place after Elon Musk took charge which was also followed by resignations by a lot of old employees, the workspace at Twitter is not at its usual best. Yet considering the company’s reputation it’s safe to say that working at Twitter is still very safe.

The Current Situation and its repercussions on the employees-

Following Musk’s demand to create a hard-core work regimen, employees soon started losing the flexibility in work which they enjoyed previously. This has resulted in the creation of an unhealthy work environment at Twitter. This unhealthy workspace has compelled the existing employees to resign from their jobs and has also closed the doors for people in search of such jobs.

Perks of Working at Twitter-

Keeping aside the present crisis, working at Twitter has some great perks. Valued at $41.3 Billion, the company has over the years built a name for its fun-loving and carefree workspace. It offers Maternity leaves and Prenatal leave benefits to all its female employees. It also promotes diversity in its workforce by having an “Equal Pay Policy.” While the company offers multiple health and wellness facilities for free to its employees, it also has dedicated management to ensure commuter benefits as well. On a more professional front, it ensures development benefits with its mentorship program and helps in the character growth of the employees by making them great leaders and helping them form their own identities. Twitter employees are also assured of retirement benefits after working for the company. They are financially secured for the long term due to the company’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan which enables them to hold RSUs of the company. They also have a stake in the Company’s equity. So all in all Twitter offers some very lucrative perks for people to work at Twitter.

Qualification required to work at Twitter-

To land a job at Twitter, one needs to have a degree in Computer Science and must be well-equipped with programming languages such as Java or Scala. People willing to work must also have work experience of at least 2 years in building software which preferably should be distributed systems. The responsibility of a Twitter employee is not just to develop tools and libraries and secure data access but to also be a representative in the open-source community. Thus a person aspiring to work for Twitter needs to meet the company’s criteria for educational qualifications.

Is working at Twitter sufficient to earn a living?

Working at Twitter is more than sufficient to lead a happy and successful life. Salaries of Software engineers at Twitter range from $73,000 to $1,74,000. The company offers lucrative packages to all the employees working in various capacities for the company. These average ranges of salaries vary department-wise, meaning there is some sort of hierarchy in the salary given to the employees working at Twitter.

How to land a job at Twitter?

One has to go through a long set of tests and interviews to be deemed fit to work at Twitter. It starts with an initial interview followed by some assessment tests which assess your expertise in the field you’re applying for. They also conduct onsite interviews and tests to make sure you are worthy of the job. Even after such a long procedure to secure a job, the success rates of applications are very high and there’s a high chance for you to secure a job at Twitter if you meet their eligibility criteria.

What about Job Security at Twitter?

A company that offers jobs to software developers usually has greater job security and so is the case with Twitter. According to a survey conducted wherein the previous employees at Twitter were asked questions about job security. The survey results were very positive and they are indicative of the fact that there is job security at Twitter which allows the employees to be assured of their monthly income. However, things haven’t been that simple since the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. Keeping in mind the layoffs and a spree of resignations by the employees, it is predicted that percentage-wise the Job Security at Twitter will be significantly reduced. Musk however aims to counter these resignations by increasing the perks and salaries awarded to Twitter employees. He is keen on having discussions with the employees and their problems regarding the deteriorating work culture at Twitter.

Has the quality of work deteriorated at Twitter?

Although recent times have been challenging for Twitter employees, it hasn’t been like this forever. According to the New York Times, the platform could soon experience slow outages and hacking of private data which could cause huge meltdowns around the world and this could significantly impact the workers at Twitter. Regardless, its impact on the employees cannot be clearly defined along these lines, but one has to agree that the quality of work has well and truly been substandard at Twitter recently. This is not just the case with the employees working in its headquarters but it’s the same with all its workers around the globe.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Is Twitter A Good Company To Work For?’, Keeping in mind the current scenario as well as the company’s record it is safe to say that Twitter is still a very good company to work at. The lucrative packages coupled with the flexibility it offers to its employees make Twitter a very safe and secure working space in which people aspiring to work in related fields can have blind faith. Thus, this makes people wanting a job at Twitter hopeful of their employment and keeps the healthy work culture at Twitter intact.

Is Twitter A Good Company To Work For?

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