Xerox Employee Benefits- Know More

Unlike in older times, just a standard wage in exchange for a worker’s job is not sufficient nowadays. Organizations must provide additional perks in order to maintain employee  satisfaction and attract and retain the right talent. Employee benefits are an essential tool for organizational success. Its significance can be proven by looking at how some of the employee benefits have become mandatory by law. Let us know What are the ‘Xerox Employee Benefits’.

Xerox Employee Benefits

Xerox Employee Benefits

Established and renowned corporations such as Xerox have proven to keep their employees  happy to sustain and thrive in all kinds of market conditions. Employee benefits bestowed  by Xerox fall into the category of medical, insurance, retirement, resources for family, etc.  Let us see what the employee benefits at Xerox are and how they work. 

Presenting Xerox 

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‘Work Can Work Better’ 

Founded in 1906, as a pioneer in office technology, Xerox Corporation was the first company to  introduce a xerographic copier. It is an information technology American corporation that offers  print and digital document products. Having served in over 160 countries, Xerox’s headquarters  is situated in Connecticut, United States.  

Interesting fact: Xerox brought in such a revolutionary offering and marketed it so well that the  word “Xerox” itself has replaced “photocopy” which is the function of their copiers. So, what do  you want to get xeroxed? 

Know about Employee Benefits 

Employee benefits are part of a quality compensation package from which some perks are legal  requisites and others are discretionarily offered by employers to keep the employees happy and  ensure the quality of work. Though employee benefits are a cost to the company, employers bear  it to show that the organization cares about its people; this employer branding aids to maintain  employee satisfaction and keep the work environment healthy.

In the current time, companies are forthcoming in offering perks to employees; hence different  kinds of benefits exist, but some commonly delivered employee benefits are health insurance,  student loan repayment, remote working option, flexible work timings, retirement plan, life  insurance, paid holidays and paid parental leaves. 

How Xerox Employees are benefited? 

Xerox’s motto is to empower the workforce sustainably, address new-age customer problems,  and provide innovative solutions; it believes in providing flexibility and autonomy to employees.  In order to provide great value to its customers, Xerox is offering benefits to enable its people in  a way that aligns with organizational promises towards the customers. 

Here are the major employee benefits at Xerox to cater to the needs of different employees, yet  the perks are not limited to this list: 

  • ∙ Paid Holidays 

o Parental leaves, paid time off, paid jury duty 

  • ∙ Health Care 
  • ∙ On-site gym, gym membership 
  • ∙ Insurance 

o Dental, disability, life, vision, health, prescription drug 

  • ∙ Retirement Savings Plans 
  • ∙ Flexibility at Work 

o Work from home, flexible schedule 

  • ∙ Employee Assistance Program 
  • ∙ Resources for Childcare and Eldercare 

With the surge of the pandemic, Xerox realized the significance of employee well-being and  quality health care; hence it included a few more optional benefits to access like enrolment in  Xerox Medical Plan, Savings & spending account, supplemental insurance, dental & vision  plans, optional life & accidental death & dismemberment coverage, and voluntary benefits. 

Xerox has also launched Virtual Office Program to do the jobs from home. More than 8000  employees are benefitting from this program. This option includes functions like customer care,  tech support, quality control, business support, etc. There is a sub-program called “Heroes @  Home” through which veterans and military spouses are given employment opportunities.  

As a result of virtual programs, commuting costs reduce, the work environment is comfortable,  and the work-life balance becomes better.  

Providing wide-ranging print and digital solutions for more than 100 years, Xerox has come a  long way; and with a view to growing and succeeding the same way in the future, it has  remodeled its way of working to accommodate various human needs. It is safe to say that Xerox 

has realized and adapted to the needs of this hour and will continue to offer the required benefits  to the new-age workforce. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How is the work culture at Xerox? 

Xerox is a successful and renowned corporation, and it has created a cohesive and supportive  culture. The employees are treated with respect and valued for their contribution. Different  employees perceive the organizational culture differently, yet professionals are valued by  Xerox. 

  • When does Xerox pay? 

The pay frequency can depend very much on the job role and department they are working  in, but for most positions employees are paid biweekly (every two weeks). 

  • How are the working hours at Xerox? 

Xerox has adapted the concept of flexible working hours, yet the standard work week is  Monday to Friday and 60-80 hours per week. 

  • What is the hiring process to get into Xerox? 

It does not have too many steps to pass. Xerox hires through online and in-person interviews  to assess suitable candidates. Most of the employees gave feedback that they were hired on  the spot. 


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Xerox Employee Benefits- Know More

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