How Old To Be To Work At Target?


Target is one of the leading retail store chains in the USA, as it offers quality products at affordable prices. Target started its journey in 1902, and since then, it has changed a lot, along with its few former names, and now it is the seventh largest retail department store in the USA. Besides America, Target offers its products and services in Canada, as Target operates more than 1,900 stores in America and Canada. Target sells products, such as bedding, food, furniture, games, jewelry, toys, and more, at affordable prices. Let us know ‘How Old To Be To Work At Target?’.

How Old To Be To Work At Target?

How Old To Be To Work At Target?

The minimum age required for a worker to work at Target is 16. However, if you join at the age of 16, you can associate as a team member in most of the departments of Target, but if you join after the age of 18, you can become a team leader or achieve other high posts at Target according to your working hours, experience, achievements, and performance.

When Target hires you at 16, you can only work as a store associate or under some high-level managers at Target, and if you want to climb the success stairs at Target quickly, you should prefer to join Target after completing 18 years. Target adheres to government regulations regarding child labor, so if you are under sixteen years old, you cannot work for Target.

The Age Requirement for Target and Its Impact:

If you want to work at Target, the minimum age required to work there is sixteen years, but it keeps your employment in a limited field as a store associate, team member, or store attendant. When you join Target at the age of 16, you have to work regularly and perform well to gain some experience.

If Target hires you at the age of sixteen, then the position in which you will work also depends on your academic records, letter of recommendation, highest qualification, and area of education. These factors determine in which field you are going to work at Target.

Target allows you to work at its stores only if you have completed your sixteenth year of age, as the job application portal is only responsive to candidates older than 16 years old.

If you have completed your 18 years and want to join Target, then you could get more opportunities than a 16-year-old employee as they are not bound to work only at entry-level positions but will get a place according to their interview, qualifications, and prior work experience, area of work, and education factors. These factors will determine which spot you will work at Target.

Some Other Important Facts About Target’s Age Requirement:

If you join Target in your sixteenth year, your wages will be the same as for other entry-level positions at Target, and they will increase according to your experience, overtime, working hours, performance, and achievements.

You must fill out the application form for the job requirements at Target before Target conducts your interview. If you pass the interview, you will get a place to work at Target according to that and your mentioned age.

Target may take a few days to consider or process your job application, and then it will call you for an interview, and if you are eligible according to its policy, only then will you get an entry-level position or other allowed posts. You must follow the regulation policy of Target to work here because, as a teen worker, you must sign a contract with Target stating that you are working here on your own accord.

Target follows the child labor policy of the government. It does allow teenagers below the age of 16 to work at its workplace, as some other companies do.

Work at Target Requirements:

If you have completed your sixteenth year and are looking for a job at Target, you must meet the following eligibility requirements to receive a job offer letter from Target.

  • You must have a social security number to work at Target.
  • To be eligible for the Target requirement process. You must keep a permanent address proof.
  • Your educational qualifications should be following the requirements of the post for which you are applying at Target.
  • You can start working at Target after the completion of your hiring process.
  • If you have any prior employment experience, then mention it, or if the hiring of the target requires an incident, you must demonstrate experience eligibility.
  • You should keep official proof of employment in the United States.

The eligibility may change according to the position for which you are applying at Target, and before filling out the application form, you should carefully read the required mandatory details to get employment at Target.

Salary and Other Payouts for the Employees of Target:

Employment as a cashier or a sales associate at Target can earn you $10 to $15 per hour on average. Employees working as retail associates can get average wages of $11 to $16 per hour. If you work on a manager post at Target, you can earn a minimum stipend of $13 per hour.

Employees working as software engineers will receive an average salary of $79,015 per year. The highest salary at Target is for the senior director, who collects an average annual salary of $360,599, while the at least average salary at Target is for a seasonal cashier, who gets $28,557 per year.

An operations manager at Target can earn an average salary of $71,344 per year; if you work as a human resource manager at Target, you may reap an annual wage of $71,148 per year. Likewise, other posts at Target have different pay ranges for each employee as it depends on their working hours, experience, achievements, performance, qualifications, educational background, and more to determine their pay range at Target.

Other Benefits for Target Employees:

Besides a competitive pay range for employees of Target, it offers some other benefits for its employees, knowing that if it cares about its workers, they will work harder to increase the business and fame of the company.

You can get the physical insurance benefit as a target, which covers medical, vision, dental, accidental, and life insurance policies for employees. You can also access the CirrusMD app platform to monitor your health issues.

You can get paid time off, sick leave, paternity leave, and maternity leave, and in other cases, you will get paid time vacation at Target.

Some other benefits for employees of Target include education assistance, financial well-being, retirement plans, and more advantages you can get as an employee of Target.


Everyone wants to work for a company that offers flexible hours and a competitive pay range, but every government has set a minimum age at which workers can apply to work for a company, and Target will hire you if you are at least sixteen years old. However, if you get hired just after your sixteenth birthday at Target, you must work in a few limited positions. If you apply after completing your eighteenth birthday at Target, you will get posts according to your experience, qualifications, educational background, and more factors that will determine your position at Target.

  • Does Target offer uniforms to its employees?

Target does not provide uniforms to its employees, and you must wear your attire to the Target workplace.

  • Does Target pay for training-period employees?

Target conducts a six-month on-the-job training period for new employees and pays them according to their pay range. They will also get other benefits offered by Target.

How Old To Be To Work At Target?

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