Employees Who Complain About Workload

Having smooth running days at the workplace is the dream of each employer or employee in a company. Having issues with your employer or employee is a normality, day in and day out, in a company or any business setting. Workers can have issues with colleagues or with their employers. As an employer, you should know how to cool down things whenever temperatures rise among workers. A coworker can also take charge and cool down temperatures whenever things heat up among their colleagues. If you have ever experienced wrangles at your workplace and were unable to cool down the issues, this should not happen again because you will be covered after you finish reading this piece of writing. This article contains 20 possible solutions whenever there are workers who are complaining about the things happening at the workplace. Let’s learn about ‘Employees Who Complain About Workload’.

Employees Who Complain About Workload

Employees Who Complain About Workload

Many workers will be overwhelmed by the amount of work in their areas of the profession. It is not bad to be overwhelmed by workload, and it is correct for someone to complain about an increased workload that is even overwhelming them. We should remember that human beings are not supercomputers and can sometimes be unable to complete large amounts of tasks. As an employer or a concerned coworker, you should look for friendly solutions whenever someone complains about the amount of work streaming in, in this case, you will be proving to be considerate and caring about your colleague. Here you are provided with 20, very friendly resolutions you can use when a worker is complaining at the workplace. You should care about the well-being of these people which is why you are advised to use these friendly solutions when solving a case of this sort.

By using a friendly approach to solving a problem you will be making sure the outcome is 50-50 because both the two of you will be getting what you want, you will be solving your problem while also solving their problem. Let us now go through the 20 resolutions you should deploy at your workplace whenever someone is not excited with the amount of work streaming in and they are tired and start complaining about it. Let’s read Employees Who Complain About Workload.

Make sure you do not ignore a complaining employee

Ignoring a complaining employee will not only frustrate the workers but will also ruin your company because the issue may escalate and affect other workers making it a huge problem now. You should therefore listen to anyone who is complaining about workload and try to resolve the issue as fast as possible before others are affected by these complaints from one member.

Ensure your workers understand the expectation of their role

When a worker is complaining about more work coming in, then the best way to resolve the issue could be by explaining to them all the expectations of the job. This way may be helpful because someone might be thinking they are doing more work when they are not because they do not know what is expected from them. Therefore, help all your workers to understand what is expected from the role they hold in a company.

Improve the working environment

Workers might use a tactic to complain about something else in the workplace. Someone might be complaining about workloads when not the problem they are facing. You are therefore advised to improve the workplace, when the environment is conducive be sure workers will not complain. This way you will have used another way to solve an existing problem. Make sure your workers are happy at their workplace and no one will complain.

Listen to what the employees say

Listening to complaining employees is very good because you will be able to know what makes them feel that the workload is now overwhelming. When you listen to them and know their complaints is when you can resolve them as an employer and then retreat with what will sort their issues out.

Be an approachable employer

Be approachable and allow your workers to reach out to you. When you are a harsh person, no one will come to you and raise their issues, when these complaints never reach your desk, you will no nothing and you might find yourself losing workers one by one some of which might be hard to replace. Be approachable and caring to allow for communication between you and your workers.

Get to know your employees

You should know all your workers. By doing this you will also understand their behaviors and get to know whatever they want whenever someone complains about their experiences at the workplace. Knowing your employees will also help you single out those complaining and do the necessary to solve the issue, for example giving them some off days to rest.

Prepare for frequent staff meetings

Prepare for many staff meetings that will be open to all the staff for them to air their complaints as you give them feedback and possible solutions. Staff meetings can also be a platform where you can explain to them why the workload has increased recently.

Be open to communication and talk to those complaining

As a manager be open to communication with complaining staff members while allowing them to tell you their grievances and provide them with possible solutions like telling them that you will add in some more staff members to help reduce the work.

Make attempts to resolve the issue

Make attempts of resolving the issues like adding in more staff, reducing the workload streaming in, and sharing equally the work among staff members.

Listen to all the unhappy workers then register all their grievances

Register all the complaints after listening to your team then start offering solutions according to the grievances that you received.

Offer an alternative perspective

Offer an alternative perspective to those complaining like, changing them to other departments where the workload is not overwhelming, or adding in more members of the staff to help share the workload.

Address the behavior

Address the behavior of the complaining workers, and if it is unprofessional offer warnings to them that will help them change into the professional behavior they are required to be.

Help your workers to set clear goals

Setting clear goals will always help a person try and meet their target. Working towards certain goals will always give you the morale to try and finish your targets. Therefore, ensure that your workers have set goals that will help them complete their targets.

Review the workers’ responsibilities

When someone is complaining about workloads call them and go through their responsibilities again. This will help them know what they are required of hence motivating them to start working towards finishing their target and not complaining about the amount of work streaming in at the moment.

Provide tools that will help the complaining workers achieve their work targets

You should also provide the necessary tools of work that will help your workers work faster and achieve their work in good time. For instance, ensure that your workers have fast-processing computers if it is in an office setting or fast-moving and efficient machines if it is on the farm or construction site.

Understand the reasons behind the behavior

Try to understand why the workers are complaining, some may be complaining about the workload when the problem is not the workload but something else. So always try to understand the reasons behind the behavior before you execute anything, they might be complaining about workloads but they might be complaining about the pay you are giving them, so be careful.

Provide more training to your workers

Someone may be slow at work because they are not adequately trained. Being slow might lead to some people thinking they have a lot of work when the problem is their speed at work. Therefore, you are to offer more training sessions to your workers to help them tackle the tasks easily and faster and this will help them to see the work politely and not overwhelmingly.

Make the complaining workers face the possible consequences

When you have tried resolving the matter but the worker could not retreat and they continue complaining then you can make them face the consequences like firing them and offering the job to a new person that is hardworking and ready to take up their new role.

Know how to escalate the issue

When workers are complaining, you as an employer or a manager should know how to escalate the issue and not let your emotions guide you while solving such issues.

Replace the worker or review their contract terms

When these solutions do not work, you can consider replacing the worker or reviewing their contract terms.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Employees Who Complain About Workload’, Workers might complain whenever they feel that the amount of work has increased massively at their workplace. As a manager or employer, you should be wise enough to solve these problems. There are very polite and nice ways of solving a situation where some of your workers are complaining about the workload. Some of these possible resolutions include listening to the worker’s input, offering alternatives, improving the working environment, preparing staff meetings to discuss matters, and helping your workers set clear goals.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are there any signs of a lazy coworker?

A lazy coworker will not be meeting their targets daily and they are always making complaints about the work streaming in.

  1. How can you raise a complaint to your manager?

You can raise a complaint to the manager either via their secretaries, or HRs or by writing to them a letter or email.

  1. How can workload be reduced in a workplace?

At a work place you can reduce workloads by adding more staff members or sharing the work evenly with all the staff members.

Employees Who Complain About Workload

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