My Boss Won’t Train Me

Working with people could be one of the most challenging tasks to do. As people’s faces differ, so does their personality, characters, and mode of operation. But compromises and behavioral adjustments have to be made if you want to have successful relationships with your bosses, colleagues, subordinates, and other work-mates. Relationships with bosses could be the most challenging part of office jobs. There are even strained situations with bosses that result in lasting repercussions. Let us see why your Boss Won’t Train you in this article.

My Boss Wont Train Me

My Boss Won’t Train Me

There are so many reasons why your boss would not want to train you. Many people suffer from their character failures, and actions. The way you react to people, especially towards your boss can affect you in the present and the future. It could also be that your boss is not the best at relating with their employees. Maybe they have character flaws that keep causing friction between both of you.

Working With Bosses

This is not the most interesting part of any job, but it is a relationship you must thrive in to keep on the good side. Having a good association with your boss is a very good position to be in. Apart from your dedication to your work, and your relationship with your colleagues or subordinates, if you and your boss do not get along, you are not in a good position at work, as the most basic altercation between you two could erupt into something quite unpleasant for you.

Reasons Why Your Boss Won’t Train You

Now there may be a thousand and one reasons why your boss might refuse to train you. Here are a few of these reasons:

Your Personality:

There are sets of qualities that makes you distinct from other people. These qualities may direct the way relations with other people become. Some of these qualities are inherent, and some are learned. But whichever the case maybe be, if those qualities are not the good type, you would face difficult situations with people. If you work for someone, then there’s every possibility that you may be having some serious issues with your boss because of those bad qualities, which has made your boss decide not to train you in that business or work.

Your Character:

The way you react to certain situations sometimes might be a factor in the way people react towards you. Now, you may not have that quality as a person but it was the way you reacted to someone or something or a situation. Now you may have a strained relationship with your boss after a particular incident where you responded rudely to their inquest because you were wrongly or forcefully accused of something you didn’t do. And ever since you’ve not had the best of moments with your boss, and now that may be the reason they have insisted they would not train you.

Your Disposition Towards the Job or Work:

Maybe working in that company or for that boss is not something you like or want to do, but you find yourself stuck in it. Well, this might be the reason your boss has refused to train or teach you further in that line of work because they have noticed that your dedication to work is far below what they expect from their employees, and they cannot train someone who does not show a desire to work with them. It may be your perpetual late coming to work, reluctance to tasks given to you at work, unhealthy relationship with your colleagues, and your general behavior in the workplace.

Financial Attachments:

Sometimes the reason your boss won’t train you is that there is a financial fee that you may not be able to afford at the time of the training and they don’t want to burden you with that kind of expense, so they can’t just train you.

Disposition of Your Boss (character and behaviour):

Now your boss might have temperamental issues. Maybe they get angry easily, or they are difficult to impress. It could be that their behaviors get the better of them and their relationships with their staff and employees. There’s a limit to how much one can tolerate a person with bad behaviors and character, even with your boss. It could also be that your boss is very egoistic, and they won’t train you because they feel you would either become better than them or you leave them to either build on your own or work for another company, and their ego would not let them happen.

Your Motive to be Trained:

Do you want to be trained by your boss because you want to learn more about the business or do you have another motive towards learning? Your boss might have noticed that you want them to train you because you plan to take that training and use it to your advantage over them. It could even be that you do not show enough enthusiasm about being trained by your boss and you’re taking it all lightly.

The Duration of Your Stay at Your Boss’ Company:

Sometimes it may not be any reason for misunderstanding or a personality crisis. It could just be you will not stay at the company long enough to be qualified for the training. Your short-term stay might be the reason your boss won’t train you because they would rather train someone who plans on staying longer in the company so they could pass on knowledge by training them for that purpose.

Other Issues:

well, it could be many other reasons why your boss won’t train you. You might have been involved in an accident at the time of the training and cannot participate. You might be incapable of being trained because of your health, or there may be some personal issues your boss cannot share with you, that are stopping your boss from training you. Sometimes, it could be that a colleague might have reported some bad things about you to your boss. It could be something you intentionally did or said, maybe it was unintentional too. Or you were misinterpreted, or just put in the wrong place by a jealous colleague. Whatever the situation, this might still lead to your boss not training you.

Can These Issues With Your Boss be Resolved

Most of these issues that stop your boss from training you may have solutions but there are certain of them that cannot be solved unless a lot of effort is mutually put in by you and your boss. Resolution of issues cannot be successful if one of both parties involved is not in favor or support the resolution. So, first of all, you and your boss need to sit down and discuss your issues to see if you both can reach an understanding, settlement, or agreement. If that is possible then maybe you might eventually be trained by your boss, if the issues cannot be resolved, then you might just have to find another person to train you


There are always issues between bosses, colleagues, and employees in workplaces. Most of them might be serious, some not so serious. But whatever the case, it is best to ensure that you try to avoid situations that would cause friction between you and your boss, or anybody in your workplace, because sometimes it could be much worse than your boss refusing to train you.

My Boss Won’t Train Me

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