How did I Become a Founder of Puris Consulting?

Puris Consulting

Katy Goshtasbi is a branding expert and founder of Puris Consulting. She works with law firms, lawyers, and organizations on growing, in size and profits, by developing personal brands that get their message out effectively. The results include happier, more productive lawyers, reduced stress, more freedom and control over time, and attracting better clients and more revenues. Katy practiced securities law for over 14 years at the US SEC, in-house, on The Hill, and at a major law firm.  She Chaired the ABA Law Practice Division in 2018 and is currently Chair, ABA Law Practice Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee. [email protected]

Founder of Puris Consulting

I am a refugee and moved to the US with 2 suitcases thinking we would stay for 2 weeks.  We never went back to Iran, and I had the privilege of growing up in the Midwest.  I always wanted to save the world by becoming a securities lawyer.  I put myself through law school and looked for work. My first job was at the Indiana Securities Division. It was a great job prosecuting bad guys like Jordan Belfort (think Wolf of Wall Street).  But I really wanted to have a career in Washington DC.  I told my boss, the current Securities Commissioner at that time, that I wanted to practice in DC.  One day he came to me and told me of an opening in DC.  I applied with 35 other lawyers, and I got the job!  I had a dream, and nothing kept me from it. 

After that first job in DC,  I was privileged enough to move to the US SEC, a major law firm in their DC office, and then in-house in California.  All because I had asked my first boss for help in moving to DC and getting my dream job! After 15 years as a securities lawyer, I was stressed and getting sick from my job stress.  I also didn’t feel like I was making a difference- I didn’t become a lawyer to write prospectuses all day long.

So 2 years before the recession, I quit my high-paying, elite status job cold turkey. There was some drama, but I just knew I couldn’t go on.  I spent seven painful years defining my own personal brand.  I didn’t want others to suffer as I did, so I turned my learnings into a program for other professionals. Twelve years later, I now run a global consulting, coaching, and training company, where I’m blessed every day to work with professionals in identifying their personal brand and communicating it with their perfect audience so they can get promoted, make more money, launch new businesses and be able to allocate their life and time the way they want to do so- stress-free and happier.

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How did I Become a Founder of Puris Consulting?

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