National Appreciation Employee Day – A Day Dedicated to the Lighter of the Company

A Day Dedicated to the Lighter of the Company [National Appreciation Employee Day]

Do you know who the light of company in the dark is? Do you know who is the umbrella of the company in the rain of pain? Do you know who plays the role of the tree in the storm? Do you know on whom the entire company depends? In this article, we will discuss National Appreciation Employee Day here.

The answer is employees. Yes, you hear absolutely correctly; employee, your employee, would be the answer to all these questions. Maybe it sounds a little cliche, but this is absolutely ethical.

  • Your employee is the light of your company which lights up the business in dark situations.
  • Your employee is the umbrella of your company which protects your company in the struggle time.
  • Your employee is the tree of your company which provides shadow in the worst situations.
  • Employees are the foundation of a company, and how deep it will be, the stronger it will be.

National Appreciation Employee Day

  • Employee are like off-camera artists; 

As a boss,  face the outcome of the work, whether it would be success or failure. Your reputation depends on your company, and your company reputation completely depends on the outcome of the work, and that depends on employees. They play the role of backbone. If you still have any doubt? 

Then think about the situation in which you or your entire business and company are struggling a lot, and everything seems to go into the trash. You are the CEO or owner of your company. You handle or control the entire company, and everything depends on the next step, which you will take. And once you come up with an idea or solution related to the problem, your company struggles with it. You explain your whole idea and plan to your employees to put that solution into the problem. They never come upfront, but the reality is clear that nothing would come out without employees. They will accomplish nothing by having a splendid company with less interested employees.

  • Employees are implementers; 

Imagine if your employees could not put your idea or solution to a problem? Or unable to convert your idea into reality in a better way? How could you run your business and company further? So, if you want to add something new to your business or want to reach heights in your business. You need better ideas and better implementation, which is only possible by your employees. If you are a better creator, your employer is a better implementer, and without implementation, nothing works out.

And if you have faced no problem related to this, you should be more thankful because your employee never lets you think twice about your work or business. Because they themselves are the ideas and the solution for you and the company. They give no chance of mistake or never try to create any problem that would make you worry about your company.

  • Do you remember the day? When your employee comes to you with an amazing idea which still helps your business to grow smoothly.
  • Do you remember those days? When your employee does overtime work for the company with no extra credits?
  • Do you remember those days? When your employee does work for the benefits of business or company without taking a vacation or leave.
  • Do you remember those days? When your employee does work on weekends to adjust the workload of work. 

If you remember all this, what comes to your mind first? I know you think they are actually doing pretty well, and they are genuinely diligent. They do everything to raise the company or business to the top-tier. They handle the losses and lift the pressure and come out with something new. They take care of the company just like a mother cares for her kids. Your employee puts his or her whole effort into making the company stand out in every means from other existing ones. They always give more to the company compared to what they get. Now it’s time for you to make them feel predominant and special to the company. There is already a day called national appreciation employee day on which you can show them you also care about them rather than just paying them on time or adding incentive to their salary. Before that, I’m going to tell you about the history behind this day.

Unofficial holiday; National appreciation employee day is usually celebrated in the first week of March every year. Dr. Bob Nelson [one of the founding board members of recognition professionals international] founded this day in 1995 and his publishing company * Workman publishing* to appreciate the employees and workers and declared it an unofficial holiday. This is first introduced in the USA. This year it falls on 5 March. The upcoming dates for national appreciation employee day.

  • 2021;  5 March 
  • 2022;  4 March
  • 2023;  3 March
  • 2024;  1 March
  • 2025;  7 March
  • 2026;  6 March
  • 2027;  5 March
  • 2028;  4 March
  • 2028;  3 March
  • 2029;  2 March
  • 2030;  1 March
  • 2031;  7 March

The point behind this day: It is a day for companies to be grateful towards their employees for their hard work and efforts throughout the year. This day is to give recognition to employees for what they have done for the company. 

Why you have to celebrate this day?

To understand why you have to celebrate this day, first try to know what an employee needs to give them terrific results. If you are thinking about a decent salary and flexible hours, then you are thinking absolutely unethical because according to the report mentioned by human resources and management, this will be the priority order of reasons employees stay long in organizations and companies.

  1. Career growth learning and development
  2. Recognition for work well done
  3. Exciting work and challenged
  4. Meaningful work making a difference in the contribution
  5. Prominent people to work with
  6. Being part of the team
  7. Having a good boss
  8. Autonomy and a sense of control over one’s work
  9. Flexible work hours
  10. Paid well 

This report is completely crystal clear that they need more than salary and flexible hours because they are working in a huge marketplace. They can go anywhere to get paid well, but they need more than it. 

What employees expect from you:

  • Every employee wants to be magnified.
  • Every employee wants to be something larger than themselves.
  • Every employee wants to be excited about where they work.
  • Every employee wants to be important.
  • They need a supportive environment that encourages and supports them.
  • They need a proper environment that allows and accesses information that involves them in decisions and authentically capitalizes on their offer.
  • They need motivation for their work. And it’s a fact that a company’s motivation also starts from the employee’s motivation.
  • They react and work according to how they’ve been treated.
  • They want a strong bond with their boss and colleagues.

And basically, their needs show that why you have to celebrate this day because Dr. Bob Nelson said that…PEOPLE WORK FOR PEOPLE, NOT ORGANIZATIONS

So to maintain and create a better workplace for you and your employees, you have to give them a friendly environment in which they can breathe and love to work. They need recognition for their performance, hard work, and what they do. Money is not all they need. Figure out what is important to your employee because nobody better understands your employee than you. Ask them what excites them, what they need, ask what the company needs to improve. Doing this will create a strong relationship with your employee, and your employees would also feel the importance. Your foremost priority is to build a strong and trustful relationship with your employees. And believe it or not, but your employee will definitely give more to the company than he or she is giving today. 

How you can celebrate this day with your employees; 

  1. Personal thanks; Your employees work for you, and when people get recognition from people they are working for, that could be the best thing for an employee. So as a manager or boss, if you reach your employees personally and say warm *thank you * to your employees to be a part of their company. Say thank you with kind words for what they have done and ask them how they feel about working here. Ask them because it’s human nature that when other people are interested in you and your problem to solve them genuinely, that person feels very humbled, and this will help you know more about your employee. 

  2. Upgrade their work corner; The most important thing for an employee is his place of work. Your employee works there for the entire time, so it gets a little messy and less interesting, so all you can do is renovate their workplace, not actually renovate, clean the area, add some fresh flowers, replace some old things with new and do all the stuff related to the interest of the employee. 

  3. Thank you cards: Cards are one of the best and sweet ways of expressing that you are thankful to your employees. You can write your kind words in a thank-you card and send it to all your employees.  

  4. Certificate of appreciation; Do you remember the day when you got a certificate for the best thing you ever do? How did you feel that day? Feel appreciated? Feel satisfied? Feel fully worthy of what you have done? Exactly, by giving a certificate to a person feels worthy and satisfied by doing that work. So, it would be a remarkable present you can give to your employee. And they remember it forever and take it as motivation and inspiration to do further work. 

  5. Having a chit chat with pizza treats; You know the conversation with pizza is going to be something that creates a proper atmosphere to unlock all the happiness in front of everyone and start talking with people around you, take a break for a while, earn calories for happiness is going to be the worth for a day. 

  6. Mini vacation trip; After doing a lot of work, enduring so much work pressure, what do they need? A break. And going to a beach party or club would definitely be a good idea to get rid of all pressure. So go now, book a trip for one or two days, celebrate with all employees and give them a good time. In fact, a relief or holiday after a lot of work would kick them start with new things. 

  7. Public praise; Who doesn’t like appreciation and praise in front of everyone? Well, everybody does, because they have done that work with his/her whole efforts. And by getting appreciation in public would lead them further in future with more inspiration and motivation. You can directly praise them in the office or workplace, or you can post on the internet about the employee, or you can feature him or her in a community newspaper. And I think you should not even wait for only this day to appreciate them, in fact, you should always appreciate them at that exact time when they do something good and try to judge them slowly and always keep a friendly nature with them.  
Benefits of celebrating national appreciation employee day: 
  • You will build trusted and long-term employees.
  • You will create a deep understanding with your employees.
  • You will find one of the best atmospheres in your workplace because of a strong bond with your employees.
  •  In Fact, if an employee feels happy to work at your company and doesn’t want to leave it, then you already succeed.

Become a fan to light their spark: 

Boss or manager should always appreciate the employee and their work to make them feel that they are not just doing their work for livelihood or as a duty or as a job. The boss has to make them feel that they are doing a great job that helps their business reach heights, or even they are helping to create steps for their upcoming success. You should always keep the happiness of employees in your mind because EMPLOYEE HAPPY, COMPANY GROWS. 

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National Appreciation Employee Day – A Day Dedicated to the Lighter of the Company

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