How much does the Logistics Manager Make?

How much does the Logistics Manager Make?

Logistics is one of the major businesses that connect the world, no matter how small it is. For example, you can order a shipment container from Asia and deliver it to you in South America. To ensure the successful delivery of those items you ordered, some group of professionals must be handling the job. Yes, logistics can be a complicated job to handle if you are not a professional. However, these professionals work day and night to ensure that your items are delivered at the right time and businesses have a successful shipment of their goods. Indeed these logistics managers do a great job. Let’s know How much does the Logistics Manager Make?

If you are a logistic intern or someone in another line of business and you aim to become successful and want to know how much a logistic manager makes, you are on the right webpage. In this piece, we will explain how logistic managers make their money and their average salary. An average logistic manager makes about $80,000 annually, although some senior logistic managers work in the oil and gas sector that make above $100,000 yearly. The good thing is that there are plenty of roles in the logistics sector to give you higher remuneration.  Meanwhile, there are several ways you can boost your earning and increase your monthly or yearly income as a logistic manager. This could include external consultation or some side business with your experience in logistics.

Although they aren’t the highest earners in the supply chain process, in this field, they stand among the list of highly paid roles, most especially if they are at the senior level.

The General Perception of how much logistics manager earns

Figuring out how much you can earn as a logistic manager can be challenging and tasking because your earning can depend on various reasons. As a logistic manager, there are some roles you might end up picking up as your career progresses; this might include transportation logistics manager, logistics coordinators, supply chain managers, and many other related titles. 

Logistics manager pay based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’: Certainly, most of this career pays very well, as stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ national salary averages; however, some roles pay much better. For example, the logistics manager is an individual who oversees the successful process involved with supply chain and logistics services providers and then ten to earn more than the national average income. 

The Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Pay Survey: Meanwhile, the role has a better earning potential when compared to other job roles in the supply chain industry. To easily get a glimpse of what a logistic manager makes, you can refer to the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Supply Chain Management and Career Survey Report. 

Yearly the organization carries out a survey on the salary index of logistics and supply chain roles to determine how much they are paid averagely; based on the group’s report, they have concluded that the median salary earned by the professionals in the logistics and supply chain is $80,000. Your salary might not be up to that amount if you start in the logistics career journey. 

Job duties of a Logistic Manager

The logistics managers are in charge of the successful process involved in the supply chain. It is a broad role that requires vast implementation of the knowledge acquired over time in logistics. The logistics managers are responsible for ensuring that organizations have finished products, raw materials, components parts, and any other related items required to become fully functional. A logistic manager can easily handle the following duties in any organization, which includes; 

  • Cost Management, 
  • International logistics and export management, 
  • Inventory management, 
  • Management of distribution centers, 
  • Material flow management, 
  • Relationship management, 
  • Shipping and logistics pricing, 
  • Shipping schedule management, 
  • Supply chain processes development, 
  • Third-party logistics oversight,
  •  Transportation Management and Warehousing. 

This is a huge duty, and it can be very stressful. The supply chain process does not take hold, it is continuous, and if something goes wrong, the entire organization feels the failure. In addition, when issues come up, the supply chain manager is called on to find solutions to the faults that have been identified quickly. 

However, being a hugely demanding job should not be a discouraging factor for you, as the report provided by the ACSM survey shows that the majority of the supply chain professionals are quite satisfied with their job duties. 

What Are the required process to become a logistics manager

You should not only conclude that you needed a degree in logistics before becoming a logistic manager. There is no actual pathway to becoming a logistic manager, although a vast knowledge of logistics and supply chain processes is required. So you might get curious about what you would have to study and the best degree to earn to become relevant in the logistic industry as a logistic manager? 

Required Bachelor’s Degree: A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management would be the best-recommended degree for you. More so, you can become a logistic manager if you do have a degree in Operations Management or Business Analytics. 

Most often, the employers are only concerned about if you have a college degree or not, while the majority of them are not hell-bent on whether you have a degree in logistics or not. 

Masters Education Option: Meanwhile, you do not strictly need a master’s degree in logistics or any other studies before you can join the management role in the supply and logistics field. Most logistics managers have joined the career with their undergraduate degrees and have since been progressing. However, about 24 percent of logistics managers process a master’s degree from universities. Therefore, ease of employment is more possible if you have a degree in any field or related logistics and supply chain management course. 

Here are some master’s degrees that would provide you with advanced knowledge and skills in logistics and supply chain handling includes but are not limited to 

  • Master of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management, 
  • Master of Engineering in Supply Chain Management, 
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management with a Logistics concentration, 
  • Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 
  • Master of Science in Operations Management, 
  • Master of Science in Operations Research, 
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSSCM), 
  • Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM). 

Certainly, with a master’s degree, you might become more employable; however, the degree can only contribute to a little increase in your salary. Based on the report, logistics managers who have only bachelor’s degrees with their name earn within the range of $107,000 and $115,000, while logistics managers with master’s degrees can easily earn between $107,965 and $115,901. 

How well does the logistics job pay?

You might have read, heard, or seen logistic professionals who are living large and enjoying the proceeds of their labor, and you are quite curious about how much the job pays. There are several roles within the logistic job frame, and the income of each role differs from one to another, even with the highest level of education. 

Lucrative jobs as a logistics manager: Here are the most lucrative jobs in the logistics field that pay very handsomely; they include operations manager and purchasing manager with a pay slightly above $100,000, Transportation logistics specialists who have an income of around $62,000 when handling management positions. More so, you should be aware that a logistics manager’s salary varies based on the industry they work for, the years of experience they have acquired, the level of education, location of the job role, and the origination in which they render their duties daily. 

Various website reports about logistic manager pay: This is mainly why so many websites have different information on how much a logistic manager makes. For example, a report on Glassdoor stated that a logistic manager earns about $58,000, while on Indeed, it was stated that logistic managers make about $61,000. Meanwhile, on PayScale, the salary for a logistics manager was pegged at $65,000, and states that the income can be as high as $112,000. However, you should factor in the cost of living and how much your monthly expenses would be, in addition to the defendants you are supporting, which could easily choke off your income and seems like your earning isn’t enough. 


To become a successful logistic manager, you must be dedicated to the roles you are assigned and perform the tasks with due diligence. More so, the remuneration as a logistic manager increases based on your experience and your job duties. Therefore, the more duties and roles you handle, the more you can earn. Meanwhile, it is also important to know that only a limited increase is possible with your income if you are a master’s degree holder as a logistic manager. Meanwhile, it would help to consider your living expenses and how well you are prepared for other living costs and dependability when considering a salary for the job role.


What are the highest paying jobs in logistics?

There are a set of some high-paying jobs in logistics, and they include but are not limited to the following; Logistician: Average Annual Salary: $74,750. Purchasing Manager: Average Annual Salary: $121,110. Logistics Engineer; Average Annual Salary: $71,000. Fleet Manager Average Annual Salary: $60,849

Which country is best for logistics?

The following are some countries that have a huge logistic network. They include Sweden, Japan, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Qatar, Central United States, and Germany.

How much does the Logistics Manager Make?

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