How to Get a Job at USAA?

How to Get a Job at USAA?

Since 1982, USAA Real Estate has provided excellent returns on capital from across the risk spectrum, with specialization in office, commercial, multi-family, retailing, and hospitality properties. Aligned with over 100 international investors throughout the world, they promise to retain an “Investor First” approach with their considerable co-investment in all programs To live up to USAA’s high standards and share the company’s mission and heritage of provider, USAA Real Estate claims to have a resounding success. USAA Real Estate has its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Let’s know How to Get a Job at USAA?

Job Opportunities  

  1. Business strategy and planning director 

Strategic planning experts are held responsible for directing a team that implements projects and provides assistance for corporate strategy development. The planning process must be in line with USAA’s long-term strategy and the company’s development plan. Analyzes competitors and industry best practices to help in the development of a company’s strategic plan.


  • Identifies and controls current and emerging hazards resulting from business operations and the job role. 
  • Assures that company risks are successfully recognized, measured, monitored, and controlled. 
  • Ensures that company activities are conducted by documented risk and compliance policies and procedures.


  • A bachelor’s degree or four more years of relevant experience in addition to the minimum standard may be used in place of a degree (12years total). 
  • Extensive expertise with corporate strategy formulation for both short- and long-term objectives during the previous 8 years. 
  • 3 years of experience as a team leader or manager. 
  • An understanding of how to influence senior managers and organizational partners through clear, official, and regular reports on status, achievements, goals, and roadmaps.

Salary: $191,366 yearly 

  1. Business Analyst 

Statistical Analysis & Data Collection People who work in jobs that are part of a group have specific standards set up to keep the group’s application, usage, and reporting structures consistent. Gets involved in interviews, process assessments, and assisted discussions with users to acquire and analyze internal business needs. 

Develops, tests, and implements functional designs based on detailed requirements from users. Utilizes techniques and creates specifications and supporting documentation in great detail.


  • Assures that company risks are successfully recognized, measured, monitored, and controlled. 
  • Serves as a subject matter expert and collects requirements, studies, and evaluates system specifics, parameters, or possibilities for implementing business rules, product offerings, or adjustments to current systems/applications.


  • An understanding of cost-benefit analysis methods and techniques is required. 
  • The increasing level of experience in implementing business rules in technological solutions and initiatives. 
  • Ability to communicate well in both written and spoken form, as well as strong interpersonal skills and an eye for detail. 
  • Acquiring understanding about regulatory compliance, industry standards, risk management procedures, and legislative information sources

Salary: 73,871 yearly 

  1. Manager Real estate closing 

Manages a group of Real Estate Closers who are committed to getting to know their members, understanding their specific needs, and coming up with creative solutions. Improves results by providing regular coaching and feedback to staff. Implements process enhancements and takes the lead in establishing operational process changes. Ensures rules, procedures, and requirements are followed.


  • Helps ensure that loans are completed by organizational guidelines, processes, guidelines, and regulations. 
  • Expert expertise in Bank Real Estate products must be maintained and expanded to encompass newer offerings. 
  • Responds to member concerns and takes necessary risk decisions based on policy. 
  • Keeps policies, processes, and guidelines up to date. and compliant.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree 
  • If you don’t have a degree, you can substitute 4 years of related work experience instead. 

Salary: 90,084 yearly 

  1. Real estate Processor 

After the loan is delivered to Completion, this person becomes the main point of contact for the mortgage process. Guarantees that loan applications and associated documents meet all legal, Default Risk, and shareholder criteria within set rules and structure. All adherence policies about the preparation of a mortgage application must be followed.

Consistently follows proactive and rigorous pipeline management procedures, resulting in superior member service. To decide on the mortgage loan, the team collaborates with numerous internal and external parties. Becomes registered with the NMLS and keeps it that way.


  • Recognize and manage current and emerging risks arising from business operations and the job role. 
  • Follow documented risk and compliance rules and processes when conducting business. 
  • Work all the activities required for proactive management of mortgage loan documents from reception to final disposal, including processing, pre-underwriting, and pre-closing.


  • Diploma from a four-year college or university or the equivalent 
  • Two years of first-time mortgage loan processing experience required. 
  • Completion of a competency test or certification in the original mortgage process is essential. 
  • Within one month of starting the job, you must get NMLS registered.

Salary: $44,000 yearly 

  1. Real estate processing manager 

Manages a group of processors tasked with implementing an effective, scalable, and compliance process that provides our members with an amazing mortgage fulfillment service. Promotes responsibility and output to accomplish targeted business outcomes. 

Coaches and gives information to staff often, which results in a high-performing team, high levels of engagement, and proactive growth for employees. Identifies and executes ongoing operational efficiencies and leads organizational changes. Assures adherence to policies, processes, and all applicable compliance and regulatory standards.

Salary: $57,750 yearly l. 


  • Recognize and manage current and emerging hazards arising from business operations and the job position. 
  • Follow documented risk and compliance rules and processes when conducting business. 
  • Ensures that all loans are processed by the established rules, procedures, and investor standards by providing supervision.

Salary: $92,231 yearly 


  • A Bachelor’s Degree 
  • If you don’t have a degree, you can substitute 4 years of related work experience instead. 
  • 6 years of mortgage loan functional and technical experience Advancement in process, settlement, or underwriting experience shows satisfaction. 
  • A minimum of three years of experience in leadership, direct supervision, or management position is necessary.


  1. Commercial/Development Real Estate Analysts

Using their deep understanding of USAA, industry, business growth, and financial planning, Commercial/Development Real Estate Analysts help top management establish, develop, and communicate company plans across all CoSA functional departments. Analyzes business needs and external patterns to assist corporate strategy and management plans, as well as enterprise strategy and planning procedures when necessary. Assesses the progress made in implementing the business strategy and informs the leaders of this progress.


  • Assures that company risks are successfully recognized, measured, regulated, and managed. 
  • The COZA approach is guided by this person


  • A bachelor’s degree is required, however, experience in a relevant field is acceptable instead of this. 
  • 6 years of expertise in business planning consultancy directly related to the formulation of business strategy short-term and/or long-term objectives. 
  • Experience with marketable skills, including interaction at the executive level and the capacity to influence. 
  • Project management expertise is required.

Salary:  $90,000 yearly 

Application Process 

Making an application for a job is straightforward. Please make sure you have a current resume on hand before applying. Examine our current employment positions by clicking on Careers. Returning users can simply log in. Candidates can verify their qualification status at any time by going onto their online profile. Applicants must apply directly to the role to be considered. Unsolicited resumes will not be accepted or responded to at this time.

Process of Examining CVs 

Applicants who fit the position’s basic requirements and have the desired expertise will be notified by phone or email to negotiate the next steps after cv has been examined. We receive a large number of resumes, thus the review procedure could take some time.

Process of Conducting Interviews 

Applicants chosen for a telephone conversation can anticipate a preliminary 30-45 minute phone call with the Personnel Recruitment team and/or Hiring Manager. Successful candidates for an on-site interview can anticipate spending two to four hours at our headquarters on average. In-person interviews normally include two to four sets of interviewers arranged to speak with the candidate. Applicants who are not chosen for any further evaluation will be contacted by email if they do not cut.

Process of Choosing a New Employee 

When the interview input has been compiled and evaluated, the team will decide on who they want to hire. After that, the Personnel Recruitment team will oversee the offer procedure and inform the applicant who has been shortlisted. Applicants who claim a conditional offer of employment must undergo a background check and a drug test.


Our workers at USAA have access to best-in-class benefits to help them maintain a healthy balance between their physical, financial, and emotional well-being. Benefits include complete medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401(k), pension, and life insurance, as well as parent incentives, supportive services, and an overtime pay-off program with holiday entitlement and 16 paid volunteer hours. Employees can achieve their vocational goals with the help of their career track design and ongoing training.

Last words 

There are no legally protected characteristics when it comes to employment at USAA Real Estate. The company is an equality of opportunity, positive action manager that gives fair treatment for employment to suitable candidates regardless of their race or ethnicity. 

When asked, USAA Real Estate will make decent housing to permit completion of the online recruitment inquiry form or an alternative mode of inquiry. This article contains essential information you will need to brace up your application process and will help you land a job at USAA.

How to Get a Job at USAA?

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