Do Rooms To Go pay Weekly or Biweekly?- All About Rooms To Go

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If you are interested in working for one of the largest furniture stores, then we understand. That’s why this article will clarify your all doubts regarding the company culture, employee benefits and, most especially, the payment method they use. Whether they pay weekly or biweekly or monthly, and many other questions like this. If you search for ‘do Rooms To Go pay weekly or biweekly?’ On the internet, you won’t get the perfect answer. So this article is here to help you out with the confusion around Rooms To Go’s salary payment method.

Rooms To Go

Since September 1990, Rooms To Go is continuously supplied its customers with the best furniture in America. It is because of its 8,500 employees serving their best in more than 250 Rooms To Go stores. According to Furniture Today, the US’s third-largest furniture retailer is Rooms To Go.

Rooms To Go stores are located in Alabama, Florida, North California, Tennessee, Texas, South California, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico.

Jobs at Rooms To Go 

Under the retail department jobs like assistant manager, assistant outlet manager, outlet housekeeper, retail stock associate, sales professional, etc. are available. 

Under the distribution, department Rooms To Go looks for a distribution center clerk, a delivery Preparer, a department supervisor, equipment operator, facilities cleaner, etc.

In the corporate section of Rooms To Go there are positions like an assistant buyer, manager, junior buyer, shift manager, purchasing agent, and site supervisor, etc.

For the IT section of the Rooms To Go there are opportunities for 3D graphic design artists, 3D quality control, CATS tech ops manager, a cloud solution architect, IT project manager, etc.

The customer care department of Rooms To Go offers job opportunities for customer care representatives, order control agents, furniture inspectors, etc. There are bad reviews about the company’s customer service department, so you can aim to fill the void by joining the company.

How to apply for a job in the Rooms To Go?

If you want to work for Rooms To Go and want to collect any updates about upcoming job openings, then you should sign-up for its talent community. By signing up for the talent community, you will get notifications about job updates in your desired location and desired career interests, etc. Through emails or text (according to your choice).

For other job updates on Rooms To Go, you can check on LinkedIn, the career page of the company, and its social media handles or job search platforms like Glassdoor or indeed.

For applying for Rooms To Go, you can choose any route like email or through career’s page, indeed or Glassdoor, etc. There’s no special requirement for the jobs other than the basic qualifications.

The hiring process at Rooms To Go

The hiring process is pretty simple—you just apply for the job that suits you the best and then waits for the interview call for them.

Rooms To Go also background checks applicants before selecting them as employees. For background checks, they verify the credit and criminal background of applicants. They don’t usually drug test the applicants.

Rooms To Go payment method; weekly or biweekly?

Paying salaries at regular intervals makes the official procedures easy. It helps in better accounting and also reduces the documentation by paying at regular intervals.

If we talk about the salary payment method, it pays biweekly. Which means it pays its employees every two weeks. 

Rooms To Go pay biweekly to the employees having an annual contract. The employees having comparatively smaller contracts are paid according to the terms of their contract.

Rooms To Go salaries

According to Zippia, the average yearly salary of employees at Rooms To Go is estimated at $36,107. Salaries can vary depending on experience and expertise. The highest-earning jobs are visual merchandising, sales representative, sales associate, and supervisor.

Job TitleSalary (per year)Salary (per hour)
Sales Associate$45,575$22
Visual Merchandiser$48,439$23
Stock Clerk$27,449$13
Graphic Designer$41,131$20
Software Developer$72,874$35
Customer Care Representative$36452$18

Benefits of working at Rooms To Go

Some of the benefits of working at the Rooms To Go are as follows:

  • Employees get health insurance and vision insurance. There are good reviews about the company’s health insurance, indeed.
  • There’s flexibility to work at Rooms To Go.
  • You can take paid vacations.
  • Other financial benefits like daily, weekly, yearly bonuses, and exclusive discounts.
  • It gives discounts to its employees and their families on purchasing furniture and other discounts on car rental, hotel payments, pet insurance, and cell phones, etc.
  • Rooms To Go offers a 401k retirement plan to its employees. 


So, we hope this article helped you in finding some clarity about the salary distribution mode of Rooms To Go. How the company has grown itself from just two stores to more than 250 stores and becoming one of the leading companies in its industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What is the salary of the Rooms To Go Housekeeper?

A housekeeper’s salary for Rooms To Go ranges between $10 and $11.

Q.2: Does Rooms To Go pay weekly or biweekly?

Rooms To Go pay every two weeks, i.e., biweekly.

Q.3: What is the average work hour at the Rooms To Go?

According to the reviews, the average work time is 8 hours, but it can depend on the days too. For some days it can be 10 or it can be 6.5 hours. 

Q.4: Does Rooms To Go hire felons?

No, they don’t hire felons.

Q.5: Does Rooms To Go offer a discount to employees?

Yes, Rooms To Go employees and their family members get a discount on purchasing furniture.

Do Rooms To Go pay Weekly or Biweekly?- All About Rooms To Go

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