Does Once Upon A Child Pay Weekly Or Biweekly? – Know More

Once Upon a Child is a franchise-based retail business that focuses on reselling baby clothes that have not been put to rough use, clothes that are as good as new and can be resold, that is to say, they resell clothes that have not been subject to a lot of wear and tear. Let’s Know Does Once Upon A Child Pay Weekly Or Biweekly.

Do They Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Once Upon a Child pays you biweekly; that is, they pay you every other Friday. 

While looking out for prospective job or internship options, it is natural for you to wonder about the kind of pay structure the company or organization that you are joining has to offer. The remuneration or compensation that you are offered in return for the time and energy that you devote to an organization while working as an employee is one of the most important aspects that is taken into account while considering a job position. 

Salary Offered for Various Job Roles 

Once Upon a Child has an average pay grade. The job is most suitable as an entry-level job for people looking to gain some experience working in the retail environment. The hourly pay for Once Upon a Child ranges between $8.18 to $16.13. Listed below are the pay grades for different job positions.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Job PositionPay Range
Sales Associate$8 – $14
Retail Store Manager $10 – $19
Retail Sales Associate$8 – $13
Assistant Manager$9 – $15
Cashier$7 – $11
Customer Service Representative$9 – $17
Keyholder$11 – $17

How Does Once Upon a Child Function?

Once Upon a Child has come up with an innovative idea to solve your problem. Once Upon a Child involves itself with buying and reselling gently used clothes of children, along with other baby products like toys, shoes, and any other baby gear that can be used. These are clothes and toys that are in proper condition and can be used but are no longer in use. 

It provides an opportunity for someone else to buy and wear and play with those things without creating an extra waste of resources. It saves money as well, for both the person no longer wanting these clothes and toys and for parents looking to buy cheap but quality things for their child.  

Job Application Process of Once Upon a Child

If you are looking for prospective job roles to start your career in the field of sales, then you must consider taking up a job at Once Upon a Child. The job application process of Once Upon a Child is really simple and accessible; all you have to do is go up to the store and fill up the application form that they give out for application, after which one of the managers will call you to talk. In most probability, you will be hired if you meet the required criteria. 

Job Requirements and Qualifications

These are the points that you will be evaluated upon when you apply for a job at Once Upon a Child:

  • You must be punctual and complete all the tasks assigned to you efficiently and skillfully.
  • You must know how to coordinate with a team.
  • Must have a friendly attitude towards customers and colleagues. 
  • Must be agile and ready to work standing up for at least 8 hours. 
  • Must be experienced and know how to operate computerized sales terminals.
  • Must be able to lift weight up to 40lbs because of the items that they receive to buy or sell daily.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Employees at Once Upon a Child 

Listed below are the various kinds of roles and responsibilities the employees at Once Upon a Child are expected to fulfill:

  • You should have a basic knowledge of children’s products, their prices, and the recommended brands.
  • Assisting customers while they are shopping for products while also maximizing the sales of the store by suggesting add-ons.
  • Know how to handle customers and take care of their needs in a professional and friendly manner.


Once Upon a Child not only offers a reasonable payroll to its staff members, it also pays a decent amount to the items that it buys from the general public. What’s better is they not only buy products, but they resell products too, which makes them a one-stop destination for buying and reselling clothes that are no longer in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it necessary for me to have experience before joining Once Upon a Child?

No, Once Upon a child can be considered a great entry-level job for people to gain experience and grow in their careers.

  1. Do I have to carry ID proof before going to sell my items?

Yes, you must ensure that you carry ID proof with you if you want to sell clothes.

  1. Does Once Upon a Child offer part-time jobs?

Yes, they are open to having flexible working hours for their employees.

Does Once Upon A Child Pay Weekly Or Biweekly? – Know More

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