Average Salary of a Full Stack Web Developer

Average Salary of a Full Stack Web Developer

In this article, we are going to discuss the demands and the average salary of a Full Stack Web Developer in the IT sector. A Full Stack Web Developer is a professional who focuses on the front-end as well as back-end development of an application. It involves the knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, MySQL, and other major programming aspects. The expert deals with UI (User Interface) as well as Network Security Issues and Configurations. 

Hence, because of the multi-tasking nature, most of the companies seek Full-stack Web Developers instead of hiring front-end and back-end developers separately. The salary in this profession is pretty good i.e., this year, the average salary of a Full Stack Web Developer is calculated as $96,740 per annum. Let’s dive deep into the topic and look at the top MNCs packages for this job.

Top Ten MNCs Average Salary for Full Stack Web Developers

  1. Google- It is one of the most prestigious companies also the widely used search engine across the world. Google aims to provide the world’s information across the globe within a second. It revolves around Search Engine Optimization, AI, Search algorithms as well as Cloud Computing. The success rate of getting hired by this company is nearly 0.2% hence, mostly 4 to 5 year-experienced full stack web developers apply for it. The average salary of a Google web developer is calculated as $86,526 per year. $7,210 is the average monthly income. 
  1. Amazon- World’s most preferred online shopping platform, providing the best services to the customers in minimum time. Now its other branches like AWS, amazon. jobs, etc, provide easy access to the freshers to learn and apply for their desired profession online. The acceptance percentage of this company is less than 1%. The average salary of a full stack web developer in Amazon is $9062.47 per year.
  1. Microsoft- Introduced by Bill Gates in 1975 as a company that develops computer software, now supports a wide range of computer electronics, drivers, devices, and solutions. It has been observed that out of 9 million candidates only 2 million candidates are accepted by the company for different job roles. That means the success rate of getting hired by this company is approximately 1-2%. The average salary of a full stack web developer at Microsoft is $90,865 per annum.
  1. Apple- One of the leading brands of mobile phones, launching the series of iPhone till the date, also demands the best full-stack web developers across the world. The average salary of a full stack web developer at this company is approximately $151,911 per year. Apple expects its employees to create ideas and contribute to the industry through their innovations. The acceptance rate of the web developers in Apple is 3%.
  1. Cognizant Technology Solutions- The company focuses on the digitalization of businesses with the strength of 10,000+ employees. It provides a platform to its clients to build and run innovative and effective businesses online. The average salary of a full stack developer working in Cognizant is $98,868 per year. The company is highly rated for its culture.
  1. Oracle- It is the biggest software business company. Oracle has been emerging with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to solve real-world problems. It has been flourished in over 175 countries and continues to flourish more. The average salary of a full stack web developer at this company is $102,508 per year. The company aims to strengthen the technology and make it accessible to everyone on the planet.
  1. Accenture- It is one of the leading tech companies which aims to connect people, create solutions and implement the strategies to bring a change. Accenture provides job security and technological advancements for the employees. For interns, it is a recommended place to gain relevant experiences. The average salary of a full stack web developer at Accenture is $135,000 per year.
  1. PayPal- The company aims to ease the money transaction swiftly and securely over the internet. It also focuses on the financial security and privacy of the client. With the cooperation of more than 10,000 employees, PayPal has been ranked 8th position by Forbes. The average salary of a full stack web developer working in this company is $169,764 per year. PayPal even offers employee-friendly plans like Enhance Maternity, Paid Family Care Leave, Paid Sick Leave, and so on, which help maintain the balance between the work and their personal life.
  1. Uber- The company aims to bring cabs, taxis, and other commercial rides to the doorstep of the customer in just one click. Now Uber has been flourished in more than 600 cities globally. Not only big cabs but also delivery partners and mini-vehicle rides have become a part of this solution. The average salary of a full stack web developer working at Uber is $142,918 per year. Uber seeks problem-solvers, leaders, and those developers who are ready to take on challenges. 
  1. TCS- Stands for Tata Consultancy Services, an IT-based company that delivers real results to global businesses. The company offers infrastructure, engineering, BPS, and assurance services. The average salary of a full stack developer at TCS is $110,972 per year. TCS aims to grow and learn together while achieving your career goals. For interns, this company provides a fine working environment and training schemes (also available online) to understand real-life problems and solve them through your skills.

Significance Of Full Stack Web Developer

With the immense rise of e-commerce, most businesses, even the small ones are getting dependent on the internet to increase their sales. Hence it is important to build a site that can attract customers with simple UI and speeds up the order or money transactions online. 

So, whether it’s some big MNC or a small business, one needs a website for their growth in the market. That’s where a Full Stack Web Developer becomes a necessity and plays an important role in e-commerce sites. It has been estimated that the growth of Full Stack Web Developer is expected to rise within the range of 8 to 13 percent from 2019 to 2029.

How To Become a Full Stack Web Developer?

With the high rise in demand for this profession, you may wonder how someone can touch this milestone? In the following points, we have discussed the relevant skills that one should achieve before jumping into this field –

  1. Programming Language- A full stack web developer should master at least one programming language. PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Ruby, and many other languages are there which are majorly used in web development. The knowledge of Git and OOP concepts helps enhance the programming skills of a developer and it must be learned by beginners.
  1. Problem Solving Skills- Some mathematical expressions are helpful in solving even complex problems, hence a full stack developer who is good at Aptitude can easily optimize the code. Logical reasoning and Critical Thinking are way more important while designing a web application or dealing with its bugs. 
  1. Data Structures- As a full stack web developer, you should definitely know about Algorithms and Data Structures. Data Structures are helpful in dealing with time-complexity, such as some operations in Big-O notation. Stacks, Queue, LinkedList, Tree, Graph, Hash tables, etc are generally used for storing numerous amounts of data by allocating a memory cell and also used to traverse the data through the allocated memory cells if needed. 
  1. Certification course- A reputed certification course can add your qualification and makes your resume impressive. CareerFoundary Full Stack Web Development Course, IronHack Web Development Boot Camp, Udemy Web Development Course, Coursera Web Development Certification, and many more, are counted as the top Web development certification courses which can strengthen your grip on both front-end and back-end areas.
  1. Internship- To experience the office work and get trained to become a reliable full stack web developer, the internship in an IT-related firm gives the best environment. Internship plays a major role in enhancing the skills and building up a student to a skilled employee. It helps the freshers to deal with real-life problems and solve them in their own ways. An internship in a reputed company can also bring a job offer to the intern if she performs well during her tenure. 
  1. Web development Portfolio- Nowadays, you can build your own portfolio on online platforms like GitHub, Behence, Dribble, Portfoliopen, etc, to showcase your web development skills and your contributions to the community. Through GitHub, you can understand, edit or create your own program and interact with the programming enthusiasts as well. In some cases, the projects in the portfolio are enough to exhibit the candidate’s work and skills to be hired by the company.
  1. Hackathon- There are online platforms to train students and let them participate in hackathon competitions. HackerRank, GeekofGeeks, CodeChef, are some of the famous websites which provide challenges of three levels i.e., Easy, Medium, and Hard level. They also organize online coding contests for the programming enthusiasts and the winner gets the reward as mentioned in a particular contest.

Hackathon also speeds up the problem-solving skills and logical thinking of programmers by presenting different quests to them which is need to be solved in the given amount of time. Rank secured in a Hackathon depicts the experience and competitive nature of a web developer, hence it also grabs the attention of the interviewer.

Comparing the Average Salary of Full Stack Web Developers Among the European Countries

According to the statics of Ruby Full Stack Web Developers, the average annual income for the full stack web developer in France is $3,400, similar to Italy’s i.e., $3,900. The average salary in the United Kingdom is $6,000 per year, a bit close to Ireland, i.e., $6,300 per year. 

The annual salary of full-stack web developers in Norway has been calculated as $7,000 whereas, the United States’ average salary is $7,250 per year, as the highest income in the data. The annual salary in Ukraine is the lowest, that is, $2,500. 


In this article, we covered the range of the salaries of full-stack web developers and the top MNCs offering the best packages for them. We also discussed the significance and the skillsets of a Full Stack Web Developer. 

Due to the expansion of web technologies, the need for developers is increasing, hence it is safe to conclude that the demand of the developers will never come to an end but will arise in the future.


Q. What is the lowest salary of a Full Stack Web Developer?

A. In this year, the minimum salary of a Full Stack Web Developer is calculated as $82,430.

Q. What is the highest salary of a Full Stack Web Developer?

A. The maximum salary that a Full Stack Web Developer may earn per year is $109,156.

Q. How long it takes to become a good full-stack web developer?

A. To understand the basic skills and programming language, one may require 6 months as minimum duration. With regular practice and participation in hackathons, one may require 1 year to strengthen his web development along with problem-solving and logical reasoning skills. 

Q. What are the pros and cons of being a full-stack web developer?

A. Pros: The full-stack developers are skilled enough to deal with both front-end and back-end development, hence they can easily adapt to work for either client-side or server-side when required.

Cons: If a company is dependent on few full-stack developers, then their time management can get disturbed and may result in piling up of works. Full stack web developers generally face a lot of workloads due to their multi-tasking skills.

Q. I belong to a 3-tier college, so can I still apply for MNCs like Microsoft?

A. If you have relevant skills and a computer science degree from any college, then you are eligible to apply for any IT company. You just need to have a strong command of your programming skills, a well-built resume, and confidence to face the interview organized by the company.

Average Salary of a Full Stack Web Developer

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