How does Boxycharm make money?


Whether you want to launch your own beauty products or just want to try out the other best brands, whatever your reason be, you should definitely try to know How does Boxycharm make money? and the secret behind their success. 

In order to gain success, you need to be ahead of your competitors, and that is exactly what boxycharm did. They found a space in the famous beauty subscription box market, where other companies were not following the trend and were shipping sample-sized small products which were not convenient at all, so they grabbed the opportunity, and they made money from subscription revenue. 

More about Boxycharm

The company was founded in 2013 by Joe Martin, and since then they are gradually increasing in the beauty world and have continued to be more successful. It looked like any other makeup subscription box, but it made many people wrong. BoxyCharm serves a passionate community of beauty and makeup lovers. Provide a full set of brand cosmetics and a monthly subscription. 

The subscription box wasn’t an out-of-the-box idea, but they did it perfectly. As mentioned above, there was a gap in the subscription box market, and Boxycharm’s first subscription box with modern full-size products was delivered that year only. Moreover, in the next three years, Martin invested more money to make the company’s annual sales reach 20 million US dollars. 

In order to save the marketing costs, he would promote the subscription box on Instagram and other social networks, and this is a great and unique marketing strategy that attracts more people. He also used to minimize shipping costs by ensuring that each package has a specific weight and a specific country that can be effectively sold and shipped to. 

As a direct result, the initial activities were concentrated in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Now, BoxyCharm claims to have a community of more than 2.4 million fans on its social media platform. The company is known as a supplier of low-cost, inclusive subscription boxes of beauty and skincare products. They have even partnered with lots of other famous brands like Becca, MAC, etc. 

This is how BoxyCharm make money

Whether you are fascinated by makeup or skincare, the subscription box has a variety of unique products for you to try in a variety of options, from cheap boxes to luxury items. This means that there will be a box that can meet your various budgets or beauty and skincare needs. Now that we know that, Joe Martin, who pointed out that such services do not include full-size products suitable for this season, and customization, and that boxycharm makes money from their subscription boxes, then let’s know more about it. 

In order to obtain a regular-sized box of theirs, shoppers must complete a beauty questionnaire to help the company make personalized product recommendations. After completing this, the subscriber has three options: 

  • BoxyCharm (25 US Dollars per month)-  This includes 5 full-size products in a basic box, up to $235. After the first box is delivered, basic plan members can choose an item for the next box. 
  • BoxyCharm Premium (US$35 per month) – This includes 6 full-size products, worth up to US$275. Premium members can enjoy free shipping and can choose between two products every month. Please note that the company allows customers to subscribe to BoxyCharm and BoxyCharm Premium at the same time. 
  • BoxyCharm Luxe – For an additional US$24.99, shoppers can purchase 8 full-size products for approximately US$455 per quarter, including cosmetics, skincare products, razors, and hair care tools. Luxe-Box replaces the basic box in March, June, September, and December. Moreover, with each box, the subscribers have an option to choose one of the products that they get, and Luxe subscribers get to choose 2 products out of the 8.

Once your first package arrives, you will receive a feedback form where you can fill in all the details about your skincare needs and beauty to ensure that in the future you will receive the skin and beauty products that suit you perfectly. Please be sure to fill this form correctly, otherwise, your monthly supplies will not be tailored to you and your beauty and skincare need.

BoxyCharm is still a privately held company, so it is impossible to assess its exact financial statements. However, due to limited public information, we can estimate its annual revenue to be approximately US$50 million and 500 million US dollars of the IPSY brand. 

BoxyCharm’s Pop-up and Add-ons

The subscription boxes are not all, you can get more as BoxyCharm add-on stores also provide additional purchases. This option is for those who do not want to receive a subscription box. In most cases, shipping is free. However, the company charges $5 for orders from Alaska, Hawaii, U.S., and Canadian territories. 

Furthermore, BoxyCharm PopUp is a shopping event that offers huge discounts on cosmetics, skincare products, hair and lifestyle products. The discount can exceed 80%. Therefore, the service is only available to subscribers. 


BoxyCharm also provides bonus points for its loyal customers. These points are earned through product reviews and recommendations. Customers can request bonus points for the account credit for purchasing products.

Cancellation of your monthly Boxycharm Subscription

If you no longer want to get the monthly boxes of your Boxycharm subscription and want to unsubscribe yourself, then log in yourself in your Boxycharm account by first going to their official website –, then go to “subscription”. Now, whichever subscription you want to cancel, expand it and click on “cancel subscription” To get your job done. 

Once you do it, your subscription is canceled. If ever you want to join again, then go to Question 4 given below. As there is your answer on what will happen if you cancel your subscription and how you can get it back. 


BoxyCharm sells its beauty products uniquely and regularly organizes shopping events to provide subscribers with huge discounts, and that is why they are being successful day by day, and their subscription boxes are so famous. Therefore, we hope you found some much-needed help over here. It’s a huge brand, and knowing its secret and background will be really helpful for you. 

Most asked Questions

Question 1- 

Is the BoxyCharm subscription box really worth the money? 

Yes, all the products are worth the money. The boxes have a collection of great products which are the best in quality. 

Question 2- 

How can one earn charms? 

Review those products which you receive in your monthly subscription boxes and refer to your friends and family in order to earn charms.

Question 3-  

How long is the Boxycharm’s Luxe subscription box’s waitlist? 

It is just 48 hours (two days) long. If you add yourself to the Luxe waiting list within 48 hours of entering the Base, you will be entitled to a Luxe entry box. 

Question 4-

Who is eligible for Boxycharm’s premium subscription box waitlist, and what happens if I cancel it? 

Only active members can join. You need to earn charms to be one. If you cancel your subscription once, then you need to join the premium waitlist again. 

How does Boxycharm make money?

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