Accenture Hiring Process- Job Application Process

Accenture Hiring Process

Accenture is a multinational professional service company that provides services. Formally Accenture was known as Andersen Consulting. They provide services such as consultancy, technological, digital, strategies, and operational. It is an Irish-based company, founded around 32 years ago in 1989. Here, let’s know about Accenture Hiring Process.

The company is divided into five operating segments. They are Media & Technology, Financial Services, Health & Public Service, Products, and Resources. The company serves globally.

Accenture headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, Julie Sweet is the chairman and CEO of the company. 

Type: Public


Professional services

IT services


Area served: Worldwide

Revenue: US$44.33 billion (2020) 

Net Income: US$5.11 billion (2020) 

Total number of employees: 624,000 (2021)


As we know, Accenture is the world’s renowned multinational company, is among the best companies for offering professional services, and the company serves clients in more than 120 countries. Many applicants must be trying to get a job at Accenture. 

Through this article, you will get to know about the whole interview process. If you are preparing for a job interview, then you do not need to run anywhere. We offer you the interview process in proper format and the time taken for being hired at Accenture. The hiring process at Accenture includes various Processes, such as job application, interview questions. 

Please, continue reading to learn more details about the Accenture hiring process. 

There are various stages of the interview process at Accenture. The interview process includes:

  • The application process
  • Online Assessment test
  • Phone interview
  • Business interview
  • Case study (Business) 
  • Final interview
  • Orientation 

Job application process

Search for the official website and fill the form by going to the company’s career page. There are five major career areas at Accenture, as mentioned above. The company also offers internships for interested applicants to apply. 


In the Accenture application process, the first step is submitting an application process. 

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of Accenture or link “” in your URL. 
  •  Step2: Submit your personal information
  • Step 3: Submit your qualification information
  • Step 4: Submit your prior working experience.
  • Step 5: On this page, answer some of the questions specific to the position you are applying for at Accenture. 
  • Step 6: Upload your CV/resume and cover letter
  • Step 7: It is the last process. Once you go through the complete form and submit it to end the process. 

Online Aptitude/Assessment test

The next step in the hiring process is an online assessment test. You will get the assessment test notification once your application form is received. 

The assessment test is personality-based. The company conducts this test to discover some of the details, such as 

  • How do applicants take action in some situations in the workplace? 
  • Test the candidates based on calculation.
  •  Checks the practical knowledge and skills of the applicants

The company conducts the test through a link that you receive via your email with a clear direction to perform the test. Perform the test very well, as much as you can, because it’s the first stair of the hiring process.

 This test only decides your journey to the further process. 

  • NOTE:  Company gives you three days to solve the text after receiving the link.

Phone Interview( Brief interview)

The second stage of the hiring process of Accenture includes the phone interview process. Once you get selected for the online assessment test, personnel from the company contact you. It is a panel interview as the recruiters and HR team members take a brief Interview.  

This round consists of the interview focused on your personal information, CV, and other submitted documents. This round also plays a great role, so do not underestimate this little conversation. 

  • NOTE: You can also ask your queries in this round. 

Business Interview 

After successfully completing the brief phone interview round, you are connected to meet high officials of the company. This personal round is to discover your knowledge, ability, sustainability, and interest in the particular job role. 

  • Note: Go through all your experiences at your previous workplace. 

Business case study round 

The round at an Accenture is a screening exercise. You have to pass this business case study round which observes your ability to solve client’s problems. You will encounter a problem closely and analyze it, creating the idea to solve it. (Particular time provided to complete the study)

The test is conducted depending on the job roles you applied for. This round is more similar to the assessment test. 

Final interview (In-personal interview round) 

After the business case study test, if the hiring team of the company contacts you, it means you are participating in the last stage of the interview process. It is an in-person interview conducted by the HR manager and the senior personnel. 

In this round, the HR manager or hiring person observes your personality and determines if you are suitable for the particular job role or not. It is the last but crucial round of all the stages of the hiring process. 

Some common questions that you may encounter: 

  1. Have you managed any projects in your previous work? What projects have you Managed, and how did you conduct them? 
  2. Have you ever met any unwanted situation, and how have you solved it? Briefly describe.
  3. How would you explain your points if your ideas are questioned or challenged?
  4. How will you manage and guide a team or colleague who is underperforming in any project? Have you encountered any situation like this? 

NOTE: Here are some tips to help you during the final In-personal interview. 

  1. The interview usually lasts for an hour.
  2. Go through research about the company, aim, common questions you may encounter during the interview. 
  3. Dress accordingly, which suits the company culture. It may increase your chance of getting hired. 
  4. Pay attention to the asked questions, and do not be in a hurry while responding.
  5. Try to answer as much as you can (do not lie and be specific to the questions)
  6. Try to be confident and well eloquent. 


Orientation is a process that is conducted after the candidates have successfully passed all the interviews. Orientation is a training ground that informs the new employees about:

  • What is Accenture’s work?
  •  What is the process to do Accenture’s work?
  •  Main personal and clients of Accenture?
  • What are the duties and responsibilities at Accenture?

The orientation timing depends on the job title. It usually lasts for a few days till all the trainees get trained for the particular job role. 

The hiring time at the Accenture

Once all the processes get completed, the company takes a few weeks before calling you. They take time in selecting the best candidate from many applicants for their company. 

NOTE: The hiring process starts when you complete all the interview rounds, including the final In-personal round.


This multinational company offers numerous job roles to thousands of professionals to make their careers in a renowned company. The employees at Accenture enjoy good pay and benefits. This reason makes it the best company for working. 

Getting hired by Accenture could be easier if you follow all these above-given interview processes. All the best!

Accenture Hiring Process- Job Application Process

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