Is Accenture a Good Company to work for?

Is Accenture a Good Company to work for?


In rapidly advancing technology, Accenture is a name that needs no introduction. The Irish multinational company specializes in information technology(IT) services and consulting. Adventure serves customers all around the world. The worldwide workforce of Accenture contains 624,000 employees. Here, let’s know ‘Is Accenture a Good Company to work for?’

Accenture aims to provide value to its shareholders, employees, and customers through its operations. To strengthen its global workforce Accenture looks for talented individuals who possess the appropriate knowledge, skills, and capabilities. The wide variety of employment opportunities provided by Accenture may lead to an individual thinking about how good of a company Accenture is to work for.

This article provides information about the suitability of Accenture as an employer.

Employee’s view of a good workplace and employer

Individuals generally look forward to working for an organization that adds value to their CV and helps them to excel in their careers. Various other factors also shape the viewpoint of an individual about an organization being a good place to work for or not. Some of the factors that shape the individual’s viewpoint of an organization are mentioned below – 

  • The career growth opportunities offered by an organization play an important role in job-seekers determining the suitability of the organization to work for as an employee.
  • The salary structure of a job influences the perception of an individual towards the organization.
  • The provision of employee benefits is a crucial factor that most job seekers look forward to while applying for a job position in an organization.
  • The work culture of the business organization plays a paramount role in deciding whether employees view the business organization as a suitable place to work or not.
  • The brand image of the organization may play a vital role in attracting individuals to work in the organization.

Working at Accenture

Adventure employs individuals who are capable of contributing to the success and efficiency of the organization. The employees working for Accenture are expected to generate fresh ideas and be determined to make a difference. The workforce of Accenture works like a well-oiled machine to give the best possible output to its clients. The various aspects that will help an individual to assess the suitability of Accenture as an organization to work, are discussed as follows – 

  • Pay Package – Employees generally look to obtain a suitable pay package that matches their qualifications and skills. Accenture provides its employees with competitive pay packages. The company ensures that employees are paid suitably according to their skills and talent. Employees who achieve their goals are awarded several bonuses such as incentives and awards.
  • Employee benefits – Accenture provides its workforce with a multitude of employee benefits. Some of the employee benefits offered by Accenture are enlisted below- 
  1. Health benefits- Health benefits form an important part of the employee benefits package offered by Accenture. Employees are provided with medical coverage and options are given to choose from the category of national plans. Employees are also provided dental and vision cover plans.
  2. Parental leave – Accenture employees who are about to become parents can avail themselves of the paid parental leave benefit. This benefit provides 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and 8 weeks of paid time off to primary caregivers.
  3. Flexible work schedules – Flexible work arrangements enable the employees to balance their professional and personal life. To cater to this need of employees, Accenture provides flexible work arrangements to employees.
  4. Life insurance – Employees working at Accenture are provided with the basic life insurance plan. Employees can purchase additional coverage for themselves and their families.
  5. Employee share purchase plan – Eligible employees are given the benefit to contribute 10 percent of their salary to purchase shares of the organization at a discount of 15%.
  6. Spending accounts – Accenture employees are provided with the provision of spending accounts, that help them to set aside a specific amount of their salary, to pay for eligible health care and dependent daycare expenses.
  7. Disability insurance – Employees are also provided with disability insurance. Employees affected with a disability who cannot work receive a salary of 180 days from Accenture.
  8. 401(k) match and savings plan – To promote the financial security of its employees, Accenture provides the benefit where employees can contribute a part of their salary to save for their future.
  • Brand image – Every job seeker wishes to work for an organization that possesses a well-established brand image in the business world. Working for such organizations provide employees with an opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, and experience that will help them to achieve their career objectives. Accenture is a well-known name in the business world and being employed with Accenture can help an individual to propel their career to the next level.
  • Career growth and advancement – Every individual wishes to work in an organization where he or she can advance their career and realize their full potential. Accenture is an organization where talented individuals by the virtue of their hard work and determination can achieve new heights in their careers. Accenture motivates its employees to do their best and achieve success in their careers. Accenture provides employees with training and counseling to make sure that employees constantly learn new skills and upgrade their existing skill set. 

Conclusion – To conclude it can be said that Accenture as a workplace offers all that an employee looks for in their dream place to work. The growth opportunities offered by Accenture along with lucrative pay packages and employee benefits can be of great value to any employee. Moreover, the employee benefits provided by Accenture help the employees to live comfortable and dignified lives. So all in all Accenture can be deemed as a great organization to work for and job seekers should aim to grab any employment opportunity offered by Accenture that matches their skills and qualifications. 

Frequently asked questions

Question 1. How will an individual evaluate two job offers that offer the same salary?

Answer 1. Job offers that come with the same salary structure may be evaluated by an individual on the following grounds – 

  • The career growth opportunities in both organizations.
  • The market position of both business organizations.
  • Employee benefits of both organizations.

Question 2. Does Accenture offer only full-time employment opportunities?

Answer 2. Apart from full-time work opportunities, Accenture offers a multitude of part-time employment opportunities as well.

Is Accenture a Good Company to work for?

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