Accenture Mission and Vision Statements- Values Analysis

Accenture Mission and Vision Statements

There are majorly two types of companies in the world. Product-based, and service-based. As the name suggests, product-based companies create and sell products that can be used by their customers. These customers may be individuals or multi-national corporations. Now, these products could be gadgets or the software they operate on. Because products tend to have a greater tangible impact and outreach, Product-based companies are vastly popular, sought after, and profitable. Naturally, they are what graduates prefer to work for after university. Here, let’s know about Accenture Mission and Vision Statements.

Some of the best product-based companies include Google, Microsoft, and even Amazon. Service-based companies, on the other hand, provide exclusive, customized services to their clients. These services may be software services, consulting, information technology, financial, managerial, and others. One of the largest service-based companies in the world is Accenture. Similar to most multi-national corporations, it is pivotal for a service-based company to chalk out its vision and work towards it by incorporating its values. 

Recent Origins

Officially, Accenture has been around for about thirty years. They split from Andersen Consulting in 1989. Their former parent company Arthur Andersen was one of the Big-Five firms founded all the way back in 1913. Accenture used to be the consulting division of Arthur Andersen. Accenture specializes in providing IT services and consulting. They essentially advise their clients on various business decisions and strategies. They help their clients plan for the future and provide them with specific solutions catering to their dilemmas. Since its inception, Accenture has grown to be a Fortune 500 company with revenues in the mid forty billion dollars range. This emphasis on the future is reflected in their vision and mission statements and is guided by their values. 

Accenture: Mission Statement- Helping our clients create their future

Accenture’s main job is consulting and providing solutions. They are like the problem solvers of the tech world. They also see themselves as the facilitators of change instead of directly participating in the manufacturing of products. Accenture’s management has been able to successfully maneuver the market, find the best businesses and technology, and basically adapt themselves accordingly. It is no wonder that Forbes named them one of America’s Best Management Consulting firms in 2020. Accenture sees its role in honing the industries of the future as a pivotal one and serves it by providing its clientele with specifically crafted elucidations to the problems of today. With consulting having such vast implications, Accenture’s influence is widespread even in non-tech companies. The vast scope of technology in industries such as healthcare, banking, automobiles, and tourism is what pushes Accenture’s ascent. It sees its mission as further propagating the use of technology and thereby facilitating innovation and fostering growth for everyone.

Accenture: Vision Statement

To become one of the world’s leading companies, bringing innovations to improve the way the world works and lives.

Global Giant

With Accenture’s success in management consulting, one can say that its vision of becoming one of the world’s leading companies is pretty much complete. It is this vision that has facilitated their rise and what also keeps them at the top. Accenture is pretty much everywhere in all industrialized countries and industries around the world. They have operations in India, China, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other developing countries as well. They have acquired firms from all over the world and have also entered into numerous partnerships with reputable companies. In August 2017, they entered into a partnership with Apple to produce an Operating System for businesses. It is in this way that they see their growing influence in a world that is becoming more globalized by the day. 

  • Bringing innovations to improve the world

Accenture envisions a world wherein their technology is used for the greater good. It believes in the transformative power that technology can bring in the lives of its employees, clients, and its client’s customers. It believes that constant innovation can make technology better and open up new avenues for people to develop themselves and their standard of living. With its services and technology being used to innovate and perfect the healthcare and finance industries, Accenture sees its technology as a force for good.


Accenture’s values seep into their work, projects, dealings with their customers and employees. These also have an impact on their performance and decisions. 

  • Client Value Creation

By solving its client’s problems, Accenture adds value to businesses. Accenture believes that its primary role is to generate additional value for its customers by perfecting systems, products, and technology. This leads to a feeling of satisfaction amongst their customers, which has also contributed to their success. 

  • One Global Network

Accenture has always marketed itself as being the best at connecting people and businesses. It seeks to integrate businesses with technology, thereby preparing them for the future. They believe in a leading role for technology in this future and seek to create and expand a global network of corporations working towards a bright future regardless of geography. 

  • Respect for the Individual

Accenture strives to create a healthy workplace atmosphere suited to bring about the best in the individual. They firmly believe in individual genius and recognize the unique role played by the individual in their team. They have mastered the art of integrating strong solo acts into a collaborative environment, thereby getting the best out of each of them.  

  • Best People

Accenture believes in attracting and honing the best young talent in the world. It is constantly on the lookout for people who can get stuff done and add value to whatever project they undertake or whatever team they walk into. They hire leaders who get the job done and motivate other employees hence facilitating the holistic development of everyone. 

  • Integrity

Accenture has a core commitment to human rights and corporate standards. This is how Accenture maintains its identity and generates trust amongst its customers. Accenture has consistently been ranked on the Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies. 

  • Stewardship

One of Accenture’s most important values is taking ownership of everything they do. Every employee plays his/her part in contributing towards making Accenture’s vision a reality and making the world a better place through their solutions. Accenture looks for employees who share the same vision, mentality, and attitude for change.

Let there be change

Accenture has a strong repertoire of core values and ethics that are responsible for its success. These values and ethics are the primary reason why almost all of their top clients have trusted in them for so long and still keep on coming back for more. They play a key role in hiring and recruitment as well as performance and management. Accenture emphasizes building strong, long-lasting relationships and connections throughout the world. It is renowned as an attractive place to work at.

Their values also encourage their employees to make ethical and rational decisions about their products and work while also taking into account the impact their work will have on the world. With the world slowly moving to Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven applications, Accenture has reinforced its pledge to create a more secure world in which the privacy of all its clients and customers is protected. It maintains the highest standards of corporate governance for its employees and showcases impeccable professionalism in dealing with its clients. Accenture’s reputation precedes itself and, by the very nature of its work, will continue to drive businesses towards the future while playing a key role in integrating enterprises with new technology. 

Accenture Mission and Vision Statements- Values Analysis

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