Public Relations

How Do You Say Thank You To Cleaning Lady?

In the era of cut-throat competition for everything from education to work, in the period of capitalization, we are in haste to do everything and often find ourselves caring less about ourselves all through the week, let alone clean the house and its surroundings. In the times like these, the ones who emerge as a […]

Public Relations Coordinator Job Description, Duties & Salary & How To Become One

 A public relations coordinator helps the company’s management monitor and control issues that can negatively affect their business. They are usually responsible for monitoring social media, communications with the press, and tracking the company’s reputation in the media. Know more about Public Relations coordinator job description, duties & salary & how to become one. Public […]

How I Became a Journalist & Features Editor for National Newspapers

Ever since I was a teenager I dreamed of being a journalist or writer. I had no contacts in the media and was the first person in my family to go to university. But as a dreamy teenager, I didn’t allow this to put me off.  When I had to find work experience as a […]

Striving For a Dream Job. How to Make Yourself an Employee?

From the first corporate workday at the age of 18 until the last one at 36, I was hoping to find fulfillment that way. At first, it seemed to be there. Later I observed that each job offered constant tensions. Fear was overcoming hope. The need for success was intertwined with stress. The game’s adjustment, […]

Live Your Life Open To Opportunities – They’ll Surprise You

Internet Radio Producer / Medical Interpreter / Energy Healer I was born in Mexico City and was the first one in my family to have the opportunity to attend college. I always knew I wanted to continue my studies after high school as I always had a passion for learning. I still do. In college, […]

How I Became an Advocacy Communications Strategist

Bio I’m an advocacy communications strategist specialised in human rights, health, and equality. Currently a Senior Account Manager at Global Office Consulting – a communications agency specialised in gender and health-related causes, I have been around the block before I got here – to find my happy place building communications campaigns to inspire social change! […]

How I Launched My Own Financial Marketing and Public Relations Agency

Are you thinking about starting A Financial Marketing and Public Relations Agency? Alexandra Levis is CEO and Founder of Arro Financial Communications, a Financial Marketing and Public Relations Agency where she is responsible for new business development, client services, and agency growth. Prior to establishing the agency, she developed and ran marketing and public relations […]

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