How Do You Say Thank You To Cleaning Lady?

In the era of cut-throat competition for everything from education to work, in the period of capitalization, we are in haste to do everything and often find ourselves caring less about ourselves all through the week, let alone clean the house and its surroundings. In the times like these, the ones who emerge as a savior are house helpers. They put their efforts into maintaining the dignity of our houses when we cannot. How we could express our gratitude towards them? Here we will see about How Do You Say Thank You To Cleaning Lady?

Giving the cleaning lady some time off from work, and providing her a raise in salary could be the best form to show that you appreciate them. If you cannot afford to do that just yet or if you want to thank the cleaning lady to show your gratefulness not just appreciation then personal effects like making her dinner, buying her a gift, learning what she likes, and then providing that to her as a token of gratitude, taking her out for a meal, saying thank you now and then, or writing her a note saying that you acknowledge her and appreciate her work, could be regarded as valid forms of saying thank you. 

How Do You Say Thank You To Cleaning Lady?

Time off work

 The cleaning lady is the part of a capitalist society where exploitation is extremely common, and hustle culture is considered a trend. In a world like this, we all could use some time off our work to take personal care or do personal chores which we put off due to work. It is the loveliest form of appreciation. It would give her the idea that her work is enough and appreciative. 

Pay raise

Who would not be happy with extra money to put into their pockets? If you could afford to give them a pay raise then you must. It could be considered a less personal form of gratefulness, and she might only think that you are happy with her work. But deep down it could be interpreted as another way to say thank you without actually saying it. 

Cook for her or take her out

 A professional way to tell an employee that you are happy with them is to take them out for a meal. Treat them with something that they like. If you want to add a personal touch to this professional attitude then cooking for the cleaning lady could be a good idea. Ask her what she likes, and take time to personally prepare a meal for her. Let her know that you value her. 

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Flowers are the most classic way to show gratitude. Buying the cleaning lady the flowers she likes could be sweet, professional as well as personal. Gifting other things from time to time of her liking such as a book, watch or anything that could make her happy would be great. 

Doing a few chores yourself

Leaving tons of work to someone, no matter how much you pay them is not something that could be appreciated. Manual work needs energy and doing every small task is exhausting. If you have time to fold your clothes, make your bed, and do some of the dirty dishes yourself, then you must do all such things. 

It is another way to say that the cleaning lady gives you enough time and mental space that you could do a few things yourself and for that you are thankful.

Just say it

 If you are unable to do the other things off the list then saying it directly to her would be enough. Having conversations like this would never go out of style. Use the words that come to your mind from your heart. Write it down. If you do not see the cleaning lady enough to have a such conversation then put the words down on a note and stick it somewhere she could see. 

Written things feel truer than spoken things. Or just say the words out loud that you are indebted for the efforts she put in making your house look able and liveable, say that you are so grateful for her. Keep in mind that you are not being too formal while saying it. The easiest and simplest way to say thank you is just saying it. 


One of the three golden words is thank you. We do not use it as much as the other two because saying thank you could be tricky. There is a difference when we say it out of habit and when we genuinely feel thankful. The art of making the other person feel your genuineness is in saying thank you with a little extra effort. If you could use one of the ways from the list to show your gratitude then it would be a real pleasure for us. Through this article we have learned about How Do You Say Thank You To Cleaning Lady?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is saying thank you enough? 

Yes. Saying it with kindness and a smile and a few more words of appreciation is always enough. 

Would increasing the raise be interpreted as being inappropriate? 

Not exactly inappropriate as you’d have to do it eventually. But throwing off money to express your feelings might be a little shallow.

How Do You Say Thank You To Cleaning Lady?

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