Lockheed Martin Mission and Vision Statements- Values Analysis

Lockheed Martin Mission and Vision Statements

Lockheed Martin. Even the name sounds like a suave, behemoth of a corporation with deep roots and a reputation that precedes it. This reputation is built on years of quality service with adherence to its core values. The company sounds like they get the job done like they’re on a mission. Well, that part is true and not just idle arrogance. Customer confidence and trust also contribute to a corporation’s image and brand. Customers are attracted to companies with an innovative, creative and ambitious vision for the future. These attributes lend weight and credibility to a brand, and Lockheed Martin has all of them. Let’s know about Lockheed Martin Mission and Vision Statements.

What does Lockheed Martin do?

Although it sounds like a financial firm or a bank, Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest defense, security, and aerospace corporations in the world. Although the company itself came into existence due to a merger between the Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta, both aerospace and electronics companies, it has a long history of delivering the best defense equipment, helicopters, and missiles.

The mission

Lockheed Martin’s mission statement is to “solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help customers keep people safe.” 

  • Solving Complex Challenges: 

Lockheed Martin, being a defense and security technology company, services governments around the world. They provide missile systems, fighter and military aircraft, and surveillance aircraft to modern militaries. Military missions and operations often involve solving intricate and convoluted dilemmas in adverse conditions. These may also include life and death situations and require the use of similarly complex multifaceted solutions. For any military to be successful, especially that of a world superpower, the use of modern technology is key. The proper functionality and operation of this technology are of monumental importance in time-bound situations. Lockheed Martin’s weapons facilitate the solving of these problems.

  • Advance Scientific Discovery and Deliver Innovative Solutions: 

The military doesn’t use exploding pens anymore. There is always going to be a better way of doing things, and technology and science facilitate these better methods. Many military innovations also have profound civilian use. Innovations help people perform better, and the same is true for the military. Lockheed Martin has been spearheading scientific discovery to hopefully reduce global conflict by keeping people safe. 

Help customers keep people safe: The idea behind this is twofold-  

  1. To reduce the human element from the battlefield, thereby saving military lives.
  2. Defending territories more and more effectively by upgrading defense technology. 

Lockheed Martin Vision

Be the global leader in supporting our customers’ missions, strengthening security, and advancing scientific discovery.”

Lockheed Martin has an expanse of products specially crafted for all domains and all types of militaries. These products are not only limited to aircraft, weapons, and missiles but also include cyber security systems, submarines, wind tunnels, and drones. They see a future wherein the security of nations is never in question, both on the battlefield and out of it. They hope to achieve this vision not only via their products and services but also their many community programs. They believe that the future requires skilled professionals and hence strive to educate the next generation of engineers, scientists, and managers. This vision is driven by their attitude to keep the spirit of innovation and scientific advancement burning for the greater good and security of their communities.

Values and Ethics

The core values of Lockheed Martin have shaped their work and performance in the past and will continue to mold their future endeavors. They make up the moral and philosophical base of the company and serve as a benchmark and an ideal for its customers and employees to follow.

  • Do What’s right

Just as armies are expected to protect the weak and look out for the little guy, Lockheed Martin has an ethics code that educates its employees on always doing the right thing. It expects its employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. The company conducts training sessions and workshops designed to help employees recognize and address misconduct and corruption.

  • Respect Others

Rare is the person who doesn’t respect the sacrifice that the people in uniform have made for their nation. Lockheed Martin also carries this respect forward to engineers, scientists, and experts. The company believes that if one respects others, then they will do the same. This has led to them reaping rich dividends from its investors and customers and has also driven home its brand image.

  • Perform with excellence

Lockheed Martin pushes its employees to perform at the highest level. This is to be expected from a defense technology company with scientists and engineers from the best universities. This value has helped the company maintain the highest standards of functionality and operations and also helps drive progress, innovation, and scientific advancement. This is achieved by its Academic Outreach program and its Engineering Case Competition. This also leaves its clients satisfied and its missions close to being accomplished.

Lockheed Martin also produces materials and videos for universities and schools for teaching ethical learning and business ethics to young minds.

How Lockheed Martin’s values are critical to its success. 

If one takes a look at Lockheed Martin’s website, the extent and influence of its values on its mission and vision become apparent. The list of their innovations, inventions, products, services, and systems is virtually endless. Lockheed Martin’s values and ethics keep its employees on the right track and this makes it possible to innovate further. This facilitates the diversification of its operations and business streams to help service its customers and protect people better. The company has acquired several defense technology firms in the past and continues to diversify its operations by doing so. With the growing use of satellite communication for both civilian and military use, its aerospace division will be propelled to new heights in the future. It will no doubt continue to advocate its mission to educate future research. Whatever the case, Lockheed Martin, on account of its vision and mission, seeks to aim for the stars and also get there in time for man to make new strides in the industry.

Lockheed Martin Mission and Vision Statements- Values Analysis

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