Jobs that are Boring- Boring Careers

Jobs that are Boring

Boredom is often not taken seriously which usually happens when one has to do the same mundane work day after day. The clearest sign of knowing if an individual is bored with his/her job is if he/she keeps getting depressed every morning about going to work. Boredom leads to emotions of anger, unhappiness, irritation, and depression. Here are the Jobs that are Boring.

The most important thing while choosing a job is if the individual enjoys doing it. If the individual does not enjoy working then the job is perhaps not the one for him/her. Jobs are boring only when the one working gets bored. There are jobs that most people consider boring but if the individual enjoys doing it then it can not be defined as boring anymore.

Boring Careers

There are certain fields or careers that most people find boring. They require long hours and repetitive jobs every day. A survey was conducted by including 1300 professionals from 14 different sectors. It included the top 10 careers they find the most boring. They are as follows:

  1. Legal Jobs

Legal jobs demand a lot of varied policies, terms and conditions, and paperwork. One has to study all of it to serve the client and for finding loopholes. It requires a lot of reading, writing, talking, and researching.

They even have to fill out various forms for recording the client details. Such a dull job yet one has to check there are no inaccuracies. Hence this tedious job puts pressure on most individuals and 81% of them find it boring.

There are always exceptions, like those who like communicating with different clients and solving their legal problems. It can be stressful and frustrating at times, but it is rewarding to them too.

  1. Project Management

About 78% of individuals in this field often find project management boring due to the lack of excitement and thrill in their jobs. It can seem abstract when they have to work on projects that are not real. 

The job is not boring to those who love spending time on work breakdown structures, earned value, Gantt charts, etc. Only people with a relevant skillset or interest in this field find it interesting.

  1. Finance Control

It takes a toll on the individuals working in this sector to work on balance sheets and other income statements. The field requires the individual to be good with numbers, do extensive research, and stay updated on the different markets.

They spend hours working on numbers and that can be depressing at times. One needs to have a high level of interest in this field to succeed. 

  1. Support Functions

71% of people working in this field suffer from boredom and struggle at work daily. This job requires a lot of waiting around since there has to be a problem to occur first. The problems are also similar in most cases.

The monotony is due to their dispensing the annals of history multiple times in line. 

  1. Consulting and Accounting

Individuals working in this fieldwork with a lot of numbers and help their clients understand every one of them. They chiefly include a large number of tasks related to accounting in different business firms.

67% of individuals in this field find their work tiresome. It is often not the work but the amount of work that makes it boring.

  1. Financial Services and Banking

Documentation is the most important task of professionals working in this field. One has to fill out forms for everything no matter how minute it is. Keeping a record of all data makes the tasks mundane for about 67% of people working in this field.

One working at a bank job would have to deal with different clients all the time and that can be stressful and tiring for them.

  1. Engineering

Engineers are defined as geeky and boring by most people. If so many people believe the same thing there has to be some truth behind the statement. About 64% of engineers themselves find their job boring.

These kinds of jobs include filing paperwork, meeting with manufacturers, writing technical reports, calculating costs, and very little invention. Only about 15% of the jobs in this field are interesting.

Some engineers spend all their money and time on inventions. For them, work is all that matters and hence are introverted or antisocial. This makes most people categorize them as ‘boring’.

  1. Sales

Individuals working in this field need to have the skill of persuasion and a lot of patience. They have to persuade the same product with the same or different ideas. Repeating the task over and over can become tedious with time.

Individuals are assigned quotas that are hard to reach and often puts pressure on them. They have to convince the customers into buying products and when all communication and negotiation fails it can be quite frustrating. About 61% of people from this sector find it boring and lackluster.

  1. Marketing and Communication

People working in this sector have to do different kinds of market research, be it through surveys or polls, and keep up with the latest trends. Studying the new trends and deciding the image of the products is tiresome. About 60 % of professionals working in this field found their work boring and exhausting.

  1.  IT

The IT jobs demand a lot of dedication and time from the individuals working in this field. About 56% of people find these types of jobs dull and tedious. The job details include coding most of the time sitting in front of a computer. While people who love everything related to the latest technologies and software quite like working in this field.

This graph shows the top 10 jobs that the percentage of people working in the respective sectors found boring.

Most Boring Jobs

There are jobs that some people find boring while others love them. But there are certain jobs in the world that almost everyone finds boring. Some such examples are as follows:

  1. Dishwasher

The task of cleaning utensils soiled by others is not only frustrating but also tiresome. Individuals with this job not only get paid less but their hands get weary of the continuous scrubbing and washing.

There are dishwashing machines that do the job more efficiently. When the utensils keep on piling and they have to work faster with their hands from the beginning till the end, it can get pretty monotonous and seem never-ending.

  1. Liftman

The job is all about going up and down in the lift multiple times every day. Going up and down the lift may have been fun for everyone as a child. But to do that from morning till dawn seems not so fun.

  1. Costume Character Entertainer

Individuals dress up like cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Minnie Mouse for malls, birthday parties, or other events. This is mainly for the promotion of a particular event or simply for entertainment purposes.

Not only do they have to wear such a big heavy costume within layers of foam but also jump and dance at the same time. To bring smiles to the faces of children or make people interested in an event they have to do such a tough job. Doing such a job daily is not only boring but also pretty energy-consuming.

  1. Truck Driver

When one thinks about a job where one has to drive around all day, the job of a truck driver comes to mind. Driving for a couple of hours or more is tiring enough for anyone. Truck drivers have to drive every day for long hours just to earn a living.

It is a risky job when it comes to the fact that they have to drive through the same route driving on the same roads. But they have to stay behind the wheel all the while fighting sleep and exhaustion. If they are not paying enough attention it can cause road accidents. It makes one wonder what keeps them motivated.

  1. Factory Line Worker

The workers in different kinds of factories are allocated the same jobs for years. They have to repeat the same steps and go through the same processes every working day of the year that makes their job seem dull. 

It is often the reason why factory workers resort to hot beverages, tobacco, and other alternatives for keeping their brains active during their job.

  1. Garbage Collector

The job of the garbage collectors is not an easy feat. They collect garbage from houses and offices daily. No one can define such a job as an interesting one. Not only do people treat garbage collectors with contempt but also as inferior to themselves. Such mistreatment makes them frustrated and the only reason they do not give up is for the money.

  1. Parking Lot Attendant

A mall may be a fun place for everyone but not so for people working at the working lot. They are usually busy taking money, giving tickets, and then again waiting for the mall visitors’ return. 

All that the job requires from an individual is to sit around all day in the underground parking lot and guard the vehicles. This is a dull and repetitive job for anyone.

  1. Housekeeping and Cleaning

Since childhood, we are taught to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. But when it comes to the job of cleaning, washing, and reassembling things every day for other people it may seem tedious.

Be it cleaning rooms of a house, hotels, or offices, it is pretty annoying. People working housekeeping and cleaning jobs are seldom thanked for their service. Not only is it demotivating but the job offers never-ending boredom.

  1. Receptionist

Receptionist jobs include greeting, smiling, handling, and coordinating at the front desk of the office which can be very tiresome. They have to maintain a positive attitude no matter what their mood may be. 

They always have to have a smiling face while being present in their place during office hours. Fake smiles and pretension as a daily practice can affect the individual emotionally.

  1.  Call Centre Executives

Most people get irritated and even get insulting when they receive calls from call center executives. They treat the call as a disturbance and even disconnect in the middle of the call. 

Call center executives have to speak over the same lines again and again with the same attitude. No matter how merciless the comments or insults are they have to maintain a positive attitude. This can be not only depressing but also very tiring.

  1.  Restaurant Musicians

Individuals pursuing their careers in music have a lot of passion and guts. But they also require appreciation from the crowd listening to their music.

Musicians at restaurants not only get a cold response but are sometimes treated like a radio playing music in the background. People are usually busy chatting with their friends and families while enjoying different foods and drinks. Hence they pay almost no attention to the musician playing in the background or ever appreciate their music no matter how good they play. Such demotivating work can be boring and depressing.

  1.  The Baggage Counter Person

Individuals working at the baggage counter in malls, museums, or other establishments are responsible for the safety of the baggage. Their job includes collecting the bags and giving out tokens. Then they have to wait around for people to return their bags while giving the tokens back. This clearly shows the boredom they must be feeling daily in their lives.

  1.  Social Media Likers

In the age of social media, business managers are using different platforms for marketing their products and generating followers for their pages. The social media likers are responsible for generating likes besides increasing the follower and view counts.

The work of checking out and liking a few posts would sound normal but to do it regularly for the same pages in a continuous fashion gets boring.

  1.  Nanny

Taking care of children and toddlers is not something anyone can do. Children are full of energy and spend most of their time playing which can get tiring for an adult. Not only are they filled with tantrums but also occasional mischiefs. 

Kids have the talent of testing an adult’s patience and taking the peace out of their lives. Tasks like feeding them and getting them to sleep on time make the job tedious.

  1.  Computer Program Coder

Working on a new application or software needs hours of hard work and concentration. Computer program coders enter into their little world away from the real world during these times. 

To function as robots for hours without any rest can often become mundane. The only good side is the money they receive on completion of their work. It is the only motivation and reward for them.

  1.  Photo Tagging

Few people are aware of the existence of such a kind of job. A photo tagger is responsible for segregating and tagging the different types of photos uploaded by different miscellaneous users.

They are supposed to tag multiple photos in a minute after seeing and categorizing them. It may seem like an easy and fun job, but to do it for hours every day is quite boring.

  1.  Data Entry

The data entry job is described as one of the easiest jobs. The fact is not true at all since it requires immense concentration. It is almost like a ritual for long hours without any break that not only is stressful to one’s eyes but the brain as well. 

To concentrate on the numerous numbers and figures on the computer screen and typing them out feels tiring. People with such jobs have very little interest in their jobs as there is no creation or activity.

  1.  Night Security Guard

To stay awake and do their jobs while everyone else sleeps is no easy feat. Besides staying up all night they have to guard buildings, apartments, and colonies at night from trespassers.

They not only spend their nights alone but sleep when everyone else works. Such an isolating job can get depressing and boring with time.

  1.  Accountant

Such jobs include sitting at one’s desk and going through books regarding financial and accounting statements as well as doing multiple calculations.

It may be interesting at first to work with numbers, but with time it gets boring. It can get a little dull and monotonous at times.

  1.  Teacher

Teaching is a noble job where one gets to shape young minds. But what no one mentions is the level of patience and understanding a teacher needs to have. 

To teach the same syllabus year after year and to correct multiple examination answer sheets for different tests, assignments, and exams get boring at one point in time. 

How to Stop Employees from Getting Bored

There are certain things the company or organization can do to stop their employees from getting bored. Some of such ways are as follows:

  1. Sharing the Workload – It is necessary to spread the boring tasks among the employees to make it fair.
  2. Talking – There should be communication between the upper management and the employees.
  3. Responsibility – Boredom can also be due to lack of any challenges so the employees should be given more responsibilities.
  4. Project Idea – Letting the employees come up with their projects will also benefit the company.
  5. Team Involvement – Involving the team with bigger decisions of the company.
  6. Automating Boring Tasks – To make the boring tasks automatic may need a little money but it will also let the employees spend time on more important tasks.
  7. Breaking Up the Routine – Making the employees not work in a single monotonous task and engaging them with different tasks.
  8. Giving a Break – Regular breaks are necessary to let the employees take a breather.
  9. Giving Rewards – Rewarding the employees when the job is well done will only re-motivate them to produce similar or better results in the future.
  10. Enhancing the Environment – Setting up a comfortable environment and workplace would let the employees stay focused and be more productive.

Ways to Avoid Getting Bored at Work

Before deciding if the work is boring an individual should always try to make it more exciting and interesting. Some such ways are as follows:

  1. Decorating the Desk – Environment is one of the factors that can affect a person’s moods. So bright colors and some photographs of loved ones in the personal working space can do wonders.
  2. Informing the Superior – In case the job feels boring then one should inform their boss or superior. They might have ways to solve the problem by making work more interesting and engaging.
  3. Setting Targets and Rewarding – Besides setting up big picture targets one can also have some small personal goals. On achieving those they should reward themselves with little treats or gifts.
  4. Taking Breaks – It is essential to take breaks as work can seem tedious if the brain gets no rest. Working without being able to properly process or be efficient has no gains. 
  5. Mixing Things Up – In case individuals have lots of free time they can do something else that is productive like being involved in any other projects or utilizing their skills for other tasks in the company.
  6. Having Fun – Having a good relationship with colleagues and superiors and communicating with them would relieve boredom.

Even if an individual has tried all sorts of methods to make the work interesting but failed to do so, then the best alternative would be to quit. If nothing works then they are probably not suited for the particular job.


There are no jobs in the world that are boring. It is people who are unable to enjoy or have an interest in their jobs. If one gets bored and quits their job, then they should look for a job that would fit them the best. After all, it is never too late to start anew. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should one quit a high-paying job if it gets boring?

The choice depends on the economic circumstances and finances of the individual. If they can afford to quit and get a new job then it does not matter how much they are getting paid.

  1. Is content writing a boring job?

No job is boring unless the one doing it finds it boring. Content writing includes extensive research and coming up with new content. The work is not repetitive and can be fun.

  1. When to quit a boring job?

If the job stays boring even after the individual has tried his/her best to make it interesting then they should consider quitting. The financial condition is also a factor to be considered before quitting.

Jobs that are Boring- Boring Careers

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