15+ Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions in 2021 With Answers

Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions

Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions: What makes you so special that we will recruit you? What piqued your interest in this position?

Remember that your preferred candidate will be the primary point of touch along with your incoming visitors when recruiting a Hotel Front Desk Representative. Their customer serviceability and overall productivity will make or break customer loyalty and, therefore, your company’s credibility. A successful candidate would show the potential to constantly retain a knowledgeable disposition, manage several visitors and activities without delay, and be a natural match for the restaurant’s atmosphere and elegance, whether handling check-in or check-out, responding to questions on nearby attractions, or fielding guest grievances.

General interview questions (such as “Can you tell me about yourself?” and “Why are you trying to find another job?”) are a perfect way to hear about the candidate’s experience, preferences, and priorities. However, confirm to ask detailed questions about the work they’re applying for; therefore, you’ll learn more about their chances of success in this position.

Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions

Questions Often Posed in Hotel Interviews (And the way to Answer Them)

  • In five years, where do you see yourself?

You may increase your odds of getting the work if you express a sincere interest in seeking a career within the hotel industry.

Example Response: One day, I’d wish to transfer to numerous hotels around the world to get experience in various countries.

  • To you, what does outstanding guest service entail?

Since hotel workers are continually engaging with visitors, they need to therefore have outstanding service.

Example Answer: To me, outstanding guest service includes communicating to visitors that you are still available to help them with any concerns they’ll have. You welcome them with a smile. It’s all about going above and beyond with the guests.

Hotel workers must be present to support visitors, manage check-ins and check-outs, and make sure that the hotel operates smoothly.

I’m available to figure night shifts, as an example.

  • What’s the final rule for doing night shifts, and the way many do I commit to doing every month?

Tip: During the interview, ask inquiries to reassure the interviewer that you’re involved within the role.

  • Have you visited the website of our hotel? What are your thoughts?

More hotels are putting in place the initiative to make valuable websites. Customers can book rooms from hotel websites, which might be accustomed to advertise the hotel. They need to be faultless. The interviewer would possibly utilize this question to determine why you went out of your way to seek them online and spend time navigating the website. If you’re asked this question, make a note of the items you really liked and didn’t like.

Example Response: I actually like how the hotel is portrayed on the website; the available videos were fantastic selling points, and therefore the FAQs have lots of useful details. The booking form is the only thing I can consider adjusting. It seems to be quite old and is long.

  • Describe a scenario within which you have got to negotiate with a disgruntled client.

Hotels, like bars, have disgruntled clients, several of whom are more irate than others. Hotel workers are answerable for addressing consumer complaints, but they need to do so properly. Customers can quickly rate a hotel on TripAdvisor and other review pages, and you do not want to be called and shamed. If you’ve never served in a hotel before, that’s fine; consider it over again once you had a disappointed client. Prepare a solution to the current question since it’s frequently posed in hotel interviews.

When I worked in a very restaurant, there was a moment when a client was disappointed with the steak he had ordered. He was disappointed with the way it had been prepared, and when he summoned me, he pretended that it had been my fault. I kept my composure and listened to what he had to mention before giving him some options: I should take it back to the kitchen or give him something else to eat. He demanded that I return it, which I did. I then requested that the chef prepare another steak to the customer’s standards and took it out. The client was delighted with the improvements and praised me for moving above and beyond.

  • Why are you involved in working at this hotel?

Your interviewer would be intrigued by why you’re involved in working with them. Is that that they’re an internationally known hotel brand? Does one like how it is a stand-alone hotel with its own distinct personality? Ensure you’ve got a solution written for this question before you head to the interview; it is a simple one.

Example Response: Since Hilton is such a widely known brand, I used to be really fascinated by applying for this job. He features a vacancy. I’ve stayed at the Hilton in London repeatedly and have always enjoyed my stay; I respect the high-quality service it provides.

  • What is the role of a concierge?

Some work positions can only be found in a hotel, and certain interviewers could also be curious to determine how informed you’re about hotels and the way they run. Take the time to read and give some thought to the various hotel work. A concierge is chargeable for assisting visitors in scheduling tours and flights, in addition to making tips for the simplest places to go to.

  • Do you have some prior hotel experience?

Working in a very hotel takes lots of your time because you will be engaging with visitors. Employees with the requisite qualifications and expertise to figure during a hotel are looked for by hotel managers. If you’ve got some previous experience, mention it in your interview, listing the positions you’ve filled and therefore the amount of your time you spent in each. If you do not have any hotel job experience, use references from other locations where you’ve worked front-of-house (like a store, cinema, restaurant, etc.). Check with all positions that allowed you to speak with clients.

Example Response: I’ve never worked in a hotel before, but I did work as a waitress for two years during a downtown restaurant. It had been hectic, and since it had been a four-star hotel, we had to be well-dressed to own outstanding service the least bit times. I assume I’m accustomed to working front-of-house and with clients as a result of this practice. Since I’m familiar with disgruntled clients, I know how to retain a respectful attitude when assisting customers in addressing their questions.

  • What do you think this job’s tasks and duties are?

The interviewer will wish to know whether you read the work description closely and not only applied due to the pay. Learn the work advertisement before the interview. It is a smart idea to undertake and recall what they’re inquiring for so you’ll be able to build sample responses and explain that you are a strong candidate.

Example Response: As a hotel receptionist, I expect my duties to incorporate assisting visitors with check-in and check-out, answering phones, and assisting guests with any inquiries or concerns they will have. As a front-of-house position, the receptionist is the first point of contact with anybody entering the hotel, so that they should always be at their best.

  • What piqued your interest in this position?

And the interviewer would love to understand why you applied. This can be a typical hotel interview issue. Most notably, the interviewer is attempting to find folks that want to continue with the organization for a protracted time. Hotel managers like workers who want to advance with the business. Prepare a response because this can be a straightforward topic that may convince your interviewer that you are hooked on the work.

Example Answer: I’ve wanted to figure in a very hotel since I graduated from high school, so this position piqued my curiosity. As you’ll see from my CV, I’ve served in several front-of-house roles, and that I feel I’ve got the requisite expertise and qualifications to use for this role.

Typical Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions

  • What makes you so special that we will recruit you?

This is an opportunity to restate a number of the abilities and insights you discussed during the interview and clarify how they contribute to the hotel’s needs, which you may have already inquired about if the interviewer didn’t willingly share during the conversation.

  • When you’re under duress, how do you deal with stress?

The interviewer has to know what kinds of scenarios cause you to be uncomfortable and whether or not you answer stress negatively. Returning to how you prioritize assignments and mentioning how you succeed under pressure continues to be a sensible idea. You’ll also provide a transparent example of a difficult situation that you managed well in your response.

  • Describe a time when you had to negotiate with an enraged guy. How did you manage to turn it around so quickly?

Whatever scenario you’re explaining, don’t suggest something derogatory about the tourist. Instead, chat about how you knew it had been necessary not to take something they said personally, concentrate closely, retain eye contact to demonstrate that you were involved, and apologize for the poor experience when proposing an answer on the spot.

  • When was the last time you went beyond and beyond with anyone else?

Since this is often a no-brainer, you ought to be prepared with a solution. Is there ever an instance when a guest asked where they might buy a specific type of wine, and you pointed them to the hotel restaurant, then instantly called the restaurant to induce the bottle ready for them after they arrived? This can be the time to celebrate your accomplishment.

  • What parts of your former career did you enjoy and which did you dislike?

This question should be answered with caution, particularly if your former job or boss and, therefore, the hotel where you’re interviewing have some parallels. Definitely stress the optimistic aspects. Discuss faultless and unchangeable qualities like “Both of my coworkers and I always thought the employee break room was freezing within the winter” to resolve the downside. Someone will bemock people for wearing scarves for lunch.”

  • What are the strategies for prioritizing job responsibilities?

As a front desk agent, you’ll be answerable for several activities. However, there’ll be occasions where you may be exhausted if you do not follow correct protocols or have your own course of action to manage the burden, like during high occupancy hours. You must also bear in mind that the visitors still come first.

  • What is the correct way to interact with members of the general public?

This is a straightforward approach because you wish to worry about the importance of keeping a relaxed and polite disposition while making eye contact, laughing, and speaking plainly.

  • What will your ex-employers and colleagues consider you?

Of course, this question isn’t intended to evoke a derogatory answer, so add some stereotypical “healthy employee” adjectives like “hard worker,” “fast learner,” “patient,” and “diligent,” further as some highlights of your own personality like “…and my colleagues always admired my sense of humor and easy-going manner.”

  • Are you somebody who fits well for others?

The response is, of course, always yes. On the other hand, the interviewer needs you to supply concrete samples of occasions once you were a part of a team that produced good outcomes. Create an inventory of the implications furthermore as your own contribution as a team manager.

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15+ Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions in 2021 With Answers

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