CVS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021

CVS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021

CVS is one of the most recognizable retail companies in the world. We will discuss CVS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021 here. They were originally formed in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. It was named the Consumer Value Store. The parent company for CVS is the 7th largest US corporation globally by FY 2017 revenues. CVS is primarily known for prescription drugs, general merchandise units, beauty products, and convenience foods. We will discuss CVS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021 here.

The company has always been reliable when it comes to providing quality products and services to its customers. They have always had a huge impact on people around them by selling them at an affordable rate. Their mission statement talks about being present for the people and helping them as much as possible. Their mission statement presents itself as being able to provide maximum healthcare and equipment at affordable rates.

The mission has always helped them stay on track with their goals and provide the best medicare to those who need it the most. This has allowed their reputation to increase and become a household name in America. Their commitment to helping and providing healthcare for citizens has allowed them to be the most dominant medicine selling company in the United States Of America.

Their vision has supported the idea of giving their all to serving people and providing for their needs. Every company’s aim, no matter food, automobile, communication, or corporate, aims always to keep their customers in mind and keep giving them the best service in the world to make sure they keep returning and increase their reputation while providing them with profits.

Their values follow the best store that provides medicare and helps the people as much as possible by being qualitative and the best staff to provide the best overall experience to the customers. They aim to take responsibility for their actions and provide the best services under their power to customers who trust them and come to their retail stores. They plan on transforming the industry of healthcare and taking over the world with their services.

We will be looking at the mission, vision statements and also look at the values. Using them, we will determine the meaning hidden behind the statements and the elements that help us find the statements’ meaning. We will look at a conclusion and some questions.

CVS Mission Statement

CVS is very serious about making sure the people who are dependant on their products are severe. Their mission involves many other factors, but we will be looking at the advertisement of an alternative to a particular product that is very important in stopping allergies and preventing them from spreading throughout the body. It is an essential tool for the people of the United States of America. Especially for people who have allergies.

The CVS mission statement reads, “From eliminating tobacco products from our retail locations to offering generic EpiPen® alternatives – we’re passionate about taking bold steps to deliver quality, affordable health care to millions of people.”  There are four different things we need to analyze in this mission statement. Those are:

  • From eliminating tobacco products from our retail store locations
  • Offering generic EpiPen® alternatives
  • Passionate about taking bold steps to deliver quality,
  • Affordable healthcare to millions of people
  • Tobacco is a harmful thing for everyone who comes in contact with it. Cigarettes and Cigars are banned in most restaurants due to their smoke being harmful to the users. Banning tobacco is a step that most countries haven’t taken yet due to the economy’s high amounts of profit. That is why countries have had laws of not selling tobacco products in public places. CVS wants to ban tobacco use and prevent sales of them in their stores because it causes harm to the people. That becomes the only thing they have sworn to eliminate. Since it brings harm to their customers, it isn’t good and news to be eliminated. Tobacco causes harm to people mentally and physically. That is why CVS promised the people that they would remove it from their stores.

  • Epipen is one of the best products for taming allergies, but it is very costly in America. The cost of two Epipens comes in at around 600 dollars. That is why providing alternatives to the product can help the business expand and give the people a better alternative to their desired products. It has helped a lot of people stay in control and help take their medicine in time. That is why advertising and selling alternatives to this product is a good idea for all people.

  • The deliverance of quality s one of the most important aspects of any retail store. They need to deliver the best they have worldwide and get them to customers to get the best service and medicare they desire. It is important since the pandemic has given people the need to get the best products regarding their health. Today’s time has given people the need to appreciate their health. CVS plans to deliver the health they desire to survive in this world and continue to thrive. They have provided everything the people need and then some.

  • Healthcare in America is no doubt costlier compared to the rest of the world. CVS retail stores plan on changing that fact by providing the medicines at affordable rates and making sure the customers get the brad equivalents and the medicines that are good in quality and make sure they maintain the health of the individuals taking them. Therefore, people need to understand the importance of saving money where the products are the same as the branded ones. That is where CVS comes in. They provide the same branded products with the same quality at affordable rates.

CVS Vision Statement

CVS is one of those companies where the connections they have made for the years spent in the market have helped them reach high levels of success alone, not even considering the number of profits they have made by selling products at an affordable rate. Their vision statement will help people realize their goal of getting healthcare to prepare and live a healthy life. Their vision will benefit the people and make sure they live properly.

The vision statement is given as, “Creating unmatched human connections to transform the health care experience and help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.” We need to analyze three main elements in this statement to determine their core meaning and understand the relation between the company’s commitment towards people and their quality of products. The elements are:-

  • Creating unmatched human connections 
  • To transform the healthcare experience.
  • Help people to live longer, healthier, happier lives
  • The first element makes us familiar with the most common aspect of establishing a retail store in the suburbs or the big city, acquiring connections to help with the said store’s progress, and making sure they go in a positive direction. Establishing connections and familiarity with each other can help determine quick transactions and reaffirm trust between individuals and employees. The experience of connecting with customers and making sure the items they purchase will help them ensure a long-running and consistent cash flow from the returning customers and the new customers that will get piled up by the reputation increase. The good connections will help them get more business and increase their reach, thus helping their vision and making them different amounts of profits.

  • The healthcare experience, as we discussed earlier, is costly in America. People look for affordable means and are often misguided when it comes to getting healthcare from various sources. Most people get taken advantage of by the retail stores they visit and get their money spent without considering the actual price of the medicine. CVS pharmacy products are the same as branded products and are being provided at a lesser rate than an increased amount of cash. This helps people save as much as they can while also getting medicines at a decreased rate. This factor helps them plan.

  • The purpose of medicine is to help people sustain their lifestyle and better their routine by providing them with medicines that are of good quality and affect the body so the illness can be treated properly without sacrificing price and quality. Helping people live better and healthier lives must be the mission of every pharmacy in America, and CVS is doing a good job at it. They have managed to provide good healthcare to their customers while also making sure they do not falter in other things such as profits, quality, communication, and reputation.

CVS Values Analysis

CVS’s values in serving customers and sticking to their roots have helped them get lots of customers regarding making money and have helped their reputation skyrocket. This is given by the increase in their services required in the present time and the profits that they have made. Their values are a base for everything they go hand in hand with their mission and vision statements.

The values they are appreciated among all of the employees are:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Caring
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • The collaboration spirit means communicating and stay in touch with their customers while providing them with the best healthcare so that all of the community progresses and lives a healthy life.

  • Innovation means to devise new ways to help customers live a healthy life and make sure they pass it on to the people they like. They are always searching for new ways to improve their techniques to support people’s health.

  • Caring about people and providing the best products is the center for every retail establishment, especially for medicinal facilities. People’s health is an important token of their life and medicines, which help them live a long life. Caring about what the customers want helps the company deal with their problems easily.

  • Integrity means being honest about their products in the retail store and giving the maximum information on products to the customers to live their lives properly. Providing medicines with integrity can help people establish trust for the company and maintain its reputation.

  • Accountability means to be responsible and takes responsibility for actions. Bad or good actions are louder than claims and help the people understand that the company is here to help them in the long run and establish a mutual understanding between people.

The Takeaway

The takeaway of this article is that there is a need for medicines in the current time, and there is a huge reliance of people on the general and retails stores that sell them. If the employees of those stores are not honest about what they sell, then the trust that has been established vanishes from the people. CVS has helped people trust the medicines they provide because they are relatively cheaper and are of the same quality as the healthcare and medicines provided in the hospitals, which cost a lot more than necessary. CVS’s dedication to providing affordable medicine is what got them famous.


  1. Is CVS only available in the United States of America? Yes, CVS is a US-only company, and they have spent millions of dollars establishing various stores throughout the country. In 2019 alone, they spent 400 million dollars on doing advertising campaigns. Their drug store chains are located in over 40 stores throughout the United States.

  2. Is CVS stock a buy-in today’s time? Yes, it is a buy due to the current market conditions and has decreased its price due to the pre covid high. This presents a great opportunity for buyers as their prices will increase in the future due to the world’s reliance on medicine.

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CVS Mission Statement and Vision Analysis 2021

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