AT&T Mission and Vision Statement- Values Analysis

at&t mission statement, vision & values analysis


The mission, vision & core values of an organization explain the ‘Strategic Intent’ in precise terms. This article summarizes the related expression of AT&T’s strategic intent and core values. Today’s topic- AT&T Mission and Vision Statement.

While the outstanding and leading telecommunication company AT&T’s mission is to be the most admired and valuable in the world, its vision is to exploit technological innovations for AT&T and its customers’ benefit. Similarly, having core values pursuing excellence in everything and every time.

As a stakeholder or an outsider, it is important to infer the desired image and current position of a company to evaluate its net value.

Written Mission Statement Of AT&T

Before getting into the mission statement of AT&T(American Telephone and Telegraph), it is essential to understand the terms ‘mission’ and ‘mission statement’.

  • The mission is interpreted as:

Mission sketches the firm’s career, its objectives, and ways to reach the objectives. It elucidates the reason for the presence of the firm in the community. It is formulated to help shareholders and investors comprehend the purpose of the company. 

  • What is a mission statement?

‘A mission statement enables us to know what business the company wants to take on.’ It interprets the current abilities, movements, customer emphasis, and position in the community. 

The mission statement answers the basic question ‘what we are?’ and ‘what is our business?.’

In a broad sense, a mission statement describes a company’s current capabilities, customer focus, activities, and organizational structure.

A mission statement’s objective is to provide interior direction for the prospect of the company. A mission statement defines the company’s purpose of dwelling in the market. 

  • AT&T’s Mission Statement Is Stated As Below:

AT&T’s mission is to influence technical innovations for the benefit of the company and its customers by implementing next-generation technologies and network advancements in AT&T’s services and strategies.

AT&T’s mission is also focused upon culture. It is further stated as “Our culture means more to us than our job titles. Jointly we share in something bigger, do extraordinary things, and live out our values.”

The goal is to have their employees trained and educated to thrive on their career journeys. 

Decoding The Mission Statement OF AT&T

It is evident with the words written in the mission statement that AT&T company is directed towards technological transitions to utilize the network advancement to the fullest. 

Technological transition and network advancement; these two terms are key factors of AT&T’s mission statement as the company’s prominent service is providing telecommunications, media, technology, and network services worldwide.  

The prominent element of the mission statement is to capitalize on the evolution of the technology that takes the user experience to the next level. Their main focus is on customer user experience to beat their previous level of service delivery. 

Another facet of the mission statement is talking about the implementation of technological innovation to serve the customer better assistance.

The following are the brief of the main characteristics of the mission statement:

  • Next-generation technology

The former part of the mission statement reflects the philosophy of the company. Being a telecommunication company it is expected that the mission statement revolves around technology innovations. 

No wonder how technology has taken over the world in just a span of a few decades. And AT&T is the world’s largest provider of telecommunications and technology services. AT&T has contributed its share into taking the technology for what it is now. 

AT&T is rich in history and was globally known as a brand by itself for providing communication and technology services.  And, understandably, AT&T wants to distinguish itself from other companies in terms of providing a series of telecommunication services. 

By further evaluating the mission statement we can interpret that AT&T wants to treasure the heritage that it has been serving for years. 

For many decades, AT&T was a monopolistic company even though there were other firms providing communication & media services. It didn’t let its users switch to other manufacturers belonging to the same industry. 

It has always stood as the trending company beamed with the latest creations of cellular devices, wireless networks, and other systems. It wouldn’t be possible without evaluating the mission prospects. 

And the same has helped it to trend No.1 in the United States as the most trustworthy company. It not only holds prominence internally of the mother nation but it goes beyond the borders as well.

The company has enriched and wants to further expand its technology services across the globe as the most influential company.

  • Networking Through Network Advancements

AT&T has a wide range of services to offer to its customers. It strives for adding value to everything that they do for the customers.

The former part of the mission statement is also directed towards the benefit of customers by exploiting the technological innovations and the latter part in the first paragraph is much focused on the betterment of this innovation to improve the undertakings.

AT&T is also inferred for its job ethics and culture that is why it has stressed preferring culture over the job titles in the next paragraph of the mission statement. 

A mission is all about ‘doing’, Action is a synonym of a mission. AT&T’s mission is all about customer satisfaction and services. 

For example, it emphasizes delivering services to make communication easier and accessible through various channels. 

In the past too AT&T has made it feasible by connecting people through networks. So it is obvious the company is very clear about bridging the gap between ‘words’ and ‘actions’ in regards to how the mission works and has been executing its mission from time to time. It demonstrates the true example of an objective-oriented company. 

As a result of its corporate responsibilities, the company is also able to satisfy this element of the statement. 

The company is ambitious in delivering the initiatives of economic support in various cities of the united states through its beliefs. In a way, it is empowering networking (people) through its main operations i.e networks. 

With this competitive advantage, the company aspires to broaden its aisles of network operations to improve the communities.

  • Giving More Than Asked For

AT&T has become the world’s largest company after seeing a lot of dark phases but on every road to its success, it hasn’t disappointed with the customer services.

For instance, it has fulfilled a part of its mission by offering deals that would attract customers and interested parties. 

To elaborate, the company goes beyond the bars to offer those services that cannot be denied by any individual. For example, the company in the past has delivered technological upgrade features through a trade-in program. 

AT&T has become the generic brand or maybe the only company to offer such customer-friendly opportunities. 

This is just one example of the many means the company uses its business ideas to reach out to its customers and provide them with benefits they will appreciate. 

Another perk is the company’s generous discount policy. If we have to mention it, then the list is enormous. 

  • Why should a company have a mission?

Every interested party, third party, and stakeholder must understand the mission of the company thoroughly to invest in it either through monetary or nonmonetary terms directly or indirectly. 

A company should have a mission ‘TO’

  • Assure consensus of goals within the company.
  • Develop a rationale, or ideal strategy, for distributing managerial resources.
  • Provide a source for motivating the use of the company’s resources.
  • Fulfill as a focal point for those who can recognize the company’s purpose and path.
  • Promote the interpretation of objectives and goals into a work structure affecting the task of tasks to reliable elements within the company.
  • Prescribe company motives and translate these objectives into goals in such a way that cost, time, and execution parameters can be assessed and regulated.

“Normally, a company’s mission statement centers on its current business scope—”who we are and what we do.”

Mission statements broadly describe a company’s current capacities, customer emphasis, movements, and business makeup.”

That is why as a stakeholder of a company it is vital to invest time and read the mission statement.

AT&T’s Vision Statement 

Why does a company need to define its vision? Let us first understand by interpreting the term itself

  • The vision is depicted as: 

Vision Indicates the strategy of the company’s prospective position. It relates to where the company wants to convene. It depicts the company’s aspirations and gives a glance at what the company would like to become in the future. Every subsystem of the company is expected to follow its vision.

Also, a vision describes ‘WHAT’ i.e, a particular organization is trying to achieve in the future. It is the consequence of a strategic procedure. 

A company should have a strategic vision regarding direction and the product-market-customer-technological focus (PMCT).

  • AT&T Vision Statement Is Stated As Below:

“AT&T aspires to be the most admired and valuable company in the world.”

It is their objective to enrich the lives of their customers and to make their businesses more prosperous by bringing exciting and useful communication services to the market and building shareholder value for their shareholders.

Analyzing The Vision Statement OF AT&T

According to this mission statement, adding value to the lives of its customers has always been AT&T’s primary responsibility. It has been working on the mission keeping the vision on the trend.

“For any company, the mission is a short-term goal and vision in the long-term goal.”

From this vision statement, the following elements can be derived:

  • Enriching individual lives

AT&T was confident enough about its plans and took the directional path by which it has met the prerequisites of the first part of the vision statement by offering well-known communication networks for individuals at pocket-friendly rates.

The company never fell short of the expectations in giving out the best of the things which were like the cherry on top of the cake to the users.

Additionally, the company offers a variety of other commodities that enhance global interactions and connectivity and sets a very longing sentiment with the brand, such as internet and networking products as well as mobile and cybersecurity products and cloud services, etc.

This helps in operating a business a whole lot simpler and also enriches one’s life.

  • Building shareowner value

To fulfill the latter part of the vision statement the company is committed to pushing all of its efforts in implementing the strategy as mentioned in the mission statement.

The core of the vision statement is also focused on customer benefits. 

As a result of AT&T’s business strategy, the company’s operations have become more varied due to which the sales have touched peak and share price has seen an upgrade, which has profited the investors along with the customers. 

It was a win-win situation for both the investors and consumers in building value.

Vital Features Of A Vision Statement

The vital elements that are included in a vision statement and that are most challenging are:

  • The pioneering challenge in developing a strategic vision is to think creatively about how to prepare a company for the future.
  • Setting a vision is an exercise.
  • A well-articulated systematic vision creates enthusiasm among the members of the organization.
  • The best-worded vision statement illustrates the direction in which the organization is headed.

The stakeholders of a company must refer to the vision statement because—

” A vision is a highway of a company’s future furnishing specifics about the elements of technology and consumer focus.”

The above-mentioned elements are crucial to predict the future aspects of a company.

Value Analysis Of AT&T

The core values of a company are no coincidence that goes hand in hand with AT&T’s mission and vision statement. Both are closely tied to the company’s core values. 

Core values are important to operate a company.

Mission and vision take part in planning whereas core values take part in the execution. 

To run a company successfully three levels of a company have to contribute to the company’s operations.

The overall civilization is led by these core values, which are essential for the growth of a company along with its stakeholders.

  • The company’s core values are stated as follow: 

Core values include –

  • Live true 
  • Think big
  • Pursue excellence
  • Inspires imagination
  • Be there
  • Stand for equality
  • Embrace freedom 
  • And make a difference

All of AT&T’s employees are expected to adhere to these core values as personal ethics as part of the company’s mission and vision statement.

Since AT&T is a telecommunications company, it encourages all of its employees to be themselves and to do what they feel is right. 

Also, the company encourages them to take risks, which can lead to new designations and breakthroughs in any field. 

Apart from this, the company does not limit its employees. AT&T leaves them free to make a difference not only in the company but also within the community.

(Read life at AT&T to know the real-life experiences of the real people working there)


Knowing to evaluate and analyze a company’s mission and vision statement takes you a step forward in seeing the bigger picture of the company itself. Assessing statements help in providing predictable skills in valuing the stock price and value of the company to invest in. 

Frequently Asked Questions(faqs)
  1. What is the strategic intent mentioned in the vision statement of AT&T company?

The strategic intent mentioned in the vision statement of AT&T company is to become the most admired and valuable company in the world.

  1. What are the two core values of AT&T company?

The two core values of AT&T are to live true and think big.

AT&T Mission and Vision Statement- Values Analysis

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