How I Discovered My Calling as an SEO Consultant

How I Discovered My Calling as an SEO Consultant

Do what you love, and you can yield positive results.

My career path has its own fair share of twists and turns. There were so many moments of emotional highs and lows, and there were times when I came close to calling it quits. But as all success stories go, determination prevails.

How It All Started

When I graduated with a college degree in IS Information Systems, I didn’t immediately become the head of my own company. My job experiences that followed were inclined towards the service industry. From work at a fast-food chain to teaching computers to students.

And throughout my experiences in working in service industries, I fully understood the true value of people. They are gems in any kind of industry. Manpower can make or break a business. Remember that.

The Open Door

Not long after, I got a job that revolved around website maintenance and development. It would sound romanticized, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t fall in love with it.

It was a turning point in my life. It was so satisfyingly challenging.

I reveled in the knowledge that I was helping website owners create beautiful sites that would attract their target customers. But above all, I liked the fact that I was helping these people. Whether they would acknowledge it or not, I was a part of their business; success.

This passion for web development and search engine optimization led me to create Dlinkers.

Dlinkers as a Rising Company

I found Dlinkers with my best friend, Mark, in September 2008. At the start, the company only offered SEO services as consultant, but as time went by, my team and I began to see the need for more digital marketing services.

Responding accordingly, we slowly learned the tricks of the trade. Now, Dlinkers offers more than just SEO consultant services and web development.

From social media marketing to reputation management and various forms of digital marketing, we slowly grew to offer our clients more.

A Passion That Turned into Success

A decade later, Dlinkers still exists, with me as the Head of Operations.

Together with my team of talented people, we work together to help improve our client’s site.

Our main priority is always our client’s; satisfaction.

And because the digital marketing industry is in a state of constant evolution, we always make it a point to think outside the box — to do what others refuse to do. To find solutions to problems when everyone else has given up.

The idea of innovation is a staple in most people’s companies, but that couldn’t have been more true. If you want to stand out from a world that’s cluttered with a lot of noise, you must strive to go beyond the bandwagon.

The Takeaway

My journey isn’t even close to finished yet. There’s still more to be had, and I’;m excited to know what the future has in store.

Positive results don’t come overnight, and it doesn’t happen when we sit back and wait for the latest trend to drop. In situations where solutions are needed, it’s not enough to follow the crowd. Thinking of groundbreaking ways to do something or solve a problem is an important

step to standing out from the noisy crowd.

One other lesson to be had here is to never shy away from challenges and change — the two most constant things in the world. Embrace it. Conquer it. If you’re passionate about what you do, then take risks and nurture that passion for becoming the best that you can be.


Al Gomez is the President and Founder of Dlinkers — a company dedicated to providing

complete digital marketing services. With more than ten years of experience, he enjoys

supporting smartpreneurs like himself to achieve online succes

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How I Discovered My Calling as an SEO Consultant

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