How I Became a Digital Marketing Specialist

How to decide on the field/first job?

It was inevitable. My parents are both entrepreneurs, and I grew up around a business environment. Deal making and strategy were passed down to me genetically J. All joking aside, my true passion was to be a famous soccer play on Manchester United, but that dream transitioned into business. I went pro in marketing, sales, and building my agency, Custom Creatives to one of the top rated Digital Marketing Agencies in the World. I chose this field since it’s my passion. I don’t wake up thinking it’s work, it’s fun, exciting and I look forward to it like I did playing sports. (Digital Marketing Specialist)

How to prepare for an interview?

Research the company you want to apply for. Know that you are not the only one that is going to be applying, so think outside the box, or like there is no box at all. What I recommend is go through their entire website, understand their target market, what their core competencies are, and think about what could you do and what role could you play if you were on their team? How could you add value when you apply for the position you are going for. Since we are a digital marketing agency, specializing in Social Media Advertising, SEO, and PPC, we look for new teammates to act as a team, put in hard work, show that they understand the goal we want to accomplish, never make an excuse and always be learning and applying new skills to the enhancement of the company they will serve.

Books that helped you.?

Not really. More TV and YouTube shows. I don’t read a lot of books, I listen to them on audible, but I mostly watch TV and YouTube shows. Everything I watch, at times, is for entertainment, but my brain is thinking about positioning and storytelling. The best storyteller will win, of course, if that storyteller has the budget to amplify and distribute their content. 

Things are changing very fast in the industry; how do you keep yourself updated. Please list techniques or newsletters, podcasts, events, etc.

I keep up in the industry by listening. If you want to learn something, it’s never been easier to join a group, go to a mastermind, network on and offline with like-minded people, ask questions to anyone about any topic you want to learn about. 

But with so much information out there, it causes misinformation and confusion as well. Follow on people who have been there and done what you want to accomplish. You don’t want to learn from a teacher that has never done it before, or it’s theory to them and can hurt you. 

What can you recommend on CV?

Make a video about you and what you can do to help that firm grow, or if you are making a generic video, allow the audience you target to get to know you, what your goals are, why you want that job, what value you can bring. In the end, what I look for is what I mentioned above. If you have skills to help my team get better and you want to be here, this is not a paycheck, it’s got to be fun to you, and you have to work hard, be smart, learn all the time, etc… Then we will invest in you. If you have no skills, want to learn, and have the drive, and can be of value in a few months, we would consider an internship that would be for credits. Just be real, be you. It’s going to come out anyway.

Common mistakes that you see among candidates?

Underqualified, no experience, they expect something, lazy, not willing to put in work, arrive late, didn’t do any research on the position, and other similar factors. Don’t expect something; come willing to serve, and you will have a much better start to your career. 

Qualities that you look for in your potential hires?

Put in the work, learn on your own, invest in yourself, don’t come with your hand out expecting something, instead come ready and willing to do whatever you need to do to excel, show progress, and know that you have 50+ years ahead of you. Get experience early, even if you don’t get paid at first. No one should expect money if you have no skill in that field. If the college can demand money and not teach you skills in the field, you are trying to dive into, take it into your own hands, and invest your time to develop and learn your skills. 

About Rahul Alim:

Rahul Alim is the CEO and Founder of Custom Creatives. He helps local businesses turn clicks into customers using digital marketing that is proven to work. If your business needs leads, automation, and marketing that works, he’s your guy. To reach Rahul Alim, contact him via their agency website at

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How I Became a Digital Marketing Specialist

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