Summer Camp Counselor- Job Description, and Their Skills

Summer camp counselor jobs are the coolest job anyone could ask for. To describe this job, the description does not get confined to the work you do professionally in the field. The job is more connected with your emotion, nostalgic intrigues, passion, love for people, and extraordinary adventures. This job gives me butterflies. So, to know why I put this job on the pedestal, keep reading to know the fun and interesting facts about this job ‘Summer Camp Counselor’‘.

What do the camp counselors do in the camps?

The camp counselors will be assigned to take responsibility for the campers. They stay with the campers throughout the camp period. They engage and conduct the fun activities held in the camps. They are mostly concerned about the children’s part. As there will be many kids attending the camp, the camp counselors must be the person who enjoys kids. The camp counselor should prioritize all the campers at the same level. There will be adults and children at the camp, but their priority must be to the kids. The kids must feel comfortable around you as well as their parents.

People come to camp to have fun and take a break from the stressful work life. So the adults expect the counselors to take good care and an eye for their children when they are enjoying their summer. The summer camp counselors will be living with the campers 24/7 till the camp ends. The team of camp counselors will have different roles based on the camp you chose to work in. Some counselors will be with the campers for the whole day. That is, the counselors will have to go with the campers anywhere they go. Some counselors will engage in indoor activities like conducting indoor games and art classes.

How much does a summer camp counselor earn?

The first honest thing a person looking for a summer camp job should not prioritize is the wage. Any starter or the trainer will get paid around $ 8.00 an hour. The experienced counselors will get paid around $ 12.00 an hour. If you feel the pay is less than you are not really passionate about the job, I said the job is totally for people who do this job for love and passion. The counselors get delicious free food and free accommodation throughout the period assigned. Working as a summer camp counselor will be when you learn life lessons in a few weeks rather than sitting at your university for three to four years.

How to get hired in the summer camp?

Getting hired in summer camp is a stress-free process except when the excitement will make you stressed while waiting for the offer letter. After that, it is the coolest job, and you don’t really have to worry so much about the work pressure.

Through Agency

  • Look out for an agency that will help to hire camp counselors. Going through an agency is the best choice anyone would suggest than any other option for an international person.

  • If you found the agency then they will ask you to fill out the resume.

  • If any previous camp experience is stated in your resume that will get you in the camp role very quickly. 

  • In case you are the new camp jobs hunter, it is not that a big deal. You must have been involved in any camp activities in your life. If you are a sportsperson or in any artistic works then you have a great chance of getting hired.

  • The agency or the camp will set an interview. The interviews are cool as a cucumber. The interview is not like any of those corporate interviews where you will have to break your head the whole night preparing. The interview process is so informal. They will ask you about your interests and observe how real you are. 

Direct Job Hunting

  • If you choose to find camp counselor jobs by not through an agency then you will be facing few difficulties.

  • The agency will help you with all your queries regarding the camp. If you are international then the agency is the best choice. You cannot do the camp work unless you have a visa. Some agencies will sponsor the visa. So, the agency helps you in different ways.

  • If you are not comfortable with an agency you can look for camp job fairs in your area. 

  • The other way is you can always reach out to the camp you have known for a long time and personally connected to them. You can just call or mail them directly for the job. As you know them personally you will be on their preferred list. If you have attended any camp in your life you can also reach out to them for camp jobs. As they know you they will trust you with the job.

Skills Required for a Camp Counselor

  • Adventurous – Always be on the edge for adventure. The campers attend summer camps to get all the adventure possible in a few weeks. So you must be the person showing them what adventure is and definitely not the one who is scared for fun unexpected events.

  • Fun – Be the person for fun and excitement. The job role will not suit a person with anger issues. Your 24 hours revolve around kids and not enjoying a kid’s naughtiness naturally is a drawback. The job is not meant for you if you get irritated around kids.

  • First Aid – Your most important skill will be looking out for people. You must know how to treat people when they are wounded or in any sickness. The children tend to get hurt and injured often. So keep an eye for any danger zone around. Take immediate actions if any signs of accidents than to see campers go through the pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the age required for the camp counselors?

The youngest campers will be 19 years old. The ages of counselors are mostly around 20 – 27. The summer camp counselors are college-aged people. The younger and more fun you are, it fits you in the role of camp counselor perfectly. There will be more kids in the camp, and a childish part of yours is the required attitude.

  • How long does a summer camp last?

Summer camps last for seven to ten weeks. After that, it mostly depends on the camp you choose to work for. It mostly starts and ends based on the American summer holidays.

Summer Camp Counselor- Job Description, and Their Skills

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