What are job crops?

What are job crops?

Job Corps is a voluntary program that is administrated by the labor department of the United States. They offer free-of-charge education and vocational programs to young men and women. Their age should be 16 to 24. Job crops got the budget of whooping 1.7 billion dollars per year. The real meaning of job corps is a program that gives a job to the people who are connected with their crops. The main work of job crops is to make young people dependable on themselves. They target the age from 16 to 24. It is started by Williard Wirtz, who was the labor secretary. The labor secretary reported to his manpower administrator, sam Merrick, in the year 1962. The first-ever director of the job crops program was Dr. S Stephen Uslan. he is appointed by president Lyndon johnson. When the president of the united states, johnson, and his staff, decide to have a war of poverty, most of their programs take even one year or more than that to start.

Job crops have an excellent idea, and their ideas and planning stages could be deployed rapidly. That is why the task force of job crops was appointed as the task force for the war of poverty. There was a program which was started by the job crops called civilian conservation crops ( CCC ) . it is established in the year 1930 as an emergency relief program. There is 125 job crops center all around the united states. in the year 2012 there is 75% of people of job crops got placed in a different type of works all across the united states. It is recorded that in the year 1964, under the economic opportunity act, job crops has served more than 1.9 million young people. Around 60000 people per year are served in the different centers of job crops all-around their centers.

Their Responsibilities

They took the responsibility to educate poor people across the United States and give them a chance to work for their country and their pride. They are providing over 60 types of educational programs.  It is really tough to do this kind of work for your country’s progress, and still, people judge you because of your failures as they don’t the efforts you made and sacrifices you made to achieve this target.

Quality Required

Job corps is a free educational program that wants some qualities to have them in their center. There are some qualities which they need come of them are given below; 

  • He/she should be a legal resident of the united states. If he/she is a refugee or something he/she should have the permit to work in the united states by the government of the united states.
  • He/she should meet the low-income criteria of job corps if not he/she is not eligible to have education or a job from the job corps.
  • If they are minors they need a parental consent form signed by them or they are not eligible for the program of job corps.
  • They will get a child care plan if he/she is a parent of a dependent child.
  • He/she should not have exhibit behavior that will interrupt him or her to get full benefits of job corps.
  • They should not have any face to face court procedure on his / her name while enrolling in job corps.
  • He/she should not have any habit of drugs, alcohol or any kind of habit of drugs.

Its Center

There is a total of 125 centers all across the united states. If we talk about regional offices, there are only 6, and their names are given below;

  • Atlanta Region 
  • Boston Region 
  • Chicago Region
  • Dallas Region
  • Philadelphia Region 
  • San Francisco Region 

Admission Process 

Job corps usually take 3 to 5 months for the entire admission process because there are 125 centers, and each of them has an equal number of candidates, and when the slot is empty, they will get you into it. As per the rules, you must be over 16 to have been admitted into the center of the job corps and must be eligible for the center as per the criteria given by the job corps. The process of it is really hard, but once you get it, it can change your whole life and can give you the reason to live peacefully and respectfully. 

Is It Dangerous

Is job corps is dangerous for students or staff? Let’s found out, in my opinion, it is dangerous and non-dangerous at the same time. Once the job corps are failed to report 20 percent of incidents to the police review just because their students are involved. Also, when the department reported the complaint against students, they are failed to investigate them.


For the first 182 days, you will get 25 dollars for every week, and after 182 days, you will get 35 dollars for every week. It is all happened just like a real job, and you will get paid for your work. You need to pay the tax also from the amount you get for your work.

Things They Provide 

Job corps taking full responsibility for your education and your career. They will provide you with every kind of important stuff from their side as they promised you at the time of admission that they will take care of everything, after your education they will also provide you paid jobs and respected life in the U.S. You should have faith in them as they are making your life a life on which you can say that yes I am living my life.

After so much study, we get to a decision that job corps is really a good initiative for the people age between 16 to 24 to give them a chance to prove themselves and to make their country proud. All they have to do is to have a legal document of U.S. legal resident and don’t have to be in any judicial controversy. It is a good initiative because they target the poor labor all across the united states, and they also provide them free education and give them a job and pay them for their work. It takes time to have a slot in it, but when you get it, it’s really worth it because your life is gonna be happening now, and you got a reason to live and to work.

They get into so many controversies, but they did not stop their noble causes and keep working for the poor people, labor, and dependent children. So in the end, I would like to tell you all that if you guys go in my opinion, the job corps is really a good program to give your country a social and economic boost at the same time, and it is not really tough when you work for your country. So job corps is the program which works for poor people which is really appreciating.

If we can put some questions throughout the article, we can get them in many ways and some questions from the above topic.

  • What job corps usually do?

Answer: They work for the social cause and give a valid reason to the poor people and give them a paid job. Job corps target the youth as they choose 16 to 24 years of boys and girls, which is its main target age.

  • What are the failure of job corps? 

Answer: The main failure of the job corps is that they cannot investigate the complaint of their students they get from the police department. They did not respond to the various incidents because of the involvement of their students.

  • What are the main responsibilities they have for the poor people? 

Answer: As a program for poor labor, job corps have some great initiative in front of their name as they are the ones who contribute to the progress of the country and to contribute ion the economy of the country by giving the chances to the poor and to prove themselves right.

  • What is the minimum and maximum age to be part of job corps and what qualities do they need to accept in the center?  

Answer: The minimum age to be part of the job corps is  16 as per your legal documents of U.S. legal authorities and, the maximum age is 24 as per the legal documents. All they need from you is that you must be within the limit of criteria provided by the job corps and don’t have any illegal activity. Therefore, you should not be facing the judiciary house ever in your life.           

What are job crops?

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