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Publix is an American supermarket with the largest chain of regional groceries employing around 190,000 people and marking its name as the largest employee-owned private company. In this article, we will discuss Publix Hiring Age.

Publix Hiring Age Requirements

The Publix Hiring Age is within the range of 14 to17 years of age may apply but are only allowed to do a 4-hour shift for 5-6 days a week. This too is not approved at all locations and needs prior work permits to be given for beginners’ space. At the same time, 18 years of age is the real need of applicants to fill in for all major positions.

Dress Code

Green polo tucked into black pants, black shoes, and black or brown belts are its uniforms.  Hair color, facial hair, and tattoos are usually not allowed in the store; there may be an exceptional case in some stores based on the manager’s personal choice or allowed preferences.

General Responsibilities

All employees are expected to greet their customers, help them locate their needed products, deliver their shopping bags to their vehicles, explain products, content, and discounts.

Hours and Schedule

One has to work for 30 hours a week for a whole year to be offered insurance benefits. One cannot afford to be late at their working stations; more than 3 late arrivals may bring in a week of suspension.  40 hours of work a week is considered to be full time. Any extra hours worked beyond that shall be eligible for overtime payments. There are 10 hours of shifts in a day. A Cashier works for 5-10 hours a week. There is no extra payment on Sundays; it is yet another normal day of the week.

Hiring Process

  • Job seekers can apply for a position at the store through a specialized kiosk (small structure with devices attached providing displayed information and fill in forms), as printable application submission is not an option that can be availed.

  • Once your application has been viewed and passed ahead, you shall be contacted for an interview. 

  • Arrive in formals 5-10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time and relax. Have your printed resume in hand, along with other certificates and documents mentioned in your application. Make sure you greet the interviewee and thank them before being asked to leave. Answer all their asked questions with confidence while making eye contact. 

  • If you pass the interview, you shall undergo a drug test and background check. If you are all clear in your tests, you shall be called in for the orientation followed by the training. 

  • 2-4 weeks of training shall be provided depending on how well you can grasp the knowledge and learn as early as possible. 

  • There are three different training areas: in the store, the second is over the computer, and the third is at workshops.

  • Employees are set to work with 90 days probation period, which means one can work on trial for the first three months and determine while working if the environment, job profile, and other things are to their convenience and manageability or not else one can be terminated from the contract and discontinue to be at service. This is more so done to evaluate the new employee’s role and see if he or she has been able to pull through the acquired knowledge in practice or not.

  •  The store must mention this to their employee beforehand lest the negative aspect could be heartbreaking.  When aware of such a contract, the employees tend to work harder to prove their learning capacity and intelligence.


Full-time employees get 8 hour paid leaves of $1 each. Employees are given six paid leaves on Independence Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. The stores are closed on Easter Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and give each of the three bonuses. 


The average pay per hour varies for different positions of work. However, they are paid weekly via direct deposit. A Cashier receives $10.82; a baker $14.97, a pharmacy technician $13.91, a meat cutter $15.94, a grocery associate $13.86, a Stocker is paid $11, ranging from $9 to $19 for loading and unloading product packages, checking their number and quantity, tallying it with the payment slip and opening them up to display it on the shelves or keep it in stock.

Perks and Benefits

Tuition payments, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, and Disability Insurance are various benefits. However, there are no discounts for the employees.  They also provide retirement and stock ownership plans for their employees and flexible schedules of work, development assistance, and paid time off.

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Publix Hiring Age

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