Starbucks Hiring age – What age does Starbucks hire?

Starbucks Hiring Age

Starbucks Hiring Age

The minimum age requirement for being hired at Starbucks is sixteen. Starbucks hiring age of 16 years is mainly in concern with the freshers who have no prior experience of customer service. Simultaneously, for higher positions like that of a manager, the company may look for someone with experience to be assured of appropriate management. 

Starbucks is America’s multinational chain of coffee servers in hot and cold temperatures operating over 30,000 locations from 70 countries.

Application Process

The online application to Starbucks could be submitted for multiple positions, after which the applicant might receive a positive reply if the application was strong enough for the applied position. Else you shall be informed of your non-placement. It is important to know what you are pouring into your resume. Your cover letter should be short yet impressive enough to attract the hirer’s view. Mention of your real achievements and talent should be well equipped with samples of proof and never seem like you are exaggerating for no reason in real. 


Be prepared for an interview that shall determine how eligible you are for the applied post. Questions on work management, stress, and pressure handling, dealing with traffic and chaos are common to judge your worth and loyalty to the company.


Training is provided to prepare the world-famous coffee without missing out on any little thing on the to-do and not-to-do list. If selected, an applicant must undergo a minimum of 3 days of real training and another 3 days of-story training. The best part for investing a week in training is because it is a paid one.


  • The menu is expected to be memorized by the employees before they receive their first salary. 
  • One is welcomed to work for a minimum of two days a week for 3-4 hour shifts. 
  • One needs to work as a partner as per the company’s ‘mission and values’ and not as an employee. 
  • Working at the best coffee house, the makers are conscious enough to prepare the drink to energize the sipper and compel them to leave with a blossoming heart and an unasked tip.


The employees are paid twice a month after completing two weeks of work, to be specific, and one has the option of either availing direct deposit or being handed a check. On an average scale, a regular cashier job allows the credit of $10.55 every hour.

Flexible Shifts

The hours are flexible for part-time workers and can be chosen from 3 pm-7 pm, 4 pm-8 pm, 4 am-1 pm, 8 am-4 pm, and 3 pm-11 pm. There are 7-8 days of sick leave a year for full-time partners.

Dress Code

Black, grey, navy, brown, and khaki are the five colors from which the employees could choose their jeans, dresses, or pants provided they are well ironed and dark-hued. There is no toleration for torn or ripped clothes in servicing.

Perks and Benefits

There is an in store discount of 30% along with receiving a pound of coffee every week along with Parental leave and Life insurance.

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Starbucks Hiring age – What age does Starbucks hire?

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