If you reach a plateau period in your job: Be Patient

if you reach a plateau period in your job

If you reach a “plateau period” in your job, what do you do?

A. something serious has gone wrong.
B. immediately begin to look for another job.
C. be patient and learn all you can about the job.
D. complain to your supervisor.

The answer is C. be patient and learn all you can about the job.

If you reach a plateau period in your job be patient and learn all you can about the job. During this time, put more focus on your productivity so you can find time to do new work or learn new things.

We’ve all been there. There comes a time in your life when the only way to move forward is to step back. We have been accustomed to always reaching the highest peak of whatever career you have built for yourself to prove that you are at the success ladder’s pinnacle. But what if, along the way, you got stuck, and it feels like you are moving directionless? What if, one morning, you realize that you no longer appreciate where your hard-earned career is taking you? We are confident that you have heard of a career plateau. It is a situation wherein an employee reached the possible highest position level in the company he or she has worked for, and it ended up having less to no at all possibility of vertical promotion. 

As a professional, you crave growth and maturity at work, especially if you see that job as your bread and butter. You had everything planned in every stage of your career because you want to ensure that retirement plan. Unfortunately, some face a drastic change when they have achieved their goals, and they feel stuck to it. This sounds very frustrating and alarming to some of you reading this, but here’s the thing. This period or event in one’s professional or personal career is expected. You heard us right; it is freaking normal. Don’t panic, and we will help you sort things out on handling this moment in your life. 


You have to remember that change is necessary to know that you are learning and growing. Hey! You have a career! Start from there. Think of all the ups and downs you went through to attain such a level of success and try to look for that one moment where you almost gave up but mustered the courage to take that bold step even if the path was dark and scary. You waited for this day to come, right? You dreamed for this day to happen and now that you are living it, never waste every second of it questioning if this is your endgame. You still got this. You are pretty much part of the workforce that owes you so much you could ever think of. It’s your courage, leadership, and loyalty that empowers everyone to be successful too. 


What scares many people to be on top is that being on top means being alone and lonely. Well, that could be true to others, but it doesn’t have to be your reality. You have envisioned yourself occupying the best seat in the entire company, so now that you are there, bring someone up with you too. Share what you have. Educate, inspire and bring along people who wanted to be part of your circle. They, too, were once like you who are afraid to take on more significant tasks. With great power comes great responsibility. You are tasked to create more successful leaders and use the power you have to lead a lasting impact to those starting their path in this crazy and often heartbreaking field of the professional community. Be the reason why someone is one morning away from their dreams.


You never know what this phase or stage of your career is bringing you. So, no one has the right to question or place doubts in your head if you are in this period. What if you are actually meant to go through this period for you to slow down and rearrange important matters in your personal life? What if this is precisely what you need to think of the things that you sacrificed to have this position? Let’s face it, things don’t always go the way we planned it. There are moments in our lives that we have to weigh and decide on what to do first. 

You may be successful and accomplished in the company, but you are a failure at home. Probably there were relationships that you have to save while you still can or spend more time with your friends, whom you lose connection with while you wrestle with the demands that this career brought you. Never let another plateau in life make you realize the value of authentic relationships at home, with your friends, or even at work. This could be a draggy part of your day at the office, but this could help you established meaningful connections.


One of the perks of landing the top spot in the organization is owning your time. Appreciate that. You no longer have to show up for work and punch that card because they all report to you. You have total control of how you want to spend your days and the number of people you want to entertain or meet in a week.  This freedom will allow you to have time for yourself. Travel and see as many places as you can, while you still can. You have this feeling of being cemented in one place in your career; why not go out and delve into what the world has to offer? Gain new experiences and venture into various adventures to add spice to your life? What if, during one of those trips, an excellent idea will pop into your mind that could help the company evolve and explore new opportunities.  

Feeling lost, regardless if you’re in your twenties or forties, is a natural phenomenon. Especially if it involves your professional career, competitions are tight, and there will always fear of not being the best, but things happen. And all you have to do is be present, patient, observant, and see how it will change you. These changes could break your heart into pieces and post doubts in your capacity to improve in what you do. Growth doesn’t come from your comfort zone, and sometimes they come from a place of plateaus.

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If you reach a plateau period in your job: Be Patient

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