Bath And Body Hiring Age


The world’s leading retailer of fragrant products, Bath and Body, includes the sale of candles, body lotions, body wash, body fragrances, and perfumes with L brands as its parent company.

Bath And Body Hiring Age Requirement

The minimum barrier which has been set for Bath And Body Hiring Age is 18 years old. Some early positions may be provided to 16 and 17 years of age employees. But no one is below that.

Hiring Process

  1. The employees can avail online filling of application or download and print the application to fill in all the details and then submit it via the offline at your nearest store. Personal information, educational successes, and then earlier employment mentions, if any, are the three major areas of detail filling.
  2. Once your application has been submitted, make sure you follow up on your profile by calling, messaging, emailing, or personally visiting. The reviewing of applications can take up some time; therefore, it is crucial to stay informed and not alienated. 
  3. If your application details meet their deemed expectations, you shall be informed of an interview session over the phone or in physical suitability. There may be group interviews in particular locations if there are many applicants for one single position so that the hirers could know who is more adaptable for the position.
  4. After the interview, shortlisted candidates shall be called in for two and a half hours of orientation consisting of around 12 videos that you must watch to acquire a basic knowledge of the foundation of the company you are to begin working with, along with a very brief paid training. They do not require a drug test to be done before an official appointment.

Hours of Work

Monday to Saturday, the store’s operational hours are from 10 am to 9 pm, while on Sunday, it is from 12 pm to 6 pm. Part-time employees are not asked to work more than 20 hours a week. Full-time employees work 6-8 hours of shifts. 

Dress Code

Few streaks of colored hair were acceptable but not a complete makeover of extreme hair colors; any tattoos or body piercing was deemed unacceptable, but this was until a few years ago. The new policies allow hair colors, tattoos, and piercing as long as they are in the professional space of acceptance and not beyond.  However, exceptional cases are always seen where particular stores do not allow such changes. A Black or white-colored shirt is worn with blue jeans and an apron with the name tag. The clothes and shoes should not be torn or ripped and should be in proper shape and size.


Employees are paid every second week. Ones expecting direct deposits should look into their account for credit on Thursdays, while prepaid card payment receiving employees should look in for credits on Friday.

  • Sales associate receives $11 ranging from $8 to $17
  • The store manager receives $18 ranging from $13 to $25
  • Cashier receives $11 ranging from $9 to $13


Employees are solely responsible for the best experience of customers in the store. To give them quality service, one must greet all customers, fellow employees, and managers in the store. They must guide customers to locate specific products, tell them about their price, quantity, and discounts, if any. 

Maintaining a clean and pleasant atmosphere, stocking and arranging shelves of the store, providing necessary directive signs for customer guidance, alerting and presenting any upcoming deals and offers of the store, promoting newly launched products, making bills managing refunds, returns and exchanges, dealing with customer queries and complaints, all these are the general responsibilities of all the company staff.

Maintaining the graph of sales and profits at a peak, meeting daily challenges and targets of sale, persuading customers to buy items, and ensuring guaranteed results, showing products based on customers’ skin type and fragrant preferences are specific responsibilities of sales associate. Their communication skills should be operated to enhance the numbers of sales and product knowledge to compel heightened company purchases.

Perks and Benefits

  • For customers: For orders above $25 to $30, you might get free shipping a few times in a month, which shall be informed by mail with a promo code that needs to be applied to receive the benefits. You can shop your products online and have your products made available for curbside pickup at Bath and Body’s nearest store as well.
  • For employees: In addition to the freehand sanitizers that are provided by the company, you can also avail of free merchandise. Initially, an employee receives a 20% discount, but after 2 months of service, part-time employees receive a 30% discount on products while full time receives a 40% discount. They do not provide any commission for the sale of products. There are Paid vacations, and employees are provided with Life Insurance and Disability Insurance too.

Stores are closed on New Year’s Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

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Bath And Body Hiring Age

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