Home Depot hiring age of an employee if he or she is 18 years of age or older, 16 years old may be considered for a cashier or lot attendant job. But no 15 years old or below shall be permitted for any job whatsoever.

Hiring Process

  • The application can be online, in person, or through a university; either way, the hiring process shall take a few weeks. 
  • All this can be over the phone or by being physically present before the hirer.
  • What an applicant must ensure is that they maintain contact and communication through email, messages, or calls in an attempt to keep an update of your looked forward position while making sure you don’t irritate them by continuous harassing but occasional requests because it takes about two to three weeks for them to look into the multiple applications they receive and revert to them.
  • Be prepared for an interview with one and sometimes two managers and answer all their asked questions calmly. Provide your personal background, work experience, hours of availability, expected salary, along with your possible day of commencement.
  • After this, you shall have to give a drug test on the spot and be informed of its result of your selection or otherwise and begin working at the earliest. 
  • The employees are paid for the orientation and training as well.


Training is not specifically mentioned because the selected applicants are held for six months to do the job to understand all spheres of work. Two to three hours are the training shifts with four-hour intervals during the first week. While working for 8 hours, you get a 15-minute relaxation along with your lunch break.


One is paid twice a week, and if you work holidays, you shall be eligible for additional payments.  A cashier makes an average of $11 per hour and a supervisor $16.

Dress Code

The employees are expected to look professional along with being professional. The dress code allows one to wear jeans, slacks, shorts to knee length compulsorily, sleeved shirts with collars, and close-toed shoes. One may wear a hat with the company logo on it. No ripped or torn clothes are also allowed; they should be washed and neatly ironed, and well-fitting (neither too tight nor too loose). The clothes should not have any holes in them. You may have tattoos, body piercing, and colored hair as well, but these are technically at the discretion and mercy of your store manager. He or she may or may not allow you to have them or may ask you to hide or change them. 

Hours of Work

30 hours a week and 130 a month are the criteria to fill in for a full-time employee. The minimum hours to be provided for a part-time job is 4 hours a week.  


Paid time off for part-timers is four hours on New Years’, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labors Day Thanksgiving and Christmas. The store is open throughout the year except for Thanksgiving and Christmas days and offers its employees additional pay for working at other provided holidays.

Perks and Benefits

There is no in-store discount available for the employees, but you shall be eligible for dental insurance if you work for around 20 hours a week. To put it straight, there are several insurances that the company can bring in to your delight, namely, medical, dental, vision, accidental, disability, and life. The company also provides tuition scholarships and assisted guidance in relocating.

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