Marketing Specialist vs Marketing Manager- Differences

Marketing Specialist vs Marketing Manager

Marketing is not just a single branch or a single department of a company but it comprises several marketing specialists. Every company that is doing business in the market today would require someone who is an expert in marketing. Let’s see the topic in detail- Marketing Specialist vs Marketing Manager.

Now, marketing is also divided into several subgroups and marketing specialists and marketing managers are two of them. There is a huge difference between a marketing specialist and a marketing manager. Both of their services are needed in an organization so that businesses earn profits. 

Difference Between Marketing Specialist and Marketing Manager

Basis of DistinctionMarketing SpecialistMarketing Manager
MeaningA marketing specialist is a person who is responsible for overseeing a marketing project. A marketing manager of a company is a person who promotes a business, product, or service. 
DutiesA marketing specialist’s duties include designing and creating marketing projects for the company.The duties of a marketing manager include attracting customers by raising brand awareness through implementing marketing campaigns.
Educational Requirement to become marketing specialist/managerMust earn a bachelor’s degreeMust earn a bachelor’s degree
Median salary as of 2019$63,790 per year$136,850 per year
Common basis Marketing specialists must take an active part in assisting the organization to market its products and services.A marketing manager would overlook the job done by the marketing team so that the goal is met.

Who is a Marketing Specialist?

A marketing specialist is a person who is responsible for planning and creating a marketing project. He should be a specialist in marketing techniques and must apply them when making marketing projects for the company. 

A marketer will oversee a marketing project and make sure that marketing becomes a success. Without a marketing specialist, it would become difficult for an organization to market its products and services. These people are also responsible for building strategies to build the quality of products and services.

A marketing specialist would study the audience according to the product and services that they are offering and target a group. They have to make sure that they target the right audience so that their purpose of building that specific product or service is fulfilled. 

There is a huge scope for students who have opted to study for a marketing specialist. In the United States of America, top earners earn around $69,500 per year while a 25th percentile can easily make $37,500 per year. 

The job of a marketing specialist would likely grow and be in demand in the upcoming years. According to, it was revealed that a marketing specialist job would increase by almost 20% by the year 2018-2028. 

Who is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager would manage all the marketing-related activities in the organization. His role in the organization is crucial as they are the ones that help in developing a product and the services that are based on the needs of the customers. 

These people do the most important work so that the business can grow and earn profits. A marketing manager works on analyzing data and brings out the desired products and services that the customers are looking for in the market. 

A marketing manager has to be good in communicating skills because they are directly responsible for handling and managing the staff members of a company. Communication must be good because marketing managers are the ones who have to ensure that the employees are productive enough. 

A marketing manager can earn around $136,850 per year in the United States of America while the maximum earning can be around $185,320 per year. Marketing manager jobs are in and would be in great demand in the upcoming years. 

These people need to be creative and must be able to think out of the box. Marketing managers are the ones who have to come out with unique and efficient marketing plans. This type of job requirement creates a demand for such types of job roles in the market today. 

Marketing Skills That Both Marketing Specialist & Managers Must Have

Skills are the first thing that you will be asked during interview rounds before getting hired. Well, jobs like a marketing specialist and a marketing manager would require a set of skills that one must have. Mentioned below are some skills that a marketing specialist and a marketing manager must have.

  • Communication skills
  •  An innovative and creative mind
  • Great problem solver
  • Must be able to deal with customers directly
  • Must possess leadership skills
  • Adaptable skills
  • Management skills
  • Writing skills
  • Interpersonal skills

The list of skills goes on but the mentioned above are a must if you aspire to work as a marketing specialist or a marketing manager. There are a lot of tutorial videos and online courses that you can do to gain the above-mentioned skills. 


Marketing jobs are not easy and there are requirements while working for companies. The CEO and other senior-level managers would have to depend on the marketing team so that the business runs smoothly. 

Due to the pandemic situation, every business has now become online. Marketing can be done online with the help of social media which is called digital marketing. If you are interested in doing online marketing then there is a lot of scopes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do marketing jobs pay well?

Ans: Marketing jobs do pay well depending on the marketing job. A marketer can make around $141,000 per year. 

  1. What other marketing jobs are there that I can do?

Ans: Here is the list of marketing jobs that you can have a look at:

  • Marketing research analyst
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital marketing analyst
  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Product marketing manager
  1. Is it hard to get a marketing job in the market?

Ans: Marketing jobs are not impossible to get because these jobs are in great demand these days. So, if you are interested in working as a marketer then you should apply for it. 

  1. Can I be at a high post if I have enough knowledge and skills?

Ans: Well, you need to have knowledge, skills, and experience at the same time to be at a higher post. However, if your work impresses your boss then there are chances of a promotion.  

Marketing Specialist vs Marketing Manager- Differences

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