Jobs That Pay Well

Jobs that pay well

 What you need: Working is never easy, and sometimes it is even not pleasant. Every day you will have to face several challenges in your work environment. For instance, your boss may be very strict at work, or your colleagues are plotting against you, or angry customers are taking all their anger on you. Whatever the difficulty you may be facing, you will always expect compensation for your efforts to keep going regardless of these challenges. Therefore, most people are looking for jobs that pay well. And because sometimes passion is not enough, and you have obligations and responsibilities to meet towards the people you support or even toward yourself. However, you do not have to give up on a job you really love for money. You can have a job that you love and still at the same time get paid a very respectful salary. So, if you are looking for interesting jobs that pay well and can help you provide a proper life for you and your family, then you need to keep reading this article because we have prepared a list of some of the most well-paid jobs for you. 

How to pick: When it comes to picking a career path or specific job, you will have a heavy burden on your shoulder because no matter the amount of help you will get from others, you will have to decide on your own. However, we are here to help you make the best decision as much as possible. So, before going through the list of jobs we have prepared for you, we want to give you some quick tips to help you choose a job that suits you best.

 First, we recommend that you take a personality test and other tests to assess your skills. Second, you need to research the jobs that fit your personality traits and your skills. Third, you need to search for the companies that offer the best work environment and salaries for the jobs you have gathered before. With these simple tips, you will have a more precise idea of what you need and what works for you. 

  • Medical field:  A career in the medical field could be rewarding in many ways. If you love dealing with people and helping them, or you are interested in the human body and the way it works, then you will find a career in medicine very satisfying. But of course, taking this path is not easy at all. First of all, you will need to be a very hard-working student to get into medical school. Then to graduate from medical school is another tedious task, which will require you to be very committed to your studies and keen on educating yourself with valuable knowledge all the time. And after all of that, you will have to deal with a very stressful work environment. Dealing with people in their most vulnerable moments and finding ways to comfort them could be very stressful and tiring. However, when you find that your hard work pays off and that you managed to help many people recover ad=nd get back to their families and lives, you will feel rewarded for the work you have done. That is why a career in medicine pays well in terms of salary as well. Due to all the stress and late-night shifts; you will have to take and the family’s important events you may miss, it does make sense that you should take a very high salary as compensation for your efforts. Here are some of the highest paid jobs in the medical field:
    1. Surgeons:  One of the most stressful jobs, not only in the medical field but in all fields. This is a very vibrant job that will need you to learn how to work under pressure and how to make crucial decisions that will affect the lives of other people. Moreover, you must have an eye for details and the capacity to always improve your skills. 
      • What will you do as a surgeon: The major duty of surgeons is to perform critical operations on patients. The nature and the type of these operations depend on the patient’s conditions, and some of these operations are very sophisticated, which require the surgeon to have a specialization in them. Nevertheless, you could be a general surgeon who has a deep knowledge of all the surgical procedures to be able to deal with a wide array of conditions.
      • Average salaries of surgeons: The average salary for surgeons in the United States makes about 402,000 dollars per year. Your salary could be higher or less based on your qualifications and the types and number of operations you perform each year. Anyhow, this average salary is considered very high if compared to the average of other jobs in the United States.    
    2. Anesthesiologist: One of the highest paid jobs in the medical field. It is not an easy job at all because it is all about taking important decisions and evaluating the patient’s condition as accurately as possible. An anesthesiologist is a physician responsible for managing anesthesia on patients in important operations and other situations. The purpose of anesthesia is to help physicians to conduct painful procedures on patients without them feeling the pain.  
      • The average salary for an Anesthesiologist: In the United States, the average salary of anesthesiologists makes about 397,000 dollars per year. This salary is changeable but as an average, it is considered very high. 
    3. Cardiologists: this is a very highly important job because you will be responsible for dealing with diseases and issues that face the cardiovascular system. As with other medical jobs, you will carry a heavy responsibility to save other people’s lives and will need to work long shifts. However, you may find it a very interesting job if you are a curious person and love to study the human body. 
      • The average salary for Cardiologists:  The average salary for cardiologists in the United States makes about 376,000 dollars per year, which very close to a surgeon and other high-paid jobs in the medical field. 
    4. Psychiatrists: work directly with people who suffer from mental, emotional issues. They help their patients open up to share the traumas they experienced in the past, their current feelings towards themselves and the world, what goes on in their minds and more. Psychiatrists listen carefully to their patients and diagnose them and treat them. They work hard on treating their patients in several ways, such as medicine, tasks to do to deal with their emotions, and more.
      • For sure, such a critical job requires you to be always very careful with your patients so that you do not give them wrong diagnoses. Also, you need to have strong emotional stability and the ability to deal with stressful and difficult situations. This job is perfect for you if you are interested in finding out the secrets of human nature, and you love to help people feel better about themselves and their lives. However, like all other jobs in the medical field, you will need to study a lot and always keep yourself updated with the latest discoveries in the field.
      • The average salary for Psychiatrists in the United States makes about Psychiatrists 233,745 dollars per year. However, this salary will vary depending on the nature of your job and the number of patients you treat. Also, it will depend on whether you work for your own private clinic or if you work for someone else.  
    5. Dentist:  You will find this job very suitable if you want a career in the medical field, but you are not very fond of the entire human body anatomy, or you cannot tolerate the stress of surgeries and cannot put up with the possibility of a failed operation or death. Dentists’ jobs include a variety of tasks such as eliminating tooth decay, installing new teeth, or applying braces, and more. Of course, the job can be stressful if you are getting a lot of patients. However, it can be very rewarding, especially if you prefer hands-on activities. But you need to bear in mind that this job requires some physical strength and endurance, and sometimes it can be very tiring for your body. 
      • The average salary for dentists: The average salary for dentists in the United States makes about 170,593 dollars per year. This salary may not be as high as the other jobs we discussed earlier; however, the nature of the job itself could be less stressful. Also, you could always make more than this average by working hard and building a good reputation that brings you more and more patients. 
  • Business fields: Whenever we hear the word business, it is always associated with a lot of money, which could be very true for some jobs in the business field. The most exceptional thing about this field is the variety of jobs that you can have. So, no matter what your interests are, you will always find a career that suits them. Furthermore, it is not very hard to shift from one sector to another because the experience you gain in each one of them will definitely help you with any other sector. The business field is full of risks, but the higher the risks the higher the potential return from these risks. For instance, if you decided to be an entrepreneur, you will face endless challenges from the day you decide to turn the idea in your head into a real-life business. And you will never have guarantees if your business will succeed or not. However, if it received success, your returns will possibly be higher than any returns you can get from any stable office job in the business field. So, we have gathered for you some of the highest-paid jobs in the business field.
    1. Chief executive officer: A chief executive officer or mostly known as the CEO is the top executive in the company. He or she is usually hired by the board of directors of the company. Their main goal is to apply the policies and strategies that the board of directors has put to achieve the organization’s mission and vision. They report directly to the board of directors and other top management positions such as the CMO and the CFO report to them. The CEOs are responsible for making sure that the daily procedures and operations of the company to be as smooth as possible. They supervise the performance of all managers and subordinates.
      • Moreover, they oversee all the business strategies within the company, such as marketing strategies and financial strategies and budgets, and more. For that, A chief executive officer must be a well-rounded person who has various skills and knowledge in a wide array of fields. Also, they must have great managerial and leadership. CEOs should have a charismatic personality and the ability to deal with diverse types of people. As a CEO, you will face hundreds of challenges every day. So, you need to have an immense ability to work under pressure. Although it is a very stressful job, this work could be fun and pleasant if you love the company that you work for the people who work with you. For sure, getting a job as a CEO or being promoted to this position could be a very hard thing to achieve but nothing is impossible. You just need to work hard on yourself to prove that you are competent enough to get such a demanding job. Always make sure to upgrade your skills and build strong connections with your colleagues and never be afraid to take risks for the sake of your career.
      • The average salary for chief executive officers: The average salary for chief executive officers in the USA makes about 772,732 dollars per year, which an incredibly high salary compared to any other job whether in the field of business or any other field. However, as with any other salary, it depends on several factors such as your competencies and the company you work for, and how many years you have been working for them. 
    2. Chief operating officer: A chief operating officer or also known as COO is responsible that all business operations are going in the right way and done correctly. They are from the top managers who directly report to the chief executive officer. COO chooses the best strategies that make the business run in the most effective way. They have direct supervision over budgets, customer satisfaction, and more. They work closely with other managers such as the CFOs to make sure that all of the companies’ strategies are aligning towards achieving the overall goals of the organization. As a COO, you will have a very critical job in the company and your work will directly contribute to the success of the business. Therefore, it not easy to be a COO. However, with hard work, you can reach whatever job you want. 
      • The average salary of COO:  The average salary of a COO in the United States makes about 452,337 per year, which of course is a very rewarding salary and can be even higher based on your skills and performance and many more factors. 
    3. Chief marketing officer: A business can produce the best quality products or services, yet it did not reach its desired success just because it was not marketed in the right way. Marketing the business effectively is the best way to create something that will last for years, and everyone around the world will acknowledge it. So, as chief marketing officer, you will be responsible for managing all marketing strategies and operations within the company.
      • You will be responsible for what is beyond just promoting the company’s products, but you will also be involved in creating those products. Things such as packaging, pricing, and placing the products are all within the scope of your responsibilities. It is your responsibility to make the products in a way that appeals to your customer segment.
      • Also, you are responsible for delivering the products in places and ways that suit your customers. Marketing work involves so much creativity and fun. It is also all about analyzing the psychology of your customers and knowing what they love the best. It is your core duty to create a brand that sticks in the mind and hearts of the company’s customers. As a CMO, you will report directly to the CEO, and you will be responsible for a team of creatives and marketers in the marketing department.
      • If you want to be a chief marketing officer, you will need to work hard on your communication skills because it can be the key to your success. Whether with your team or with your customers, you will need efficient communication to deliver your ideas correctly and represent the company in the most desirable form.    
      • The average salary of a chief marketing officer: The average salary of a marketing officer in the United States makes about 247,830 dollars per year, which is considered a very high salary. However, it may not be as high as a CEO or as a COO, but the CMO is more fun in many ways than the other jobs.   
    4. Financial managers: Money is the moving element for many businesses and individuals, and it is one of the most important measures of the success of the business. Therefore, as a financial manager, you will have a very crucial job of managing all aspects of money in the company. You will write financial reports that indicate the financial situation of the company.
      • You will also be responsible for the investment and financing procedures and overseeing the company’s assets and liabilities. Their main duty is to make the company in the best financial situation possible. Also, financial managers are responsible for very critical financial decisions that could change the entire status of the company. To be a financial manager, you will need to have an extremely strong background in finance. Thus, it is always preferred that you have a bachelor’s in finance or any related field. Moreover, you need to be a detail-oriented person.    
      • Also, being a visionary person can make you excel in this job because it will help you set successful plans for the company’s financial operations in the future, not only in the present. So, if you are a person who has a passion for finance and with great leadership and managerial skills, then you probably need to make effort to be a financial manager.
      • The average salary of a financial manager: The average salary for financial managers in the United States makes about 119,903 dollars per year in the united states. It may not as high as a CEO or other jobs we discussed earlier in the business field, but the setting of the job is very different, and it all depends on your personality and what you like. As a financial manager, you will concentrate on finance and financial operations in the company, but as a CEO, you will need to focus on all types of operations. 
  • Other fields: For sure, medical, and business fields are not the only fields that have high pay jobs. Therefore, we have collected for you a variety of jobs from several fields which pay very well as the other jobs we covered before in this article. 
    1. Lawyer: Law is one of the most prestigious and rewarding fields you can work in. It requires a lot of study and preparation just to get the license to practice law. However, you will find many job opportunities with very high salaries. The best thing about law is that there is always something interesting happen in your job. Also, there are many types of law that you can choose from, such as criminal law, business law, family law, and more. So, you can always choose what suit your interests well. To be a successful lawyer, you need to have great analytical skills, and you need to be a very determined person. Your work will be highly stressful, but if you have a passion for law and a sense of wanting to achieve justice in the world, you will enjoy your job very much. 
      • The average salary of lawyers: The average salary of lawyers in the United States makes about 144,230 dollars per year. However, this average can vary significantly based on your skills, how many years you have been practicing law, the type of law you practice, and more.
    2. Research and development manager: Research and development managers or known as R&D managers are responsible for managing the creation of new products that add value to the company. They supervise a group of researchers and workers who work tirelessly on new products. R&D managers coordinate with operation managers to oversee the process of production and delivering the products to customers. As an R&D manager, your tasks will vary based on the products you work on and the industry of your company. However, in general, your job will involve several challenges every day. Therefore, you need to have good problem-solving skills and persistence. 
      • The average salary of a Research and development manager: The average salary of a Research and development manager in the United States makes about 144,273 dollars per year. However, this salary can be much higher if you work for a company that pays much attention to its research and development department. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that nowadays, many companies are allocating very high budgets to their research and development departments due to the rapid growth in technological advances and the need to surpass competitors. So, if you are considering a job in research and development do not hesitate to take it because there is room for growth in this area.   


There is no one magical field or a job that can guarantee you a good salary. You could get a very high salary in any job if you worked hard on your skills and knowledge. Moreover, the company’s policies you choose to contribute significantly to the amon0unt of salary you receive. Therefore, make sure to choose a company that appreciates its employees and gives them the salary they deserve. However, fields such as the medical and the business fields contain various jobs that most of them pay excellent salaries even at entry levels. But always make sure that when choosing a job or a career path, salary is not the only factor that you consider. You should consider other factors, such as work environment, skills required, personality traits the job need, and more. All these factors are important to be satisfied in your job and to keep always motivated to work on your skills for the sake of your job. In the end, whatever career or job you choose, always make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your field and that you have sufficient knowledge.        

Jobs That Pay Well

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