GIANT Hiring Age

giant hiring age

GIANT Food Stores is one of the popular supermarket retailers that strives to provide its customers with the products they need. You can almost find everything, be it fresh meat or fresh produce, even everyone’s favorite tastiest bakery treats. The first among the GIANT Food Stores was opened back in 1923, and at the time, it was working as a different, i.e., Carlisle Meat Market. The company’s main objective is to provide quality food to everyone at a reasonable price.

Since the establishment of the first story, the retail chain got blew up, and at present, it has over 200 stores throughout the United States. Every store hires employers to handle the cashier counter and stock the green veggies into the shelves, thus becoming a produce associate. So if you are determined to work at companies where they actually care about their employee, give them a challenge, and also provide great employment benefits to them at the same time, then you may find it suitable to have a career in one of the GIANT Food Stores, so give it a try at least.

Job Opportunities at GIANT

The job seekers can apply to many positions in GIANT Food Stores that are opening to all the new locations. The application forms can be filled in the store and online too. Most of the roles are usually entry-level, thus including stock, cashier, and sales jobs which provide flexible hours and also pay minimum wage at the beginning of the job. Employees working at the grocery chain are made available to answer all of the customer queries and help them find the products they need. The GIANT Food Stores employees are solely responsible for cleaning their work areas, organizing shelves, and marking the products in their places. The main characteristics that the employers try to find in the applicants are courtesy, patience, and kindness. If you take a job in the Stock position, then be ready for the manual labor beforehand.

Salary and Employment at GIANT

The employment rules vary for different stores, but the grocery store offers full-time and part-time shifts, and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. Employees need to be at least 16 years of age. The most common positions available at GIANT are:

  • Bagger: Their job is to pack groceries, bring back the empty carts from parking lots, and also carry items to the customer vehicles. The workers do their work regardless of the weather conditions and typically are scheduled for the part-time. Baggers usually earn around an average of $8 per hour.
  • Cashier: Cashier’s job is to operate the computers containing cash registers and maintain all the checkout records organized and clean. Some of the specific duties, which are only confined to the cashier, include scanning sale items and coupons, issuing change, and taking payment for the products. They earn the minimum wage.
  • Clerk: The clerks of the GIANT Food Stores put their work in various departments all across the store which may include a deli, frozen foods, grocery, dairy, and produce. Shifts usually vary and can also include weekends, holidays, and overnight hours. The associates who are at the entry-level make around $9 an hour.

Things to know before applying

  • The minimum age to be able to work at GIANT Food Stores, needs the applicants to be at 16 years of age. You may also need a work permit, so make sure you have one before you appear for the interview.
  • Now before moving ahead, you must know about the hour of operation of GIANT Foods Stores, to get an idea of the workload. Well, the retail chain is open for 24 hours continuously, for all 7 days a week. There will be shifts assigned to different workers at different times. Hours may vary according to the location.
  • The methods to apply for a job at GIANT Foods Stores is quite easy, as the applicants who are interested can easily apply for any position at the retail store, they like. All they need to do is that just fill an online application form and submit it for consideration.

Applying at GIANT Food Stores

Firstly, you need to select the store’s location to work at and then fill in your name along with your social security number. After that, you will be redirected to a page from where you can select the position that you’re interested in. Once you’ve selected the position, read thoroughly about the job you will be going for, and then move ahead. Now you will see the form in front of you, fill in the details about yourself and other stuff. Then, at last, you will be questioned about any drug use, work experience, questions on the grounds of ethical and moral circumstances. Upon doing so, you will sign in the box and then submit the form for further consideration.

The Follow-up Status

The applications can be filled by the workers right in the store or complete the website surveys. The online form isn’t even time-consuming. It hardly takes 15-30 minutes to fill out the form completely. When your application is submitted, applicants will most probably receive a follow-up within one week of the submission. You can also sign into your online profile, created during the form-filling, and check the status of your application from there; you can also see the current openings listed in that section. Now, if a long time passes, and the candidate hasn’t heard from the GIANT Food Stores regarding your recruitment, in that case, visiting the hiring manager during the fewer business hours can turn out to be helpful. Although try to keep in mind that in a retail store most times, so if it’s po in a retail storessible, avoid being a nuisance to any of the workers there, no matter what.

Is it beneficial to work at GIANT Food Stores?

The qualified workers are bound to receive several employment benefits on behalf of GIANT Food Stores. Now, the main rewards that employees of the company receive are dental, medical, vision insurances, and prescription drugs. The workers can also avail of various other job benefits, including access to 401(k) retirement plans and paid time off. The staff tries to go hand-in-hand with the recruits, so the applicants generally get a grip of the work pretty quickly, and it’s not that hard too. Stores also provide the employees with some discounts and other ongoing training programs.


Food safety is the top priority of any food retail chain, and here so we’re talking about GIANT Food Stores. So it is kept in mind that the company websites have updated the information about their products that the customer is buying, and they also post the information about how you can use it at home. So if you want to work at a company that’s righteous and full of values, then the workplace of GIANT Food Stores is your best choice. So if you think you’re up for this job, then go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum age requirement at GIANT Food Stores? The minimum age at which you can start working at GIANT Food Stores is 16 years old. But that is if you want to be a cashier, now the minimum age for being a deli and most other positions at GIANT Food Stores is 18 years of age.’
  2. Is there any payment difference for working different shifts? Yes, the workers are paid more in the night shifts. There is an increase of 0.50 cents when you choose to work at night.
GIANT Hiring Age

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