Giant Food Careers – Job Opportunity, Salary, Complete Guide

Giant Food Careers - Job Opportunity, Salary, Requirement, Application Process Complete Guide

Giant Food Careers – The company is popularly known as Giant Food Stores, is a chain of the supermarket that is being operated in Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc. David Javitch founded it in the year 1923. Its headquarters is situated in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, U.S. The parent company for Giant Food is Ahold Delhaize U.S. They provide services for grocery stores, pharmacies, grocery pickup hubs, and fuel stations. The annual revenue of the company is $2.6 billion. About 35000 employees are working for the company. As of 2020, there are about 190 grocery stores, 132 pharmacies, 125 grocery pickup hubs, and 105 fuel stations. The company is operated for more than 75 years by providing quality products and value for money. They directly deal with the farmers to get fresh products to the store and thereby create a business for the farmers.

Giant Food Careers

There are many products available in the store, such as meat, seafood, organic products, pet food, dairy, deli, beverage, bakery products, frozen items, condiments, canned goods, snacks, and many more products business. There are many job roles available for entry-level job seekers and candidates looking for career-oriented positions. The job vacancy is available for many sectors like store management careers, corporate support careers, pharmacy careers, hourly positions in the store, Support distribution and management, warehouse, and transportation. The popular job positions available in Giant food are bagger, bakery associate, stock boy, clerk, stocker, cashier, store management, corporate career, hourly positions, and many other positions.

Available Positions – Giant Food

Cashier, Clerk, Bagger, bakery associates, Grocery Clerk, Driver, Truck drive, retails sales associate, Order Picker, Deli Associates, Assistant Manager, Quality Control Supervisor, and Store Manager.

Working Hours – Giant Food 

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The store is opened thought the day and thought the year.

Minimum Age for Working – Giant Food 

The minimum age to seek work in the supermarket is 16 years. The applicants can take a part-time or full-time job at their convenience.

Job Prospects – Giant Food 

The employee must be aged 16 years to work with the company. The job offers are ideal jobs to its employees. Due to the increase in customer demand, it requires staffing frequently. Thereby, it creates employment opportunities through the opening of the new store. The company salaries are basic and as per the competitive rates in the market. The entry-level job positions have frequent openings. The clerk and cashier job positions do not require prior experience. The entry-level job positions have flexible work hours, such as full-time and part-time working.

The employees enjoy a great benefits package. The company requires career-oriented employees, such as the managerial role that requires prior experience in the supermarket industry. The role of Assistant Manager requires one to handle the overall responsibility of the store, ensuring the smooth running of the business and making it successful. The higher officials enjoy good pay and the benefits packages to compensate for the demand for higher roles. The applicants must provide prior work experience certificates and any other accomplishments to be submitted during the interview.

Job Opportunity – Giant Food 

The job opening in various locations creates employment opportunities for the people in the localities. The application form can be filled in two ways that are online and offline mode. For the online mode, the applicant must visit the company’s portal. For the offline mode, they must visit the store personally. The employees must be customer-friendly and help them through the shopping. The employees must be courteous and have patience while handling customers. It requires one to work in the physical environment, and hence one must be fit enough to manage work.

The applicants aged 16 years can apply for entry-level positions; they handle customers and provide service. The entry-level job positions are cashier and clerks. The store requires staff for roles like meat counters, in-store delis, and bakeries. For the role of supervisors and managers, the applicants looking for managerial roles must be experienced and should possess a degree. The education background may not be required for the job hopeful of getting higher positions, but the managerial role requires a high school diploma or any other equivalent. The role available in the supermarket is listed in detail below:

  • Cashier

They must scan products for billing, handling payment through credit, debit cards, and cash, providing recipients to customers, and bagging their purchase products. The employees must work efficiently, and they should be aware of the items stored in each section to guide the customers. They should inform the customers about codes, coupons, and discounts. During the slow working hours, workers are assisted with cleaning and merchandising the items in the store. They are paid minimum wage, and also it is based on their performance. They get too paid about $9.00-$10.00 for an hour.

  • Clerk

They mainly focus on a daily task, working in departments like dairy, bakery, meat, seafood, frozen zone, and liquor department. They also work as a cashier at times. They help in unloading the grocery products from the truck and shelving them in the store. They should memorize the location of the product that is placed on the shelves. Also, assisting with the needs of the customer and being friends with them. Additional responsibility includes pricing the stock on the shelves, stocking, merchandising products, rotating the new products on the shelf, and making orders per the customer’s requirement. This is fast-paced work and independent working. During the usual period, they earn up to $8.00-$9.00 for an hour.

  • Stocker

They must be aware of the stocks in the store, which includes replenishing products, inventory and ensuring that the items are well organized and thereby making them visible to the customer’s eyes. They must have the stamina to work in a physical environment as the job is quite energy-draining. The stocker must lift heavyweights. They must be customer-friendly to have effective communication with a customer who visits the store. They are paid about $11.16 per hour.

  • Bakery Clerk 

Their major responsibility includes the preparation of food, packing, and pricing of the products. They also help in stocking and rotating the products on shelves. They attend to the customer’s requirement in the department of the bakery. Also, they guide the customers regarding the menu. They need to know the dish/food that they prepare to answer the customer’s queries. Arranging the baked items for display. Also, they should handle complaints from the customer. This is also an entry-level job. They get to pay about $12.00-$14.00 per hour.

  • Bagger

They provide service to the customer. Their basic responsibility is to pack the purchased items into bags and helping them to transfer the items to the vehicles. They have to collect the carts from the parking lot and assign them back to the store. They guide the customers in the store. Performing the overall duties in the store. They make about $8.00-$9.00 per hour.

  • Management

The overall management consists of department managers, team leaders, and supervisors. The associates must possess leadership qualities and good communication skills. The individuals working in lower-level management must assist the new hiring, training them, and assigning duties to employees working under them. They work under different titles like assistant manager, key carrier, and store manager, as they take charge of maintaining the market’s sales. They should handle the customer’s feedback. They are responsible for ordering shipments. Also, they are hiring officials. They assign the work to the employees working under them, including scheduling jobs on a daily and hourly basis. Their salary varies as per the department. The quality control supervisor is paid $14.74 per hour; Assistant Manager is paid about $16,000 per year, whereas the manager gets to pay about $50,415 annually.

Tips for Applying

The applicants must choose the job by knowing the role thoroughly; they can contact the employees working in the store to get more information about the work environment. The applicants can apply online through the company’s portal; it would require personal information. The applicant must ensure to provide accurate information to the company, as it will be verified later. The application form requires thirty minutes to be filled. The applicant must create their own user profile to follow up the process. The time taken for the application form processing might vary based on the store’s location.

Application Status

The hiring officials will reach the candidate through phone once the application is submitted. The application process may take up to a week and end up taking a month to get completed; also, it may vary based on the role. During the process, the applicant may visit the store personally as it shows their eagerness towards the work, and they might consider your application for review. The individual’s interest will help gain employment, questioning the officials about the work process in the store and the overall operation of the supermarket. The applicant must enquire about the minimum wage paid for the preferred role.

Benefits at Work – Giant Food

The company provides good pay based on the competitive salary as per the industry standards for employees who opt for part-time and full-time work. Apart from the salary, higher officials enjoy the benefits packages that consist of discounts, flexible work schedules, health insurance, holidays, paid vacation, dental and vision insurance, retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, discounts on fuel.

More Information – Giant Food

The company has safety as its top priority; they outline their commitment by providing information to its customer to practice its use. They have committed to preserving the environment. In 2018, the company donated about$17 million for food donation and 5.5 million pounds of food for the food band partners in America. They serve about 2 million customers every week.

Interview Process

The entry-level candidates have to go through a single interview with the manager. The managerial roles are done on panel method, where they have many hiring officials for the interview. Post the interview. If the candidates successfully make it to the job, one must complete the drug test before employment. The candidates that are selected must provide documents as per the state’s rule.

Interview Question – Giant Food 

Few common interview questions are mentioned below:

  • Describe your job role and duties?

Being a stocker, my major duty was to stock the products on the shelves, ensuring they it faced by the customers and organized properly. Also, loading and unloading the truck and shelving the products immediately. Always express your gratitude, which is a great opportunity for you to be part of their team. Tell them about your skills and mention your talents. This would be a great opportunity to enhance your work experience.

  • Do you have any prior work experience?

If you have experience with work, this question would be a great opportunity to expose your talents. Tell them about your work in the past; explain to them about your skills that you learned in your phase of work. Give them a detailed overview of your work experience in the past. Take instances from your school or college experience to prove them you are a team player.

  • How to get dressed for the interview?

Always focus on your attire and make sure to get dressed well. It enhances your confidence. Get dressed formally, or any business wears for the interview. Always present yourself neatly. Create the best impression during your first visit, as this might have a long-term effect.

  • When is your availability?

The hiring officials ask this question to check your availability for the job, which specifies the work timings. Also, ensure that you are flexible with the company’s work hours as this is an important criterion for considering you. If you have any other plans for the upcoming days, or you have a vacation planned, or if any other commitment, it is better to inform them prior.

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Giant Food Careers – Job Opportunity, Salary, Complete Guide

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