Footaction Hiring Age

footaction hiring age

One of the most popular retail stores, Footaction, has dedicated itself entirely to street-inspired footwear. It contains many famous brands, thus becoming a beautiful place for all the shoe aficionados and sneakerheads. Now whoever has their passion involved in these collections of best styles and brands, Footaction is the workplace they want to work for sure. Footaction has a great pay structure, it offers competitive pay and great salary options available, and many other benefits are included.

So, basically, it is athletic apparel and footwear retail company based in Puerto Rico and the United States of America. The company has almost 319 retail stores established all across these two places. Although most of them have been set up inside malls, they also have some standalone retail locations. Each of the Footaction stores is bound to carry many varied products from shoes to hats, shirts, and socks.

The employees are hired at this company to work throughout their stores and continue the legacy of Footaction. The working environment at Footaction is quite upbeat, and employees also have a lot of fun working there. In their stores, the applicants will find several kinds of opportunities, from managing the store by becoming an assistant manager to working as a sales associate. So if you have a genuine love for footwear, then why not work close to them? For a person like you, Footaction is the ideal place where you can strive to work at. As Footaction will recognize your passion, and they’ll know you’re the right choice for them and they’re the right choice for you.

Job Opportunities at Footaction

Footaction is widely known for selling athletic apparel and footwear, and its primary objective is to sell shoes and related merchandise. The stores of Footaction are filled with the crowd of the foot, and the sales are increased during the holiday shopping season at a drastic level du because their stores are located in the shopping malls and other centralized and frequented commerce centers. Therefore, the candidates applying for a job at a retail chain like Footaction must keep in mind that they will have to perform irrespective of the atmosphere they bear, whether relaxed or fast-paced. Their daily job usually includes recommending various products to customers and filling their appetites with some merchandise. That is why the most important selection criteria at Footaction are interpersonal communicative abilities and the passion for footwear and fitness. If you think you have both of these in a sufficient quantity, then congratulations, you are most likely to work at Footaction.

The two major components of entry-level jobs at a place like Footaction are sales and customer service. According to their assigned positions, the employees must greet and meet customers while doing stock duties and sales. Now no matter your position, in the majority, most of the shift will include the situations where you will be explaining the products and services or welcoming patrons. Associates are expected to work both cash counter and sales floors and their assigned duties, which keep changing as per the requirement. Therefore, the applicants will need a genial personality and basic product knowledge to ensure their selection at Footaction Company. And in addition, it offers an entry-level job, so there is a need for any prior work experience. Now in the case of the candidates striving to gain a position at the management level, they’ll need some background either in retail or something similar where they’ve worked as some leader to gain a job at such a position.

The Thing you need to Know Before Applying

  • The minimum age requirement to be able to work at Footaction is 16 years old. And all the candidates of this age will require a work permit from their parents and school.
  • The hours of operation at Footaction are not hectic; else it’s quite lenient compared to other retail companies. The store opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. And on Sunday, the timing is 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The store hours may vary according to different locations.
  • The applicants, who are interested to work there, can apply for the job by submitting an online application form after filling it out thoroughly.

How to Apply at Footaction?

To apply for the job, you will have to visit their online website, enter your location, and all the nearby stores will be displayed on your screen in front of you. Now further, choose a location and then click on the ‘apply now button. After doing this, you will be redirected to a webpage where you’ll be able to see all the available positions at that particular location.

Now choose the position of your liking, and then again click on the ‘apply now button located right under the selected position that you’re interested in. After that, create an account. Upon doing so, you’ll have to fill in a form in which you will have to fill in your details, other criteria like your availability, type of work you want, and your expected salary. In addition, there will be other details that you got to fill in the form, so make sure you fill them out properly.

Once you’re done with that, you will have to take an assessment test for just 20 minutes, and it will all be about the ethical and job-related questions. Then you can sign your signature at the end and finally submit your job application to Footaction for consideration.

What will be the follow-up by Footaction after you’ve applied for the job?

The hiring process of Footaction mostly takes place based on employee referrals. To get a job at Footaction, it becomes necessary to have an employee referral, as it automatically lessens the necessary procedures required for employment. Now, if the workers have not been followed up by the company, after submitting the form, they can contact the retail chain via call or email, or they can also visit the store directly to check the current status of their application. If possible, try to approach the management department directly regarding the situation. From there, you can know about the maximum time it’s going to take to review your application.


The working experience at Footaction is something to experience as employees have claimed to enjoy their job as it is fun and exciting. There are also conductive work settings planned out for the employee’s professional and even personal growth. Associates are given competitive base pay and some attractive salary options, plus career growth potential and paid training programs. In addition, many of the qualified employees are blessed with extra benefits such as paid time off, employee discounts, retirement plans, and healthcare coverage. So if you have a passion for shoes and footwear, then Footaction is the place where you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Footaction a good place to start working as a 16-year-old? Yes, it is a perfect age to start as a 16-year-old. You’ll have a lot of time to improve and grow there, and also you’ll have an amazing experience as they have great trainers and you will be able to grasp everything quicker.
  2. What is the work environment at Footaction like? The work environment at Footaction is pretty great, and many employees have approved this claim. As people from many cultures come to the store, the staff is amazing, and it is all fast-paced, so there is no room left for boredom.
Footaction Hiring Age

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