Jimmy John’s Job Opportunities – Complete Guide

Jimmy John’s Job Opportunities – Complete Guide

Jimmy John’s is a sandwich food chain restaurant situated in America, which Inspire Brands own. We will discuss Jimmy John’s Job Opportunities here. Jimmy John Liautaud founded the company in the year 1983. Its headquarters is situated in Champaign, Illinois. In about 35 years, the company has its franchise in about 2700 locations. Liautaud was given a chance to start a business for $25,000 from his father. He initiated with hot dog business and later led to open a sandwich shop. It was initially started in the garage with minimal cooking equipment, which later led to the franchise of restaurants. 

The restaurant offers varieties of bread: six Lil John, Thick-Sliced Wheat, French, and Unwich. About 17 varieties of sandwiches include roasted beef, tuna, salami, bacon, ham, capicola, and a combination of cheese and meat. They have five flavors, including BBQ, Regular, Jalapeno, Vinegar, Salt, and Thinny. Also, the menu consists of kosher pickles, oatmeal cookies, and triple-chunk chocolate.

The company was awarded as the number one entrepreneur in 2016, having about 500 franchises. The restaurant was ranked #2 among the popular restaurants in the country by the expense reporting program. Being one of the premier sandwich restaurants in the country, it needs a large workforce to provide service to its customer. The chain of restaurants requires entry-level job seekers regularly. The restaurant is located in more than 1600 locations frequently hires new employees to cope with the customer’s demand.

Available Positions at Jimmy John’s

Line Cook, Prep Cook, Cashier, Team Member, Shift Leader, Dishwasher, Assistant Manager, Area Manager, General Manager, Specialist, Business Coach, Baker, Catering Manager, Guerilla Marketer, Training Manager, Certified security rock star, Restaurant owner.

Working Hours

During weekdays, that is from Sunday-Thursday they work from 11 am-10 pm, during the weekends Fri-Sat working hours are from 11 am-11 pm.

Minimum Age for Working

The applicant must be an aged minimum of 16 years, to seek a job role in the supermarket.

Jimmy John’s Job Opportunities

The chain of the restaurant offers entry-level jobs and management jobs frequently throughout the year. The job positions for entry-level applicants are shopper and driver, whereas the management role requires prior experience in the restaurant business. Both the level of jobs involves proper customer service and food supplying duties. The restaurant managers are responsible for the financial performance of the restaurant and shall ensure that it meets the expectation.

The restaurant uses a franchise model to run the business chain, as it consists of independent ownership. As a result of different ownership, the hiring process may vary based on the restaurant’s location. The hiring official expects the applicants to demonstrate customer service and creating a sandwich with utmost perfection. The applicants can access the application form through the company’s official website and submit the form in their preferred location.

Positions and Salary Information- Jimmy John’s

The applicants interested in management or the driver’s position must have attained the age of 18 years. The restaurant frequently hires applicants aged 16 years for the position of entry-level. The job positions for entry-level do not require prior experience. The job-positions at Jimmy John’s are list below briefly:

  • Cashier

Their primary duty involves scanning the purchased items by the customer, providing discounts and coupons, payment processing, sales transaction, and maintaining cash registers. The cashiers are the ones to work in the front end of the supermarket. They help the customers with billing the purchased items, collecting cash, and making payments. They maintain the cash register and issue receipts to the customer. They are the first to face the customer as they enter the store and the last individual to interact with the customer during their shopping journey. They shall be customer-friendly and greet them as they line up in the billing section. They should also provide information about new offers in the store, information about sales, and membership cards for great discounts on the product. The cashiers earn a minimum wage of $8.96 for an hour; it may increase as per an individual’s experience. For entry-level, there is no prior experience required for this position at Jimmy John’s.

  • Inshopper

Based on the specification of the job title, they perform various duties such as food preparation and customer service. Their duty involves greeting customers, taking orders, placing orders, and preparing sandwiches. They also cut meats and chop vegetables, answering phones, and cleaning the restaurant. The candidate must be able to work in hectic environments. Their minimum wage ranges from about $9.00 for an hour.

  • Line Cook

This job is a combination of culinary and server jobs. This is an entry-level position available for part-time. Their primary duty involves preparing supplies, supporting the main chefs by garnishing the dishes. They should also ensure clean tables and proper sanitation at the workplace. Picking up garbage, cleaning the kitchen top post-cooking, sanitation of utensils used to prepare food, and undertaking back operation at the restaurant. They may earn about $9.00-$15.00 for an hour, based on their experience.

  • Dishwasher

They must maintain proper cleanliness and sanitization of all the kitchen utensils such as plates, pots, pans either manually or through a machine. They are supposed to keep the washing clean. They should possess strong organizational skills. Sometimes they require educational background. They earn about $10.00-$15.00 per hour.

  • Baker

They have similar responsibilities in the department store. They shall prepare food, packing and pricing the products, they also help in stocking and rotating the products on shelves. This role requires the applicant to be friendly with the customers and help them as and when needed. They need to know the dish/food that they prepare to answer the customer’s queries. They should also make alterations to the food prepared and make it as per their requirement. This is also an entry-level job. The baker makes $15-$25 for an hour.

  • Crew Member

The crew members prepare a variety of food; take care of customer transactions and sanitation jobs. They greet customers, take orders and serve food to the customers and should possess helpful attitudes. They should also help the customers with queries about the food menu. They have to ensure the cleanliness of the table, handling trays in the kitchen, mopping, sweeping, sanitizing utensils in the kitchen, and cleaning restrooms. They should communicate effectively with the customers, thereby possessing excellent communication skills. They should help in training new employees. Flexible to work during weekends, nights, and sometimes during holidays based on the restaurant’s business. Possessing the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and keen on customer satisfaction. They get paid about $10.38 per hour.

  • Managers

The responsibility of the Manager includes supervising the work and activities of the staff working at the restaurant. They are supposed to maintain excellent work relations with the suppliers. They should help in reducing the cost exceeding due to the supply. They should overall supervise and coordinate the work running in the restaurant. You should have efficient management skills to be successful in your work. One should ensure that the customer has a pleasant experience through their visit to the restaurant.

To apply for this role, supervisors must have a minimum experience of three years in managing a restaurant. They should display their knowledge of supervising the restaurant, customers, and the staff working. You should possess techniques to serve the customers and improvise the experience of the customers to get this role. Managers also have a routine of work to administer the tasks and take orders of food and drinks from the customers, make quicker decisions, tabulating profits from accounts, scheduling the work for staff, and preparing reports per the customer’s responsibility. They should be effective enough to make decisions even during a stressful situation and need to have the ability to face it, which ideally makes them a manager. The store manager gets to be paid about $45,017 per year, whereas the area manager earns about $42,496 per year. The general manager is about $15.44 per hour.

Tips for Application

Apart from making sandwiches, Jimmy John’s specializes in delivering the food as well. The restaurant seeks employees to deliver food to customers. The applicants applying directly through paper forms have a greater advantage to get the job role. The applicant must be careful while providing information as it gets cross-verified in the later stage. The written application form must be free from error and use blue or blank inks. During the face-o face interview process, the applicant must answer simple questions and demonstrate as per the situation provided by the officials. The individuals must be team players and be friendly with the customer.

Application Status

The interview process may vary as per the location of the restaurant. The applicants may receive phone calls, emails from the officials working at the restaurant. It may take up to a week to process the application form. In case of delay, the applicant may visit the restaurant during a slower period. 

Benefits of Working

The company offers several benefits packages to its employees. The package includes a flexible working schedule, discounts for employees, paid vacation, health insurance, free meals at the restaurant, vision and dental insurance, mileage reimbursement, and a 401k retirement plan. The employees receive a competitive pay scale as per the restaurant industry and training on the job.

More Information

The restaurant is named after the founder Jimmy John Liautaud, who specialized in making gourmet sandwiches. The bread in sandwiches is baked in-house daily; vegetables and meat are sliced freshly. Jimmy john has created up to 200 new jobs, thereby making many employment opportunities for job seekers.

Interview Tips – Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s has a strong reputation in the field of a fast-food chain of restaurants, offering fresh sandwiches that are prepared with standards of hygiene. The individual looking for a job in restaurants should be dedicated to their work and ability to work in a fast-paced environment. The applicant must have great time-management skills and should highlight their skills in the interview. They look for customer service and social settings in an individual. The candidates successful in the first interview will be called for the second round. Post the hiring. The applicant desired for the entry-level position must learn to make sandwiches at the restaurant. The applicants must be able to work over late shifts, weekends to gain the job.

Interview Questions

Here are the questions from individuals, attending the interview.

  • Describe your role and duties?

Being a crew member, the primary duty was to slice the meat for the sandwich. During the free hours, one may involve in cleaning, sweeping, and mopping, sometimes taking part in dishwashing.

  • Explain the work environment? 

It was busy most of the time and especially during weekends. The waiting period would exceed an hour or more. In my opinion, it’s the toughest job to deal with customers and assign them tables.

  • What was your favorite part of the work?

It used to be so much fun. The managers were very kind to me. They had great discounts for the employee and not to forget, the food used to taste delicious.

  • Describe the interview and application process in your own words?

I walked to the restaurant to get the application. The manager asked me to come for the interview the next day. I got my job. But I had a test which I had to clear to get my job. It’s all about learning.

  • How to get dressed for the interview at Jimmy John’s?

Always focus on your attire. Get dressed well to show your confidence outside. It is better to wear formal clothes for the interview. Try to be clean-shaven; presenting yourself neatly has advantages in seeking a job. Always remember, the first impression is the best, and it is carried for a long way.

  • What would be your piece of advice to job seekers?

Always show gratitude for your work. Put your maximum effort into your field of work. Remain positive and learn from your failures. Firstly, work hard and then expect success in your path.

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Jimmy John’s Job Opportunities – Complete Guide

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