Fred Meyer Careers – Job Application, Salary, and Interview Questions

Fred Meyer Careers

Fred Meyer is a one-time shopping and retail company based in Portland, Oregon, and has more than 125 stores all over Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Washington DC. We will discuss Fred Meyer Careers in this article. They also offer numerous employment opportunities yearly in apparel, pharmacy, home, housewares, and home electronics.

Do You Want To Work at Fred Meyer?

Fred Meyer currently has over thirty (30) job openings for qualified candidates. Getting employed at Fred Meyer is very easy once your qualifications are acceptable. Before seeking job placements at any of the Fred Meyer companies and stores across the US, interested applicants must have a bachelor’s in sciences, arts, or social science majors. Knowledge in business administration, accounting, economics, project management are added advantages. People with over two (2) years of work experience are given greater consideration. 

Fred Meyer Careers

Job Opportunities and Vacancies at Fred Meyers

The following are regular job positions available at Fred Meyers for different categories of qualifications. Check them out: 

Job TitleLocation
Pharmacy TechnicianPortland, OR, US,97209. 100 Nw 20Th Pl
Asset Protection SpecialistPortland, OR, US, 97209. 100 Nw 20Th Pl
Fred Meyer Retail Clerk (Hollywood West)Portland, OR, US, 97232.3030 Ne Weidler St
Pharmacy TechnicianPortland, OR, US, 97203.6850 N Lombard St
Assistant Store LeaderNewport, OR, US, 97365.150 N.E 20Th St. 
Fuel Center Lead ClerkRichland, WA, US, 99352101 Wellsian Way
Bakery ClerkTacoma, WA, US, 984666901 S 19Th St
Meat CutterBellevue, WA, US, 980072041 148Th Ave NE


Employees at Fred Meyer are handsomely paid, in addition to the conducive working environment. This is an estimated salary.

  • Managers, $30,000 to $80,000 annually
  • Pharmacists, $25,000 to $65,000 depending on your level
  • Clerk, $11 to $13 hourly
  • Cashier, $20 hourly 

Positions and Job Functions

At Fred Meyer, workers are paid based on their job positions and functions. Additional pays and benefits are also available for exceptional performances. Workers at Fred Meyer enjoy a high sense of community with colleagues and the management. Though some functions are tasking, it’s yet rewarding and thrilling. The unique work environment created by the management and other motivated employers ensures healthy competition, creativity, and cooperation. Once you are 18 years of age (though some posts are reserved for the ages above 30), you may apply into the following positions:

  1. Clerk: A clerk at Fred Meyer can fit in in various departments in the company. Available fields are delivery, apparel, seafood, nutrition, grocery, and related areas. Clerks often serve as sales associates and supply product information, guideline, and recommendations to customers. Clerks also assist in checking prices, general maintenance, and sanitation. 

  2. Cashier: The position of a cashier doesn’t require formal qualifications like clerk, manager, pharmacist, and other advanced job functions. However, if you seek a cashier job at Meyers, you must possess computer and tech skills, verbal and quantitative reasoning abilities, and be able to relate with people comfortably. 

  3. Pharmacist: There are in-store pharmacy services in most of their locations. This offers a great career opportunity for applicants who have a background in pharmacy and pharmacology. Their jobs involve the following:
    • Filling prescriptions and interacting comfortably with customers
    • Diagnosing ailments in some cases to determine the right medication. 

Broad knowledge of drug interactions and allergen information is a bonus prerequisite for direct acceptance. The pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician/clinician must be gentle, caring, and courteous to relate well with the customers and the management. 

  1. Manager: In each of the departments at any of the Fred Meyer stores, there must be a supervisor or manager who oversees the day-to-day management of the store. Anyone vying for the position of a manager must possess strong organizational skills and leadership capabilities. Other skills like collecting, filing, and analyzing data are also necessary. To have a higher chance of being taken as a manager, an applicant must have held important professional positions before. 

Requirements and Conditions to be Employed at Fred Meyer

  1. Citizenship: must be a citizen of the USA or a legal resident 
  2. Academics: possess at least a bachelor’s in the following majors or related fields. 
  3. Arts 
    • English language
    • English and Literature/International Relations
    • History
    • Economics
    • Government and Sociology, etc. 
    • Sciences
      • Chemistry/physics/biology
      • Engineering
      • Psychology
      • Physiology
      • Medicine & pharmacy, etc.
  4. Have reputable moral standing
  5. Must not have been convicted of any crime
  6. Two years of work experience in any field (optional)


Minimum Age to Work at Fred Meyer

To work at any of the Fred Meyer stores and fill an available vacancy, you must be 18 years old and above. Though 16 years of age can go, 18 years is the recommended age. Personal skills and experiences also play crucial roles, aside from one’s age. 

Application Process for All Job Positions 

  • Fill out the online application form.
  • You will get a call from the Hiring Manager for an interview.
  • Accept or reject the invitation. If you accept the invitation, you will have to answer just a few questions. 
  • Attend the 3-days mandatory orientation program

Once an application has been submitted, your submission might stay for 15 working days before receiving feedback from the hiring team. Only successful candidates would receive responses from the company after fifteen days of applying. To check your application status, contact the HR or designated officer through email or phone. 

What Fred Meyer Want from You

The company is always looking out for people with the following qualities whether skilled or unskilled:

  • Service. Strong passion for serving people
  • Leadership. Ready to take initiatives
  • Honesty. Truthfulness and sincerity are their watchwords 
  • Tolerance. Working with people of multiple cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Diversity. Possessing a great number of skills and experiences outside one’s profession
  • Etiquette. Plausible behavioral and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to try out new things

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a way of giving back to American society, Fred Meyer has created outlets that care for the welfare of communities. For example, the Fred Meyer Cycling Team in Portland has been established and empowered to encourage a healthy lifestyle and active living. Similarly, the company organizes safety and health awareness programs from time to time. Fred Meyer shares helmets regularly visit classrooms and teach young pupils and students the benefits of wearing helmets while biking. 

Available Work Benefits at Fred Meyer

According to Indeed, the company has a good compensatory atmosphere designed to motivate and encourage employees to give their best. There is healthy competition and special recognitions awarded to exceptional workers who have exhibited excellence over time. They also pay for and send their employees to lots of paid seminars and training to keep them ahead of their mates in other companies. The work benefits at Meyer are dependent on the job location and vary from place to place. There’re friendly retirement plans, vision, medical and dental coverages, prescription drug plans, employee assistance initiatives, paid vacation, and continuing education programs for all staff. 

Possible Interview Questions and What You Should Do

  1. Can you tell us about yourself?

Try to focus on your most important work experiences when asked this kind of question. Do not dwell on your personal history and blab about your personal qualities.

  1. What do you know about Fred Meyer?

Give a little description of what you know about the company. Before the interview, make sure to carry out a background check not to be stuck at this stage. Mention the year it was founded, headquarters, their business line, and their core values. This will put you ahead of other candidates.

  1. Why do you want to work here?

This question is very tricky. So, don’t just jump straight into answering the question. Relax and pick about three skills you possess and match them with the core ethics of the company. Then, let them know that you are applying because those core values match up with yours. So, you want to apply your skills in promoting the image of the company.

  1. How many hours can you work?

Try to be honest. Go straightaway and let the interviewer know about the number of hours per day or week you can be available to work. Also, let them know the best time you can work; morning, afternoon, or night depending on their routine.

  1. What is your greatest strength?

Here, the company expects you to outline your best skills. They aren’t interested in your physical strength but your inner strength. Let them know about your interpersonal and human management skills – the kind of people you love working with and the best work environment to be very productive.

  1. What is your greatest weakness?

You are expected, at this question, to mention your “don’ts.” That is, the things you don’t like both in private life and corporate interactions. Maybe you are an introvert; let the hiring team know that you dislike talkative.  You might be very time conscious. Tell them that you don’t like anyone wasting your time at work for unnecessary purposes. However, endeavor to be polite and simpleminded in your approach to those questions. 

Your Reactions to The Outcome of The Interview

While you might spend weeks searching for suitable job openings and finally stumbled on Fred Meyer. And you spend the next few weeks getting your documents ready, and finally, you applied. Fast-forward to your interview date. Imagine you putting on your best corporate attire with a beaming face and confident countenance. After the interview, these are the two scenarios you encounter.

“I am sorry, you didn’t make it”

‘Wow. It is all right. At least, I am grateful for the experiences I have garnered throughout the process. But please, do keep my files and details for future openings. In case you change your mind, kindly send me an email with the address I supplied earlier’

“You did perfectly. After reviewing you, we are glad to hire you”

‘Thanks so much. I am so grateful. This is such a wonderful privilege and you can count on me. When can I resume for the next steps?’

Frequently Asked Questions About Fred Meyer

  1. What is the interview at Fred Meyer like?

It is usually quick and fast-paced. It is quite simple and takes at most 10 minutes. The hiring manager would often ask the questions while the colleague listened and take notes. 

  1. Is the training orientation paid?

Yes. Those who apply for the cashier position at Fred Meyer are often paid a certain amount during the periods of orientation and training. This enables the successful applicants to obtain everything necessary to partake in training. 

  1. I have a son who is 15 years old and want to have work experience. Can he apply?

No. Only people at the age of 18 can apply. But in ray cases, 16 years old may be taken based on their willingness to work and with their parent’s consent. 

  1. How many days does the orientation last?

The orientation program lasts only for 3 days, after which you will be trained. Note that it is a successful application that can be interviewed and invited to partake in the orientation. 

  1. What’s the best advice for someone who’s going for an interview at Fred Meyer?

Don’t be too obsessed, and don’t get a bit tipsy about securing the job. Be calm before and even after the interview. Dress properly but don’t dress to be too impressive. 

Before You Apply

Candidates who apply online should be patient with the system in case of any malfunctioning. And 30 minutes at least is enough to complete all sections in electronic applications. Your customer-client capabilities and interpersonal skills may be assessed during the application process. Fred Meyer is a top-rated and reputable company that has outlived numerous challenges in business for decades. Though their application process is quite easy, be sure to meet up with at least 80 % of the requirement. 

The company is customer-centered, which places the interests of customers above the workers. So, your ability to act cool and interact freely with customers will be beneficial no matter their attitudes. You must be ready to work under changing work conditions and be prepared to meet with customers and co-workers of different temperaments. The key to succeeding into and surviving at Fred Meyer is to dispose yourself to work hard, relate very fine with people, and be honest.  Fred Meyer hugely rewards industriousness, creativity, and honesty, and you might be promoted in just a few years if your qualities are exceptional. 

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Fred Meyer Careers – Job Application, Salary, and Interview Questions

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