Jersey Mike’s Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

Jersey Mike’s Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions & More

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a collaborative and social experience ideal for candidates who enjoy working and serving others. If you want to deliver fresh, high-quality products and excellent customer service, there are a few positions available to you. To become a part of the Jersey Mike’s Careers team, you will have to get in contact with your local Jersey Mike’s or at the location where you desire to work. 

To begin applying online, please use the link: and follow the instructions presented under “Join a Winning Team.” From here, the page will direct you to input the address or area of desired employment. 

Once you have filled out an inquiry at the specified Jersey Mike’s, you will have to wait for a response. Below you may find some valuable information and requirements.

Job Opportunities & Average Salaries (U.S. 2021 Rates)

  • Assistant Store Manager – $13.62/hr
  • Cashier – $9.57/hr
  • Customer Service Associate/Cashier – $10.20/hr
  • Front End Associate – $10.82/hr
  • Opener – $12.42/hr
  • Retail Assistant Manager – $15.06/hr
  • Retail Sales Associate – $14.73/hr
  • Team Supervisor – $15.17/hr
  • Store Manager – $15.59/hr
  • Shop Manager – $40,000/yr

Required Education & Background Checks

  • You do not need any formal education, a high school diploma, or a college/university degree to seek employment at this establishment.
    • Some Jersey Mike’s Subs locations may impose some minimal hiring requirements.
  • Most Jersey Mike’s establishments require background checks.
  • If you are a felon or have a criminal record, the establishment may still hire you.
    • The hiring manager at a specific Jersey Mike’s location may hire a felon or criminal record holder at their discretion.

Steps to the Application Process

  • Be a United States citizen or legally reside in the United States.
  • Be of legal age working age in the United States under state and FLSA guidelines.
  • Some establishments may allow walk-in queries for employment.
    • Abide by all rules and regulations posted inside and outside of the establishment.
    • Be polite and respectful when entering.
    • Wear clean, neat clothing and have good personal hygiene.
  • To begin applying online, please use the link: and follow the instructions carefully.
  • If you fill out an application form (in-person or online) and the management select you for an interview, they will contact you using the information provided on your application.
    • In some cases, a hiring manager may ask applicants to begin working the same day they have applied.

Application & Interview Preparation

Jersey Mike’s Subs is seeking eager, hospitable employees in their often fast-paced working environment. They are looking for dedicated and reliable individuals who want to serve their communities and produce great subs and outstanding customer service. 

It is beneficial to the applicant if they are:

  • Honest
  • Enthusiastic
  • Well-groomed
  • Attentive
  • Engaging
  • Have flexible working hours
  • Have a reliable way to be reached (i.e., a cellphone)
  • Have a ride to and from their desired Jersey Mike’s location
  • Have the ability to follow directions carefully and successfully
  • Do not come into the interview intoxicated via alcohol or drugs
  • Do not use extensive profanity before, during, or after the application/interview process

According to the Jersey Mike’s Subs entry on, the most common ways potential workers receive their interviews are through:

  • Phone call
  • On-site interview
  • Group interview

For whichever option your desired Jersey Mike’s location has chosen, please be mentally and physically prepared using the beneficial qualities and resources listed above. If you are ever uncertain about properly conducting yourself during an interview, please do not be afraid to ask the current management or employees. They may provide helpful insight and information for the position or establishment you are seeking to join. 

COVID-19 Update: Because of the wide-ranging extent of COVID-19, you will likely have to wear a mask if asked for an in-person interview. Please bear this in mind and be aware that you will probably have to wear a mask during regular working hours if hired.

For even more details on what qualities and kinds of people most Jersey Mike’s Subs locations are looking for, please visit their website: and contact them using the information provided through

Interview Basics & Potential Questions

When participating in an interview, you, as the interviewee, are expected to be alert and conversational.  The hiring manager at your designated Jersey Mike’s location will likely want to shake hands or exchange a greeting when you first meet. Try to relax beforehand to ensure that you are doing your best during the process. The purpose of the interview is to assess your compatibility with the offered position. The conversation will last as long or as short as the hiring manager sees fit.

  • Some of the most common questions asked during Jersey Mike’s Subs interviews include:
    • What are your weaknesses and strengths?
    • What is your availability?
    • Do you smoke?
    • Are you currently attending school?
    • Do you have reliable transportation?
    • Can you work full-time or part-time?
    • How did you hear about this position?
    • What are you hoping to achieve by working here?

Once the interview has concluded, you may receive an immediate response if you have been hired or not. Most applicants report that the interview process is straightforward and relaxed and that they received a response from their chosen Jersey Mike’s within 24 hours, although it may take longer. Some people state the interview process took a few minutes up to an hour or even no interview at all. Whatever your case may be, please prepare appropriately. It also recommended that you highlight your enthusiasm for the position and wear business casual unless otherwise stated.

Description of Positions & Responsibilities 

  • Assistant Store Manager
    • Assist the manager in running the daily and necessary functions and operations of the store. Supervise employees, train new hires, ensure a positive working environment, and assist customers. You help carry out the general instructions of the manager by being organized, productive, and proactive. Must meet objectives, be coordinated, make positive suggestions, and handle employees and customers efficiently. Additional responsibilities may include making quick decisions when the manager is not present.

  • Cashier
    • Register and confirm sales using a cash register or an equivalent device (this includes electronics, such as computers, tablets, etc.). Must be honest and know basic math. You manage cash and credit cards and can work with customers with impeccable accuracy, good communication, a friendly demeanor, and are quick to learn the ins and outs that entail the bulk of your profession. Additional responsibilities may include promoting new goods and services and packaging products appropriately.

  • Customer Service Associate/Cashier
    • Register and confirm sales using a cash register or an equivalent device. You retain all of the duties of a general cashier, in addition to welcoming customers into a warm atmosphere, providing a professional attitude, detailing polite and well-thought solutions to disputes, and processing complex returns and services. You maintain and uphold the integrity of the establishment and its wealth. Additional responsibilities may include cleaning, inventory control, and assisting new hires.

  • Front End Associate
    • Understand, facilitate, and maintain all questions and concerns with company products and related services. You must be able to greet and sustain a positive attitude, even when dealing with unruly and distraught customers, and conduct on-the-spot transactions with prestige and dignity. Remember, you are the embodiment of the product. As its representative, you must manage yourself, your fellow sales associates, and the company image with the utmost care.

  • Opener
    • Competent in food preparation, inventory control, and related food preparatory functions. You are a positive, skilled, and quick-thinking individual with the organizational abilities to match. During rush-hour and times of high order volume, you are capable of delivering quality products. Additional responsibilities may include opening the establishment, handling the register if a cashier is unable, maintaining and refilling display cases, and developing a quick rapport with customers.

  • Retail Assistant Manager
    • Oversee sales and inventory. You support the upper management by providing supervision over fellow employees, customers, and merchandise. Employee performance is critical to the daily and necessary functions and operations of the store. Maintaining morale and providing encouragement is essential, as well as overall customer satisfaction. As Retail Assistant Manager, you may take on duties typical to  Cashier, Front End Associate, and Opener if the situation calls for it.

  • Retail Sales Associate
    • Provide accurate product descriptions, helpful suggestions to customers when making a sale, assist with questions and concerns, and offer superb customer service. You are responsible for greeting customers and directing them to make a final purchase. Must know the establishment’s inventory and are well-versed in product varieties and relevant information. Additional responsibilities include keeping the items stocked, cleaning and maintaining display cases, and the ability to register and confirm sales using a cash register or an equivalent device.

  • Team Supervisor
    • Monitor employees and their productivity, report team weaknesses and unfavorable incidents immediately to upper management, provide feedback and solutions to better the team and company image. You are in charge of assisting managers and other supervisors in maintaining a functional and positive working environment. 
    • You must produce and record employee efficiency and evidence if the required timeframe and output do not meet expectations. Must be highly organized, strategic, and able to find a way to strengthen the team and any current and future goals.

  • Shop/Store Manager
    • Assist in running the daily and necessary functions and operations of the store. You are the highest authority of the establishment unless there is a store owner, in which they are the highest authority. Supervise employees, train new hires, adequately address problematic situations and individuals, direct assistant managers to their appropriate tasks, ensure a positive working environment, and assist customers. 
    • You motivate your team and are highly proactive and organized. You are an impeccable strategist concerned with how to keep the business afloat and to thrive. 
    • Must meet objectives, be coordinated, make positive suggestions, and handle employees and customers efficiently. Must make quick decisions when the owner is not present or in place of the owner. Additional responsibilities may include taking on the duties typical to Cashier, Customer Service Associate/Cashier, Front End Associate, Opener, Retail Assistant Manager, Retail Sales Associate, and Team Supervisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Jersey Mike’s Subs drug test?
    • All establishments have the right to impose minimal requirements and restrictions so long as they are not discriminating against race, gender, or sexuality. Any Jersey Mike’s location may require a drug test before, during, or after the hiring process, depending on location and management practices. According to about half of the responses on, they do not drug test regularly.
  2. How flexible are the hours at Jersey Mike’s Subs?
    • Working hours at select establishments may vary widely. Some locations and management practices may require regular working hours or expect employees to cover shifts when others cannot. Some locations may require double-shifts, and other sites require adequate notice of absence if you wish to take time off. According to about half of the responses on, the hours are very flexible.
  3. How often is the pay at Jersey Mike’s Subs?
    • Many franchises have adopted bi-weekly models of payment at their establishments. However, the scheduled dispersal at your chosen Jersey Mike’s location may vary. Some areas may alter this, depending on management practices. According to about ninety percent of the responses on, the pay is bi-weekly. Not all locations offer direct deposits.
  4. Are there tips and benefits at Jersey Mike’s Subs? How much and what are they?
    • There are tips and benefits at most Jersey Mike’s Subs locations. The amount and extent of the bonuses vary widely.  The establishment owner typically places all of the gratuities together and distributes the amount evenly between employees. According to about seventy percent of the responses on, there are regular tips added to paychecks. 
  • Potential bonuses at Jersey Mike’s Subs include:
    • Potential Free Food
    • Potential discounts on food
    • Potential Overtime
    • Potential employee rewards program/referral program
    • Potential Health Benefits
    • Potential flexibility on working hours
    • Potential Pay Increase


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Jersey Mike’s Careers – Job Application, Salary & Interview Questions

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