PEPSI CAREERS: Job Application, Salary, Benefits Complete Guide

PEPSI CAREERS: Job Description, Salary, Requirements, Age, Application Process, Benefits Complete Guide


JOB DESCRIPTION: Pepsi careers offer an administrative responsibility with a first-hand relationship between the organization and the community/people. 


  • Update calendars and keeping records of expenses and income. 
  • In charge of picking calls and connecting calls to the right quarters. 
  • Sends, sorts, and distributes emails and memos.
  • Puts together details and prepare the place needed for meetings, training, and board sessions. 
  • In charge of receiving visitors.
  • Arrange for traveling accommodations, tickets, needs, etc.
  • Keeps record of every call, email, and letter that are meant for the organization. 
  • Create a weekly duty tab housing the task for the week and each day.
  • Submit the reviews of the week to the Human Resource Department.
  • Ensure that details are given for daily appointments.
  • Schedule meetings and create friendly relationships. 
  • Work with the team heads to allocate the timetable for the week with each responsibility, role, and assignment outlined. 
  • Creation of a logbook with documentation of the new job opportunities opened and the requirements necessary. 
  • Schedule interviews for recruits and follow up with emails and calls at different stages of application. 

SALARY: $15 per hour. 40 hours per week.


  • A high school diploma or a degree in sociology or a similar discipline. 
  • Additional certification in Office Management or Customer Relations is a plus. 
  • Minimum of 2-years experience in similar positions. 
  • Highly skilled in Microsoft (Office, Excel, PowerPoint) 
  • Good communication skills.
  • Closeness to office and relocation in case of distance. 
  • Professional fluency in the English Language. Other languages like French is an additional outstanding edge. 
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision. 
  • Attentive to details and assignments with proper documentation  
  • Ability to create a friendly environment and relationship.
  • Result oriented and accurate to details, delivery, and feedback. 

AGE: 23 years – 30 years old


Send your Resume/Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter to [email protected] using either a pdf format or doc format as an attachment using the job post as the subject of the mail and then write a little about yourself and what makes you outstanding above the other applicants to make you worth being called for the interview and also given the job. 


  • Health Insurance
  • Accommodation in Case of Distance
  • Yearly Bonuses and Incentives. 


Having fulfilled all the above requirements and gone through the job descriptions, you can then forward your resume and cover letter to the email using the job post as the subject of the mail and use the body of the mail as an access point to sell yourself well putting in everything that you know can make you outstanding and put your resume at the edge of. Securing the job and being a part of the team and organization. After sending your resume, we will take at least 14 working days to review all application after the closure of the deadline then we would send a mail across to as many that was able to scale through the first selection process. We would call for the first interview process where tests would be carried out wherein those who passed would then be able to get to the last step. 

The last selection step will be where there would be an oral interview with a fee of our team heads who would ask questions as related to your field and knowledge of both the company and the job on which you have chosen to after which we would send a return mail to the shortlisted ones who have been given the job. This would be the last step that will usher in the onboarding process, and then you are welcome to the team.  In case you were not shortlisted, you sure can visit our career page in search of other job opportunities that are open. 

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PEPSI CAREERS: Job Application, Salary, Benefits Complete Guide

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