Taking a Job with Less Money to be Happy

sometimeTaking a job with less money to be happy

Are you wondering if Taking Less Money to be Happy is a good idea?

Work plays a crucial part in our lives. An average person spends an estimated total of 90,000 hours of his/her life at work which is one-third of your life. Judging from this calculation, it’s safe to say that work has a gigantic impact on our lives in numerous ways and it’s understandable because we dedicate a huge amount of our time there. We all work hard to make ends meet, provide for our families, excel in careers, and secure our futures. And the reason most people hate their jobs is, they are not happy doing what they are doing but the only motive behind is money. But point to ponder, is a fat paycheck enough to make your soul content? 

As reported by The Conference Board’s survey results, out of 5000 USA households, only 45% of people are actually content with their jobs.

You are the world’s luckiest person if you are doing something you actually love doing. You are about to spend 1/3rd  part of your lifetime at whatever workplace you choose, so why not make the experience delightful and choose a fulfilling profession that actually aligns with your interests and keeps you motivated?  And in that scenario, if you are able to make a decent living with it, that’s the cherry on top. Maybe that won’t make you a millionaire, maybe you won’t be able to afford that fancy car, but it sure is worth it, if it inspires, you to get up every day happily, and dances with your soul. And you no longer have to worry about dreadful Mondays or boring corporate meetings. 

Here, is a list of things to keep in mind, in case you are planning to leave your current highly paying job or about to begin your career in fields that won’t generate that much money but will surely make you happier. Let’s dive in, shall we?? 

Following your passion might not lead you towards job satisfaction

Do not get me wrong. I know very few lucky people have the privilege of doing what they actually love. 

But having trouble working long shifts does not necessarily mean you are not worthy of your fancy corporate job, and work fatigue does not mean you suck at your job and need to leave. Also, what if you are not good at what you always wanted to do?  And what if you take a less paying job for happiness but end up getting more exhausted?  So the point is, do not try to follow the trend of hating full-time jobs but analyze all aspects. Can you afford that risk? Are you actually good at it? Is that beneficial in the long run?  I am the flag bearer of the statement that money does not equate to happiness, but I plead you to examine these few factors if that ideal job you are looking at, is actually favorable for you.

Have a clear vision about your next plans

Taking a job that is offering less salary package is most certainly a terrible career move if you are going in the same industry with similar duties. If you simply need an escape from a heavy workload and never-ending deadlines, you need to re-evaluate your plans because this won’t work in the long run nor will it make you happy. You will always have approaching deadlines, and you deserve to move forward in your career and life, so make sure if this new opportunity brings some comfort in your life? Besides paying your bills. 

You’re planning a career change

In a scenario where you want to change your career path because either you are bored at your job or simply because you want to explore another career. In majority occurrences, it’s a good notion because there’s so much to explore and learn in another field and especially when you love it. For instance, senior web developers planning to take a teaching job. Now obviously they won’t get as much income as the last job(most probably because they lack experience in the field), but because teaching is a very rewarding job and in that case, you can easily compromise on less pay. You will get new experiences and perspectives. You will excel in a totally new career altogether, and when you are willing to do that, then it’s a total win-win situation. 

There is a substantial learning curve

If a job that certainly makes you happy, has a massive room to learn new things, and to evolve yourself professionally, a less pay package might not be the deal-breaker there. Similarly, like the above example, if you see potential in the new job that will let you learn and build new skills, grab it. 

If it’s Great for your mental health

Hectic schedules and crazy workloads might take a huge toll on your physical as well as mental health. And how do you expect to stay productive and joyful at a job that is mentally draining you? In that scenario, you might consider taking another job opportunity that will allow you to gain back your confidence and get comfortable doing your job. You deserve to slow down a bit and take a breather.

Working hours and environment suit you

Is your social life non-existent?? Are your relationships and personal life getting affected besides your mental health because of crazy long shifts? You might be in desperate need of some fresh air and a flexible workforce, that gives you enough freedom to balance your personal and professional life, have a relaxing weekend and mental rest.

It goes perfectly with your skillset and personality

You might feel down if you are still stuck in the same position, you started your career. Your ideas are never valued, you are never encouraged to showcase your creative side, you feel no room to grow as a professional and promotion seems unattainable. You are tired of office politics and gossip mongers. Seems like an exhausting place to be, right?? You might definitely want to switch places with a drama-free environment where your creativity is welcomed and chances are bigger to boost your skillset as well. It is beneficial to accept that less paying job if it guarantees to keep you focused and protect your sanity. Might as well result in a fancy job title, and open several new doors for you, sometime in the future. 

You want to provide your skills for a company that has just started

You may want to avail this option if you are done with the financial backing and years of professional experience, and now want to support a new small organization that is just entering the business, by providing your much needed, loyal services. New companies are always eagerly looking for skilled and experienced professionals. Most certainly their paycheck won’t be as thick as your last one, but you are doing it in pure support and bliss, so why not?? 

Now as you must have pretty much developed the idea about things to consider if you are the one to prioritize happiness over money. Now allow us to break down 18 types of jobs that won’t make you the wealthiest of them all but will give you triumphant eternal bliss.

  • Counseling: You are an ideal candidate for this job if you are a people person, who loves to talk to people and listen to them. You can give your services in various ways be it career counseling, therapy sessions, or rehabilitation centers. It’s a very rewarding job as you see the influence of your words on people and how it empowers them beautifully. You get to see numerous people of all ages groups and walks of life and listen to their stories. You get to see life from so many angles and seek inspiration from these stories. It’s empowering in true senses. 
  • Tour guide: This one is a dream job for the folks who love traveling around the globe. You get to meet people from distinct parts of the world while exploring the most gloriously breathtaking and picturesque visuals. 
  • Writing: Now you must be thinking why on earth is this profession on this list because you supposed every New York Times bestselling author must be lying in a bathtub of money and basking in money shine… Well, this might be true. But writing is a very vast profession, and you can’t be a millionaire in all the other departments. Writing, in general, is a very therapeutic experience and when you take it as something more than a job, it can be quite fulfilling and enjoyable. You can make a decent living by taking a freelance writing job as a product description writer, resume writer, academic assignment writer, or article writer, on flexible working hours from home. You can get paid for writing book reviews. (cherry on top if you are a bookworm) Also, you can provide your services as a translator if someone is looking to translate their documents. Getting success in this department can be a bit long, and tiresome, but you can go a long way if you have a passion for writing and sheer determination. 
  • Human rights advocate:  It’s a shame that we have entered in 2021, but we still have to fight against racism, homophobia, and animal cruelty. How gratifying it is to become a voice of people, and representing their issues. Living a life advocating and standing up for them?? Dedicating your life to these actual issues make you feel like your life has a meaning, and there’s a purpose you’re here. A less salary package or even no salary at all, nothing shatters the determination of these folks. 
  • A caregiver at local authority children homes/ residential group homes/ retirement homes: You can provide your services at these children’s care and old age people home as their caretaker. In the USA, a female caretaker is referred to as a ‘matron’. But there are several other duties that you can fulfill such as a doctor, nurse, teacher, psychologist, mental health specialist, social worker, cleaner, laundry worker, cook, discipline in charge, and administrator, etc. 
  • Teaching: Now college and university professors actually make quite a fair income, but it’s on the list if you plan to go in a slightly different way. You can be a kindergarten teacher or a special education instructor. It’s another rewarding and fulfilling job. Seeing your students absorbing the knowledge you give, adapting your traits, and finally growing and blossoming into successful young adults is quite an emotional journey. It’s a very selfless job because you always want your students to succeed in life even more than you. These are the things you do just because they feel meaningful to your soul and make you happy. Also, if you do not want to make it tiresome by making it an obligatory job, you can give tuition to as many people as you want and the subject of your choice, on flexible working hours. You can provide your services as a teacher, online as well. 
  • Firefighter: This is a tough job because firefighters are bound to always remain available, and ready to reach a location anytime their services are needed. But it’s very soul-satisfying to protect people and save lives, by putting your own life in danger.

Shout out to all those brave amazing fellas!! 

  • Gardening: If plants bring you comfort, and they are more than an aesthetic for you, you can turn into their guardian angel. Being around the plants is so therapeutic, they calm your soul and reduce stress levels. Moreover, they enrich concentration ability, memory, and attention span by 20 percent. If you are cognizant of certain gardening skills like regular monitoring, watering, and trimming of plants, a design sense, and have knowledge about different species of flowers and plants, this joyful job might be perfect for you. Might as well not even refer to it as a job because these plants are your children.
  • Nursing: It is a demanding job since you can always be called for an emergency. If you have an empathetic soul and tender heart who feels people’s sufferings, you will definitely feel a strong connection with this profession. You get a chance to look after the people and bring them comfort. Sometimes you develop a bond with admitted patients and it’s a bittersweet moment when they are about to leave.
  • Babysitter/Nanny: Do you enjoy playing and indulging in games with babies?  These little angels are a source of instant serotonin boost. You are supposed to play around, manage the small cleaning duties, and just hang out with these mates.
  • Dog daycare:  Who does not like taking care, hanging out, and massaging cute doggos?? It’s quite a wholesome job where you are most likely going to spend your day taking care of their food, hygiene, taking them out for a walk, and receiving love from them all day. 
  • Chef: Cooking is genuine art. Do you take ingredients and turn them into an artsy delicious dish? Receiving numerous compliments afterwards? Have your cooking skills got your friends and family people licking their fingers? You! My friend has got the potential to be a cook. Now you might have this hobby for a while and, you are planning to turn this into a fully committed profession. Restaurants are always looking for skillful cooks who can create magic in the kitchen on different recipes. Though it can be a daunting job at times as customers can get quite snappy when they do not get food on time or do not like the taste. You have to take extra care of hygiene, expiration dates of eating items, and fresh food. But when you have got talent, and management skills in your hands, you can do wonders. 
  • Cake decorator: Being surrounded by cookies, donuts, cakes, muffins, and pastries, seems like a dreamland, isn’t it?? If you contain an understanding of baking and decorating these things, you can be an impeccable cake baker. As a cake decorator, you will collect orders from customers, prepare customized cakes, cupcakes, and pastries for different events including bachelorette bash, birthday, graduation, and wedding cakes, according to customer’s requirements and then deliver it to their place. It’s never a boring day in the life of a baker, as you are doing something soothing and cheerful, and making money out of it. 
  • Painter: This is one another job they said about “choose an occupation you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life.” This fact is also considerable that artists hardly make enough money to meet ends, which is sad… And this economy and in times like these, it’s pretty much a bad idea to leave your 9-5 in the name of following your heart. You can always make time for your love for painting, take further courses, and hope that one day you will succeed in getting a big break and turn your passion into a profession.
  • Amusement and recreation attendant job: Amusement and recreation attendants are hired by amusement and theme parks, expo and exhibition fairs. Job duties and responsibilities include managing and monitoring a series of activities during these events. These responsibilities include managing sales, revenue, arranging pieces of equipment for participants, selling tickets, and collect fees, attending customers, and serving them, etc. These types of jobs are seasonal, so this might not be your long-term career path, but you can take this job part-time for some extra coins. 
  • Photography: An artistic eye, attention to detail, aesthetic sense, a great camera, a few editing, and technical skills. Did I just present you with the ultimate aspiring photographer starter pack??  Yes, I did. Whenever I hear the word dream-job, photography comes to my mind in a fraction of a second. There are several fancy photography workshops and courses that you can avail of to polish your skills if you are passionate about it. You can adopt photography as a hobby as well. And in case you are planning to launch a full-fledged photography career, a little attention to marketing might do wonders. Create Instagram and Facebook pages and flex your portfolio. Soon you will start getting paid gigs. And the best thing about this profession is, you can take pictures of people of your choice. No pun intended, but literally, it is a boundless profession. You can do brand shoots, celebrity portraits, business head shots, wildlife, documentary, fashion, wedding, and events photography. Specialize in any one niche that entices you the most. It is better to stick to one, instead of being all over the place. 
  • Hairdresser: I mean as a hairdresser, you won’t wake up one day discovering you have been fired or your skill decided to leave you alone. Even in arduous economic times and severe Covid lockdowns, everybody still needs haircuts and styling. If your hands have this skill, you will never run out of work. Plus, this job is super flexible. Work on your own in your own home, at a TV show set, or grab a comb and scissors and visit your client’s place. You get to meet new people every day, which helps you develop your interpersonal skills, time management, understanding customer’s psychology, and networking from a business perspective.
  • YouTube: If you have made your money and feel like following your heart and being your own boss, you can probably start your own YouTube venture. Step into any niche you resonate most with, be it Fashion, beauty, and skincare, hair care, hair styling, gaming, lifestyle, food, traveling vlogs, Comedy, gaming, celebrity looks review, books/movies reviews, the law of attraction, tarot reading, ASMR, web development, graphic designing tutorials like anything you like. It’s such humongous industry, and it might take a long time to drive traffic and create a presence online, but hang in there, remain patient. As long, you have gotten the chance to do what you love, money and views should not be your driving force. 


After this detailed breakdown, we are certain you have pretty much developed the idea that money is a necessary need. And no one can be happy when they can’t pay their bills. But the problem arises when your only motivation behind work is money. That is when it is not all right. Because an unhappy work experience will suck your soul and won’t allow you to stay productive. In that case, if you are courageous enough, say yes to that job offer that might pay you a little less, but you sense a professional growth, a chance to establish new skills, the work environment is admirable, or simply because mountains are calling you to join them as an adventure tour guide. Better opportunities, career change, chance to finally grab that shiny dream job or a breath of fresh air, whatever your motivation is, pre-calculate the aftermath, give your best, and just stay determined. This is life, and we are not in the middle of a constant scary exam. Take a breather phewww…

Taking a Job with Less Money to be Happy

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