Papa John’s Careers: Job Application, Salary & Benefits

Papa Johns Careers - A Complete Guide

In today’s article, we will be learning about the world’s 4th best pizza shop, “Papa John’s” Background, about the career opportunity in the company, what salary is given based on the roles and responsibilities that an individual must produce work, the application process, the next step to be taken and the benefits engrossed in the company for the employees. Let us know it in a detailed manner and get to know about the growth of the company.

Nowadays, people have an instant eating habit, and everything people need is to use it on the go. So, eatable items like delicious pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and other munchie are related examples to suit this. To equally serve people for their needs, the company employees are trained to fill the customer’s choice of food items, fast-serving, quick delivery, and quick response to satisfy the customers’ expectations. The store and the store like curbside delivery and online food bookings are also important criteria for the company that runs on both platforms. Let us know some of the available jobs at Papa John’s and how they are motivated to serve the customers endlessly.

Company Background

Papa John’s has been serving customers for mouth-watering pizza and others down the list for around 36 years, which started in 1984. It is considered to be people’s favorite choice of eating tasty, colorful pizza till now. Not that the food they make is special but in the way they pamper and train the employee to deliver yummy pizzas and its variants right from the ingredients to bring a unique taste, the food making, hygiene, packing, delivering(most crucial, needs so much effort, being active). All of this is made possible only by hiring an active candidate to fit for such positions. The candidates are also hired for entry-level as well as the management-oriented job too. The freshers and existing employees are given extensive training to do a quality and purposeful job.

Competitors of Papa John’s

In the food segments of the company delivering instant foods, there are near. Leading competitors for Papa John’s such as Dominos, Papa Murphy, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar, Crust, etc. these are some top competitors for Papa Johns. The latter play well at the market by training their employees, compensating good salary, capturing the needs and expectations of current trends and mind-set of the audience to give value through food. Papa John’s is distinct for its best culture and inclusivity with the oneness of the employees who are fond of expanding the company’s brand image and its brand value with all the customers and competitors.

Job Opportunity at Papa John’s 

  1. The job availability is inevitably good for all the zones of working inside the company.
  2. The company is best at the employees’ refined hiring, which means the employees are hired based on the fast-moving skills, quick ability to work with extended times, fast-serving attitude to satisfy the customer, engaging with the team, and supporting the team leader, etc
  3. . The company hires freshers, i.e., entry-level and previously worked experienced candidates who have the same working background similar to this potential company.There are career choices like Pizza makers, Delivery Drivers, Distribution centers, Transportation & CDL drivers, Corporate, IT. under these categories.
  4. You can choose suitable jobs where you can sustain your career to leverage in the future potentially. As the company gives effective training to understand your strength and shape your current skills you can go with your suitable job.
  5. The company practices effective hiring of choosing the potential employee through a two-step process.
  6. One of them is an application process where you get shortlisted, and the second is an in-person interview where you can pitch why it is good to get into this job
  7. . We will know the most applied jobs at Papa John’s in the requirement section, which discusses the candidates’ roles and responsibilities necessary for the company.

Salary at Papa John’s 

  1. The Salary plays a valuable benefit for the employees to motivate, involve, engage working with the teams and individual tasks. Papa John’s has completely understood the employee’s working-level based on the difficulty of the jobs to facilitate them and the carried benefits, which positively made the employees work productively. Here is the list of the average hourly salary given to the employees,
  2. The salary for Papa John’s Shift Leader starts at $11 per hour.
  3. The salary for Papa John’s Delivery Driver is around $10 to $12 per hour.
  4. The range of salary offered based on the above roles is around $8 per hour for Entry-level jobs like the Restaurant Customer Service Representative.
  5. The range of salary offered based on the above roles is around $20 per hour for the Associate level jobs like for the General Manager.
  6. The range of salary offered based on the above roles is around $12 per hour for Entry-level jobs like the Assistant Manager.
  7. The salary for Papa John’s Pizza Maker is around $10 to $13 per hour.
  8. The range of salary offered based on the above roles is around $18 per hour for the Associate level jobs like the Distribution Team Member.
  9. The range of salary offered based on the above roles is around $12 per hour for Entry-level jobs like the Production Team Member.
  10. The range of salary offered based on the above roles is around $17 to $18 per hour for Associate jobs like the Administrative Assistant.

Requirements at Papa John’s 

At Papa John’s, there are entry-level jobs, management jobs where candidates can choose the best job suitable for them to leverage their desired career at the company. The jobs are picked at random in each of the domains and briefed.

Shift Leader 

  1. Though this job seems too simple, it is way above what we think and involves every time, noting the shifts are properly suitable when serving food to the customers. 
  2. The candidate must hold a high school degree and have good communication knowledge in giving instant answers to the customers and the employee working at the company.
  3.  The candidate must also be efficient in handling the equipment pieces if some technical issues are happening quickly and report to the service equipment team to look through the problem. 
  4. They are responsible for solving conflicts that happen during different shift timings.

Delivery Driver 

  1. The candidate needs to have a driving license and authorized car insurance, which is the job’s basic requirement. Needn’t have superior degrees, but a high school degree or diploma can be admitted.
  2.  The work is simple as to stay updated with the cooking team and delivery counter to take on the customers who ordered pizzas and the team members.
  3.  The candidate must ensure that they deliver it to the right customers with the right food, as most of the time, returning the order should be avoided. 
  4. So, the driver must ensure the smoothness of delivering pizzas to make the customer delight.
  5. The driver should be flexible traveling to the customer places to reach their food properly.

Team Member 

  1. The necessary degree needed for this kind of position is a high school degree or diploma.
  2.  Candidates applying for this position must know to treat their customers with good respect and maintain friendly nature in the first position
  3.  Must be well-versed in treating the customers when they need successive food ordering and being agile working to and from the workstation to the customer’s spot.Above all, the candidate must clean the eating place where the customers have their food.
  4.  The candidate must also update their working team members about the customer concerns that can be taken to the top department for making changes. 
  5. The job-role is for full-time and half-time as well.

Restaurant Customer Service Representative 

  1. The necessary candidate must hold a high school degree and have at least a year of sales experience, and drive monetary benefit to the company. 
  2. The candidate has to communicate with customers, get engaged with them, seek food orders, and share the company’s exciting combos and offers
  3. . The customer service representative must educate the sales team to focus on customer needs and problems raised when delivering food at improper locations or misplaced food deliveries
  4. .All the customer holdings regarding the food and its discharging delivery have to be noted keenly to improve their service further. 
  5. Provoking the in-store eating experience must also be important for driving sales which they have to concentrate on.

General Manager  

  1. The manager applying for this position must be a graduate in management studies who know to operate multiple restaurant chains, whether it is a franchise or combined or stand-alone.
  2.  The manager must have a good managerial and taught-leadership preaching a matured leadership style and inculcating the employees’ values working under this role. 
  3. The manager must take care right from hiring, selecting, and onboarding to the customers’ happiness. 
  4. Working simultaneously for 2 and above chains of the company, the manager must have 360-degree monitoring of several responsibilities for all the chains he is taking care of.
  5. This is again a permanent full-time role.

Assistant Manager 

  1. The manager who is applying for this position must hold a high school degree that is mandatory and possess fair leadership skills to attract the team members and workstation teams to focus on doing their work effectively. 
  2. The manager working for this role will assist the General Manager in informing whether things are going well in the company and what needs to change when treating the customers with joy if they aren’t satisfied with the food or service. 
  3. Handling employee’s queries in doing work and helping them make a valuable decision to do a smart job in the agile environment.

Pizza Maker 

  1. This is full-time or part-time working. The candidate who needs to work in this position must be a high school graduate or, if not, at least must have experience in gaining certifications in pizza making artists who must fulfill the customer’s tummy with their exquisite taste in pizza, other food items, etc. 
  2. They must take care of their working station to maintain cleanliness throughout the process of cooking, topping, and saucing the pizza. Must be quickly able to deliver the cake to the respective customer’s places.
  3.  Should have excellent creative skills in cooking yummy pizzas to surprise the customers by introducing new flavors that delight them. Must constantly check on with the team members to update the customer’s expectations on serving hot pizzas. 

Distribution Team Member  

  1. The candidate must hold a high school degree or diploma to fit this job. Previous employment work experience must be related to loading and unloading trucks, checking for the products’ quality when they’re moved from one place to another. 
  2. The candidate must comply with the PJFS Safety and Standards for dealing with the products.
  3.  The candidate must have handled working with the advanced picking system to move the product from the distribution center to the truck to reach the people. 
  4. The candidate should be updating the quality issues, product defects, and safety concerns to the company’s shift leaders to make further changes to these faults.

Production Team Members 

  1. The candidate must hold a high school degree or diploma to be experienced at functioning with the dough trays, loading the doughs properly as per the counts needed for making pizza’s, washing, cleaning, and maintaining the trays, stacking them on others without damaging the tray’s, rinse, sanitize, clean the food processing equipment to ensure the food is cooked in that equipment properly. 
  2. The candidate must ensure to practice the Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) for sanitation and cleanliness without any contaminants or waste materials present in those pieces of equipment. Must be good at operating the floor and maintaining pieces of equipment.

Administrative Assistant 

  1. The candidate must hold a high school degree or diploma. The candidate must support the admin department, accounting, travel arrangements, etc
  2. . Just make sure that the customer’s queries through the phone calls and messaging back through emails help the customers giving them a valuable solution.

Age Criteria of Papa John’s

  1. Based on the above job requirements, I would like to fetch the age necessities that Papa John’s is looking forward to keeping them permanently in their company. Compared to most of the companies, there are age restrictions when some young aged group joins as a fresher. But in Papa John’s, the opportunity is given even at the age of 15 and above.
  2. The young age candidates are most welcomed to do their work more creatively and stay active and engaged. Similarly, the minimum age requirement of the manager to join the company is 18 and above. But there are some age qualifications in need for the important job levels, where candidates must have gained more experience than the entry-level jobs that usually freshers get hired for. For example, let’s consider here from the roles mentioned above.
  3. The Production Manager needs to have 1 and above experience in the supervising operations in the previous, so the hiring age of the candidates itself is nearly 25 and above the age group. So, based on these kinds of age criteria, the candidates are hired. The age is considered important because the work-quality is needed to be produced from every candidate to the task assigned for their respective roles.

Application Process of Papa John’s 

  1. The applying process in Papa John’s Jobs is pretty simple. One can prefer applying the form in either online or offline mode. If you want to apply through either of the modes, you have to fill out few segments in the form containing:
  2. Name, Home Address, Telephone Number, Area that you want to apply, Date of starting to join in the company, level of the work (Full-time, Part-time, or Temporary), List of days that you are available for working (Durations mentioned), and the Age criteria(If below 18 you need to type out your age).
  3. Page 2 has the educational qualification elaborated in section 2, High School, College, and Post-Graduation.
  4. Segment 3 has a work experience section where you need to elaborate on the experiential qualification gained from the workplace to enhance more in the potential workplace. And have to upload your resume at the end of the page.
  5. The 4th Segment has a work authorization check and criminal check whether you belong to the United States legally and mark YES or NO for the criminal background check.
  6. The final segment agrees that you have given the true information and data to review during the application process and enter the submit button when finished reading the application agreement, and this is not an employee’s consent legal statement.

Benefits at Papa John’s

The employees are often paid with fair wages and facilitated with a handful of benefits covering health insurance, vision, dental, drugs, and wellness benefits. If the employee is moving from one position to the next superior position, the employee benefits get upgraded, which covers lots of membership and vacation surprise packages that give employees more motivation and work with high productivity. If it is for female candidates, the above benefits are added along with parental and maternal caretaking leave with flexible hour timings for those set of female working candidates.


We have headed to the final piece of this article. I hope all of the details have given you many insights about the Papa John’s career throughputs to know about the employee work culture, job roles, and responsibilities, Salary, benefits, and perks to encourage the employee to work more in the company, the age criteria to hire an employee along with the application process to get hired to the preferred location that you need to join. I had a great time with you all sharing the career guide of Papa Johns and looking forward to engaging you all with an upcoming article.  

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Papa John’s Careers: Job Application, Salary & Benefits

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