Amscot Careers: Job Application, Salary & Duties

Amscot Career

Amscot is an American company founded in 1989 and is based in Florida, out of Tampa. It is a financial service corporate and operates all through the state of Florida. It has more than 200 sites with over 2000 partners and benefits over 3 million clients throughout the year. 

Amscot employs various employees, including Branch manager, assistant manager, branch leader, financial advisor, and customer service associate. Each job has different duties and qualifications, including educational background, some skills, and previous experience. This article will further detail the job requirements, the process of applying for a job in Amscot, salary, and the benefits an employee receives when they work for Amscot. 

Amscot Careers: Everything You Need To Know

Amscot benefits from each favorable circumstance for enlargement and employs more personnel daily to fill the numerous jobs generated through the company’s growth. The organization frequently presents loads of entry-level and supervisorial employment chances because of its maximum growth rate amongst Florida’s financial service suppliers

. Usually, the entry-level employees occupy the financial service associate position and represent the most expansive available job title at the branch station location. Each department workplace additionally employs leaders and executives to oversee associates and ensure business success.

Amscot continues notably useful workplace surroundings with the aid of hiring hardworking associates, promotion from within on every occasion possible, and imparting aggressive employment rewards or advantages.

The Florida-based employer searches for applicants with preceding experience in banking, client service, and retail or restaurant industry to make sure they hire the most effective certified employees. Other than remunerative pay rates, they offer a convenient and exciting flexible schedule. When necessary, the employees have and to work a diversity of weekend, daytime, and evening shifts. Their stations retain a stretched business hours every day of the year, with some working around the clock. 

Amscot Careers

Bank Manager:

Amscot branch manager is an executive in charge of a particular branch office of the company. Managers and leaders come together to ensure the new associates’ professionalism and competence, business profitability, and client satisfaction. The company places great confidence in them, expecting them to run their offices as their own business.

They have a variety of duties, including; supervise approvals of loans, line credits, and different financial plans, marketing the department within the community to attract business, helping with the customer support and satisfaction, documents and translates complex monetary facts for financial institution clients, supervise and maintain all banking techniques and processes, supervising the employees on how to carry out their duties, recruiting, vetting, interviewing and hiring new employees, overseeing and scheduling work shifts, supply consistent feedback to the workers, compelling the policies of the company among the employees and consumers.

Like any other career, branch manager should possess the following requirements; have a high school diploma and different levels of education, must have previous related experience, excellent communication skills, outstanding leadership, and strong analytical skills, able to multitask ad manage various projects at once, perception on banking products, markets, and appropriate laws. 

According to PayScale, the financial branch manager earns about $46239 annually. Their average salary range from $33573 to $61112 yearly. Amscot pays them about $18 per hour. 

Assistant Manager:

He or she operates closely with the branch manager. Their duties include assisting in acquiring new clients, compel procedures and policies of the company, maintaining the store’s precise financial records, and arranging for excellent client services. They have the following skills; excellent mediators, quick decision-makers or problem solvers, great communication skills, and detail-oriented. Their average salary is $15 hourly. 

Branch Leader:

Their duties are similar to that of the assistant and branch manager. He or she is a customer service prototype and retains precise accountancy records for the store and ensures corporate policies and procedures. They have these abilities; flexibility, strategic thinking skills, creativity, active listening, and organization. They earn a salary of an average of $20 per hour. 

Financial advisor: The financial advisor for the corporate will assist clients with the monetary help of cash advances for the short term. He or she will assist associates and branch managers with the company’s non-bank-related services and cash handling duties. He or she will also educate and advise their clients about their finances. Their skills include; analytical and research skills, networking, relationship establishment with the clients influencing and negotiation skills, and excellent communication skills. They expect an average of 14.00 dollars hourly. 

Financial Service Associate:

They are obligated to accommodate more than 2.5 million clients who depend on Amscot. Daily, they exhaust diverse monetary transactions. Their duties include: collecting payments on utility bills, cashing checks, help clients with additional in-store services, including making photocopies, wiring money, sending faxes and buying stamps, preparing money orders, processing requests for advance cash.

The financial service associates must also possess the following requirements; have a high school diploma or GED, must be flexible and willing to work a few nights and weekends, they should have good communication skills and customer service mindset, comfortable working on their feet- able to lift to 20 pounds, pass pre-employment credits checks. 

Financial Service Associate Salary:

The Amscot financial pay financial service associates an average of $14 per hour. Their salaries range from $13 to $17 hourly.  Amscot pays attention to the core values that lead them to be a first-rate company. They respect the values of integrity, apprehension, energy, and the capacity to make it happen. If you got those identical values, then they have got job scope or careers for you. Their mission is to offer a handy and pleasant financial service to their clients while their associates earn above medium pay in the field. 

Age Requirements For Amscot Job:

Amscot is searching for individuals who have preceding banking experience, any reviews on the restraint or retail industry, and a customer service background. The minimum required age to work at Amscot is 18 years old. They should be motivated, hardworking, and bright individuals. 

Application Process:

Multiple distinct forms of careers can be applied online by creating an account and finalizing the application process. Observe the steps listing below to get to know how to fill and submit the job application. This process is, of course, done online. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, proceed to the corporates prime employment page to scour the jobs online.
  • To on the most input field, type a keyword or job title. To the second input field, type your location. Click on the search engine to deliver the listing of the ongoing job openings.
  • The job opening available can be straightened out by country, relevance, date, or city. To begin the application procedure, press the task name hyperlink of the career. The job description will appear on your screen. 
  • Go through the job requirements and descriptions and then jam the outlined red buttons. 
  • For one to continue with the application process, they have to create an account. In the first input field, enter your email address, and input your password to the other two. Click the icon ‘Create Account’ to file your new account. 
  • You will be capable of filling out the application form online once you create an account. 

When a job applicant wants to view their application status, they can do so at any time by looking at the applications submitted through reverting to the Amscot career page, logging in, and jamming the tab classified ‘My Tasks.’ The online device then takes the guest to a display screen with a segment known as ‘My Submittals,’ which includes a list of jobs formerly applied. Jobseeker then decides every role’s status by clicking on the task name corresponding with the specific vacancy.  

A recruiter or supervisor should effectuate an interview if they are hiring after receiving your application online. It can either be a group interview or a one-on-one interview. The talk takes place in the office. There is a 30 minutes math test for simple math questions in Amscot jobs. To be considered for placement, you must have a score of 85% to 90% correct answers. Proper advice for one when going for an interview is to dress professionally and be time conscious. Also, one can be asked to journey for over 26miles for work.

Benefits offered by Amscot

Working at Amscot has its advantageous opportunities since it supplies desirable employees with clarified employment benefits. The financial company offers fast career advancement, paid holidays and vacations, and short-term and long-term disability insurance. Other benefits include: 

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • Health insurance is a settlement between a coverage holder and a health insurer that calls for the health insurer to pay for all or at least a part of clinical costs. Employees need this insurance for both anticipated and sudden health care expenses, including emergency stays, severe surgeries, or ordinary visits to the hospital. It is advantageous to most people since these hospital expenses are costly, and some might not afford them. 
  • Visual insurance is a supplemental medical insurance plan that allows you to lessen your vision care-associated expense. These plans will cover a few services and products consisting of glasses and eye exams. 
  • Dental insurance is a type of health insurance contemplated to compensate for expenses related to dental care. 

Life insurance 

This is an agreement between the insurance company and the policyholder, where a particular amount of money is paid by the insurance company to the insured individual family at the time of death. It shields your family and enables you to leave behind a non-taxable sum upon death.

401 (K) Plan

This is a designated contribution plan that authorizes the employer’s distinctive contributions. It has an account established for an individual worker where a fixed amount is imparted to the person’s list, the employer, or both.  

Comprehensive Paid Training

The financial company offers general training to the new employees and also those who are given promotions. The employees are trained on how to operate and follow instructions, and they get paid for that. 

 Other facts about Amscot:

They have donated more than 7.1 million dollars to Florida’s NGOs. Through raising funds and donations, they are discoursing the desires of the communities. They have associated with the Salvation Army, police, and youngsters need agencies with fundraising events, contributions, grants, and donations. They are also offering education in the community through providing monetary schooling workshops. 

Amscot also provides a number of financial services. They include; prepaid credit cards, monetary budgeting, collecting payments for utility bills, cashing checks, advance cash, and money orders. Each department or branch sells stamps for postage, offers fax machines, copiers and ATMs for client use, and operates the money wire transfers. A lot of locations remain open for 24 hours daily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements for one to apply for a job at Amscot?

Amscot is a coequal opportunity employer searching for a hardworking, actuated, and intelligent individual to join their workforce. Their requirements include having to hold a high school diploma, simple math skills, and previous experience in customer services. Speaking more than one language is an added advantage.

  1. What are the questions asked during the interview at Amscot?

Here is a list of interview questions that might be asked:

  • Tell me about your previous experiences.
  • Why do you want to work for this company-Amscot?
  • Present an example where you did more than required for a client
  • What are your plans?
  1. How is the salary at Amscot financial and how do they pay them?

The financial company offers their employees a lucrative pay/ a decently good. The FSA earns approximately $13.9 per hour, and the branch manager makes an average of $16 hourly. They pay them bi-weekly. 

  1. Is Amscot a better place to work in? 

The financial company is an appropriate place for entry-level jobs. They have three weeks of training, the management is always around to help and only employ full time with decent starting pay. They also offer a variety of benefits and have a flexible schedule. 

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Amscot Careers: Job Application, Salary & Duties

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