Latest Groundsman Job description 2021 – Duties & Salary

Groundsman Job description

A groundsman can be identified as the person who maintains the beauty and neatness of grounds in an estate or park. We will discuss the Groundsman Job description here. The groundsman can also be called a groundskeeper, grounds laborer, landscaper, or gardener. Using specific tools such as lawnmowers, shears, and ladders, their job is vital in maintaining the landscape’s aesthetic look. A groundsman is therefore important to any institution as they maintain the functionality of the outdoors. A grounds man’s duties may vary depending on the place they work as they have different demands. We will discuss the Groundsman Job description here.

Major responsibilities

  1. A groundsman is expected to collect and dispose of the garbage. This may also include the responsibility of sorting the garbage into the right bins for recycling where that system is not automated or outsourced. 
  2. Most grounds that have patches of grass as part of their landscape will require regular mowing and watering. This keeps the grounds neat and the grass healthy. In some cases, the groundsman will be required to treat the grounds to provide nutrition and to get rid of bugs or weeds. 
  3. The groundsman should be able to install and operate the sprinkler and irrigation systems. This ensures the health and continued growth of the plants under their care. 
  4. A groundsman who works in an apartment complex or around offices may be expected to keep walkways and staircases clean and free of garbage. They will be required to clear these walkways in the event of rains or snow so that they are user-friendly. 
  5. The groundsman who works in a sports facility may, in addition to maintaining the landscape, be given extra tasks. These extra tasks could be managing artificial sand traps, painting lines and logos on the grounds as well as arranging simple outdoor furniture like benches. The groundsman who works on athletic fields must keep the natural and artificial turfs in working condition and mark out boundaries before scheduled events.
  6. In some cases, it may fall upon the groundsman to carry out uncomplicated repairs of machinery and furniture around the grounds. They will also be required to paint the furniture, poles, signs, and fences. 
  7. The groundsman is also expected to trim and shape the shrubs and trees. This goes hand in hand with collecting whatever leaves and debris fall from carrying out this activity. The trees should be regularly checked for dead branches or disease and infestations by insects.  The groundsman must also maintain the flowers by weeding, watering, mulching, and fertilizing them occasionally. 
  8. The groundsman is to ensure that the tools of his work are kept clean and stored properly. Simple fixing of these tools also falls on his duty list. Where another intervention is required, the groundsman must report it to the employers for further action. It is also his job to order necessary supplies and schedule for specialty services such as patio installations and leveling of the grounds. 
  9. The job is highly versatile and the groundsman may be exposed to other duties not specified in the contract based on instructions given at the time. 

Groundsman Job Description

  1. A basic high school diploma is required for this job. In addition to this, certificates in horticulture or agriculture may be required depending on the complexity of contact with the plants on the grounds. 
  2. For some employers, prior work experience is an added advantage as this dictates the amount of money paid for delivered services. The longer the number of years working in this field, the higher the remuneration.
  3. A valid driving license where simple driving services around the grounds and fetching supplies are upon the groundsman to do. 
  4. Sufficient knowledge of the different equipment that will be used such as mowers, tractor sprinklers, irrigation piping, and ice blowers. 
  5. Sufficient knowledge in landscaping practices. This includes the proper ways to prune and shape bushes to achieve the employers desired look for the grounds. 
  6. Proficient knowledge in gardening such as watering, fertilizing, and the specific needs of grass, flowers, and shrubs. Lack of mastery in this or lying about it may cause injury to the plants on the grounds. The employee will likely be fired and sued for damages. 
  7. Above-average communication ability in written and verbal forms. This is vital as the groundsman is supposed to work hand in hand with other team players when setting up activities on the grounds or making and receiving orders for supplies. 
  8. Ability and readiness to receive instructions.
  9. Working knowledge with specified chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. 
  10. Should the employer the groundsman te carry out managerial duties, the employee may need experience that demonstrates their supervisory experience.

Physical requirements

Ability to lift heavy objects and work long hours standing and on the move. Agility and strength are a required part of this job as one is exposed to manual hands-on labor every day.  Ability to work outdoors for long periods. The groundsman will be involved in the laborious clearing of garbage or snow and ice, these working conditions are tough on a person whose health may be compromised. 

Work environment and industry

The groundsman will mostly work outdoors where weather conditions are not controlled. Despite the use of personal protective equipment, there is a high rate of injury when performing potentially dangerous tasks. Most groundskeepers are employed in schools and sports facilities.  

Job growth trend

With an increase in efforts to go green to reverse global warming, sustainable landscaping will be more in demand. Therefore, the position of the groundsman will be more in demand, there may be more openings and the payment rates are expected to go up.  At a personal level, should the groundsman be found to perform exceptionally, most employers may consider a pay rise. Should the groundsman possess stellar management skills, they may be allocated more robust duties and will supervise more people and more projects. 

Similar positions

In this job group, the jobs that have similar requirements and qualifications include a painter, a handyman, a pool cleaner, a custodian, and a housekeeper. 

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Latest Groundsman Job description 2021 – Duties & Salary

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