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At CAPTAIN D’S Careers, it offers you an ideal growth platform for individuals in the food and hospitality industry. Captain D’s is a seafood fast and casual retail chain, and the career choices available range from customer service, cashier/crew member to outlet manager and general manager. Careers at Captain D’s are open to applicants of all genders and individuals aged 16 years and above. Captain D’s offers both part-time and full-time opportunities; high school and college students are always strongly advised to apply for lower rank positions or internship opportunities. Captain D’s employs individuals with potential career advancement as an entry-level position, mid-level, or senior management position. 


At Captain D’s you can start a career from entry level crew member all the way to a professional career position. Available careers at Captain D’s include:

  • Cashier Crew Member / Guest Specialist: As a Crew member or Guest Specialist, you are the face of Captain D’s. The customer interfacing front end and the connection between the clients and the business; this role is reserved for individuals with lively and welcoming attitudes and personalities. You are always expected to wear a welcoming smile, be friendly and accommodating to clients and colleagues. As with every customer handling role, you are expected to have good people management skills.

  • Cook  Crew Member: As a Cook, basic knowledge of using kitchen appliances and recipes is necessary. The main part of a restaurant business is the food, and as a cook, you form part of the organization’s core working mechanism. Previous working experience is beneficial in this role.

  • Server / Waiter: As a server or waiter, your job is to take orders, serve tables, clean up after guests have had their meals. Attention to detail is required in this role. 

  • Shift Leader / Supervisor / Hourly Manager: The shift leader or hourly manager is in charge of the entire shift from the cooks, cleaners to the cashiers. Your primary responsibility is to ensure the shift runs smoothly with little errors, complaints, or dissatisfied clients. To become a shift manager, you need prior knowledge of working in a restaurant and must have the zeal and willingness to learn more.  

  • Assistant General Manager: As an Assistant General Manager, you assist the General Manager in the organization’s smooth running in all aspects. Captain D’s employs managers with years of experience as a restaurant manager or individuals just starting out their careers as restaurant managers. As with every managerial role, experience in the industry or sector is necessary. As an Assistant General Manager, your primary function is strategic planning, staffing, controlling costs, improving profitability, achieving operations standards, and team leadership.

  • General Manager: The General Manager is responsible for all aspects of the restaurant operations. As a General Manager, you need to have prior managerial experience in restaurant management or the hospitality industry. You are responsible for strategic planning, staffing, controlling costs, improving profitability, achieving operations standards, and team leadership.

Other roles operating available at Captain D’s either in Franchise locations or at the Head office include:

  • Grocery Associate
  • Human Resources
  • Brand Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Area Brand Director
  • Accountant
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Senior Purchasing Manager
  • Regional Director of Operations
  • Regional Marketing Manager
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Franchise Operations
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Vice Presidents (Operations, Finance, Real Estate, Marketing, Franchise)

Application Guide

Captain D’s has 539 locations, both franchise and company-owned, and each location operates its vacancies via the official company website All vacancies are well-detailed, containing the job description, Captain D’s expectations, and requirements. Some roles require that you have prior experience before applying, while some roles accept without experience. When selecting a job, the website automatically selects your location and shows you the vacancies available in the locations closest to you. Read the job description and be sure you are a fit for the role before you click on “Apply” to begin the process of application. When applying, you will need to select a unique PIN and your name and date of birth which keeps your application secure and available for you any other time you come back to the site.

Job Responsibilities and Requirements

Each role at Captain D’s has its own unique requirements and qualifications. A major benefit of Captain D’s is that the organization is willing and ready to train applicants without experience, but they have the zeal and potential career advancement. 

  • Cashier Crew Member / Guest Specialist

    • Responsibilities
      • Interacting with clients on entry and exit
      • Managing transactions using a cash register includes; scanning goods, ensuring prices are correct, and accepting payment via card or cash.
      • Processing returns, refunds, and handling minor customer complaints
      • Issuing gift cards
      • Up-selling and cross-selling

    • Requirements
      • Knowledge of how to use a cash register
      • Basic mathematics skill
      • Pleasant attitude
  • Cook Crew Member

    • Responsibilities
      • Preparing meals, meal workstation, and take-outs
      • Preparing and maintaining kitchen equipment
      • Arranging food and ensuring an appealing presentation

    • Requirements
      • An ideal cook must have good customer service skills.
      • Must be able to operate kitchen equipment
      • Ability to follow recipes and multi-task
  • Server/ Waiter

    • Responsibilities
      • Taking orders from guests
      • Serving prepared foods
      • Cleaning up service areas and tables
      • Up-selling and cross-selling food items

    • Requirements
      • Must be guest or customer service oriented
      • Friendly with a lively smile
      • Positive attitude and willingness to learn
  • Shift Leader/ Hourly Manager

    • Responsibilities
      • Managing all staff on a shift, either morning or night shift
      • Ensuring waiters and guest specialists are on the correct uniforms and have the right customer service approach.
      • Resolving all guests queries and complaints
      • Ensuring timely delivery of taking outs and dine-in orders

    • Requirements
      • Minimum of one year experience leading or managing a team 
      • Customer-centric mentality
      • Friendly and motivated with the ability to motivate a team
      • Ability to work in  a fast-paced environment
      • Attention to detail and ability to multi-task
  • Assistant General Manager

    • Responsibilities
      • Assisting the General manager in running all aspects of the restaurant
      • Strategic planning of all restaurant activities and goals
      • Budgeting and cost control
      • Mentoring staff for leadership roles

    • Requirements
      • Minimum of 2 years experience in a leadership role
      • Ability to mentor and train staff
      • Experience working in a fast-paced environment
      • Commitment to quality delivery and exceptional customer service
  • General Manager

    • Responsibilities
      • Liaise with Captain D’s senior management to understand the company goals and communicate properly with the team
      • Running of all aspects of the restaurant.
      • Strategic planning of all restaurant activities and goals
      • Budgeting and cost control
      • Mentoring staff for leadership roles

    • Requirements
      • Minimum of 2 years experience in a leadership role
      • Ability to mentor and train staff
      • Experience working in a fast-paced environment
      • Commitment to quality delivery and exceptional customer service
      • Strong communication skills with conflict resolution skills and ability to provide direction
      • The desire for personal and professional growth


Captain D’s offers several benefits to its employees. Some benefits are dependent on your position and the restaurant you work at, while other benefits are organization-wide. Some of these benefits include:

  • Employee Discount 
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Paid holidays
  • Life Insurance / Disability
  • On Duty Meals
  • Paid Training Programs
  • Complimentary uniforms
  • Health care plans
  • Special Tax credits
  • 401(k) retirement plans

Interview Structure & Preparation

The interview process at Captain D’s across the different locations depends on the position being applied for. The application process begins online with submitting the required documentation. After submitting the required documentation, the intending candidate most likely receives a phone call to schedule an interview within a week. The interview process may be over the phone or on a one-on-one basis at the desired restaurant. 

The interview process of a lower-level employee is simpler than that of a managerial position. You are most likely going to have just one interview at the restaurant location for the entry-level positions. In contrast, for managerial positions, you may have more than one interview or more and a trial period for a day to get a feel of the work environment. Entry-level roles are subject to a training period one or two weeks after a successful interview. Both entry-level and managerial roles are required to undergo background checks and drug screening tests; these tests are industry-specific as food handlers to ensure that guests are not exposed unnecessarily.

To succeed at Captain D’s interviews, below are some sample interview questions that you will be asked and the ideal way to answer them.

  • Have you ever worked in a food service industry? 

When answering this question, be honest, if you have not worked in a food service industry, there is absolutely no need to lie as Captain D’s is willing to train individuals without work experience. Demonstrate your willingness to learn and grow and ability to exceed expectations

  • Can you handle working in a fast paced environment? 

Ideally, you should handle working in a fast-paced environment if you want to succeed in any role at Captain D’s. If you cannot work in a fast-paced environment, I advise you to learn, or you do not apply to Captain D’s.

  • Can you stay positive in a rush?

The correct answer is Yes but again, remember not to tell a lie because this will be easily discovered. Restaurants are known to have rush hours or rush periods, and the ability to maintain customer service delivery despite this rush is key to every customer-facing role.

  • Describe a situation where you overcame failure or adversity in a workplace?

Think of the most difficult situation you had experienced in any previous role and how you had overcome the situation or solved the issue. Kindly remember that failure is not a bad thing as long as you succeeded in overcoming it, so do not be reluctant to share any experience you may have had. 

Salary Structure

Like every organization, the salary structure at Captain D’s depends on your career or position at the organization. The average hourly rate a cashier at Captain D’s earns is $8, and an assistant manager or shift manager earns $11.

A restaurant manager earns $37,315 per year whilst a general manager earns $49,187 per year. Other roles’ average salary is also available on this link.’s-Seafood-Restaurant

COVID-19 Compliance

As one of the most affected industries during the pandemic, Captain D’s employed strict COVID-19 compliance measures for all her staff by providing masks and necessary PPEs to ensure work flows smoothly without endangering or exposing employees.

How old do I need to be to apply at Captain D’s?

To work at Captain D’s, you need to be a minimum of 16 years for the entry level positions. Managerial positions require you be a minimum of 18 years.

Do I require work experience to work at Captain D’s?

Most roles do not require that you have prior work experience; however, you need to be willing to learn and be open to growth in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Captain D’s offers training programs for employees. Managerial roles, however, require prior experience before you can work at Captain D’s.

Will I be required to work late?

It depends on the shift you are working however you must be willing to work shifts as long as you want to work in Captain D’s.

What is the dress code for working at Captain D’s?

You will be provided with uniforms for customer service roles whilst senior management roles require you dress corporately. 

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Captain D’S Careers: Job Application,Salary & Duties

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