Firehouse Subs Job Description, Salary, & Interview Questions

Firehouse Subs Job Opportunities, Salary, Application Process, Age Limit, Interview Questions

Firehouse Subs is an emerging brand of fast food restaurant that has been in the market since 1994. It has expanded itself to over 40 states and more than 1000+ restaurants. It ears a study flow of income over all of its restaurants due to its good food in salads, sub sandwiches, and meats. It specializes in healthy food, affordable, along with seasonal items that give a rich flavor to the subs and the curated meats. We will discuss Firehouse Subs Job Description here.

The restaurant business has been growing since the start of the decade throughout the world. Fast food is not only a necessity when it comes to work but also a luxury. Many restaurants sell items that are expensive but occasionally worth the price of admission. These restaurants have made themselves famous and have allowed people to taste food in new and innovative ways, thus profiting both parties’ enjoyment and profitability.

Sandwiches have always been an important part of American cuisine. Sub sandwiches are new ways to incorporate different condiments and meats that ordinary sandwich bread cannot hold. The sandwich culture has been growing ever since the start of the 20th century, and today, it is one of the most important parts of living a good lifestyle and represents balance in the world of food. Firehouse Subs has been experiencing a rise in their customer base due to their good quality ingredients and preparation of their sandwiches. The customers are also intrigued due to the overall theme of the restaurant, where everything is painted red like a firehouse, and there are firemen jackets strewn over the walls for decoration. It has helped the customers get a good restaurant experience while giving employees a fun environment to work with. They have been hiring employees to deal with the current workload due to their expansion. There have been plenty of vacancies in their restaurants, along with job postings that indicate they are hiring. They need employees that can work hard with a smile on their face and are adaptable to almost every situation.

We will be looking at the different job opportunities, salary, age limit, application process, interview questions about the restaurant, and discussing a couple of tips before applying along with interview tips that will help your chances of getting the position you desire.

Firehouse Subs Job Description

There are many opportunities in this restaurant. You have to eligible for some criteria to qualify for some of the positions. Some other positions are given away if your interview goes well and you possess some qualities. The qualities depend upon various positions of the heterarchy and are given by various requirements. A restaurant’s basic functioning comprises the usual positions such as cashiers, cooks, crew members, managers, and hosts.

The daily workload always comprises taking specific orders from customers, making sure they get the food they asked for, maintaining a good relationship with the customers to make sure they return and assisting customers by cleaning tables and showing them to their tables. Most of the fast-food restaurants are self-service, so there are not many things the workers can do regarding sitting space.

There are many other things the workers need to keep in mind along with the daily activities, which come exclusively with the duties they are assigned and the jobs they do. There are three main positions in any fast-food restaurant that is of utmost importance and are always good to apply for because of their advantages, experience, and pay. Those jobs are:-

  1. Cashier – The cashier is the first face the customers see when they enter the restaurant. Hence, they need to put on a smiling face and have a cheerful attitude whenever greeting the customers to make sure they are getting what the customers want while also keeping a check on the cash register, counting the notes, and sparing the customer’s change. They also have to coordinate with the sandwich makers and check on the special instructions on the sandwiches. They should be accustomed to working in fast-paced environments, must be team players, and be used to meeting new customers and talking fluently with them. They must occasionally be able to lift to 50 pounds if they are asked to move items and ingredients around. They must also possess an innate knowledge of the menu items and the products that the restaurant sells and are responsible for the accuracy of the guest’s order. A cashier’s salary varies from 8 to 10 dollars an hour, excluding the perks such as flexible schedules, paid leaves, and bonuses.

  2. Crew Member – The crew members are the core of the restaurant team as they are in charge of keeping the team spirit alive and coordinating with the kitchen and the cleaning staff. They are also in charge of communicating with the cashiers and taking orders. They are in charge f taking orders along with the cashier making them according to the company’s specifications and the customer and serving them at the right time not to keep the customer waiting. There are many other extra duties, such as keeping the work areas clean and sanitized and making sure the inventory is packed with good ingredients. They are responsible for loading the kitchen and the stacks with meats and condiments if it is not. They occasionally assist other crew members and team members if there is no work and generally are involved with every team member. Hey must be a team player and must be comfortable working with people. There are many other jobs that this position requires people to do, and it involves a lot of patience and will to work to do. The salary starts at a minimum wage of 8 dollars and goes up to 10. 

  3. Manager – The manager is the most important aspect of any restaurant as they are responsible for getting orders, maintaining teamwork between the employees, and making sure the orders are up to par and as per the expectations of the customers and keep them returning due to the good treatment of the customers. They are the most important aspect o the particular restaurant’s sales department as they devise ways of selling new products to the customers. To get a job in this department, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any managerial field and experience in the same field of management. They are responsible for hiring entry-level workers and training them with the regiment of the workers. The manager is also responsible for providing tasks to assistant and shaft managers and checks up on their progress. They are in charge of creating schedules for all the employees and formulating plans for the restaurant chains’ sales. The managers are responsible for the overall development of the restaurant. The assistant managers earn from 25,000 dollars, and the general managers can make an upwards salary of 40 to 43,000 dollars, along with many perks such as paid leaves,  insurance plans, 401k plans, and many more.

Age Limit

The age limit of working at a Firehouse subs place is 16 years old as the environment is very friendly and there is a rush, but it is perfectly handleable by a teenager. Anyone looking to get experience in the culinary world can get into this company, which will help them advance further towards their dream by working in an environment that helps them adapt and learn as much as possible about the restaurant business. This is also a great way for them to earn a little cash to go through high school and college expenses.

Application Process

The application process is the second most important step in the job hunting experience. The work experience you get while working at this restaurant is important and will help every person looking to get experience and learn to succeed in their venture. There You need to remember many things as making a resume tailor-made for the job, picking out the job you’re most comfortable in doing, and also ping yourself for the interview.

The application process starts with you taking a printout of the form and submitting it to the restaurant manager or the hiring staff to view. This will allow them to see your resume along with the previous areas you worked on and what you specialize in. You can also submit the application form online by making a profile on their website and submitting the application process after entering work-related questions and submitting the resume along with it.

If you visit the restaurant directly, there’s a higher chance of you getting selected since you will dress in a formal dress and give the application directly, which can prompt a direct interview. This will allow you to get a one-up over the competition while still allowing you to stay within the limit of the job you are working towards. Submitting an offline application will allow you to check out the restaurant, talk to people and let yourself know about the protocols and rules of working there.

Many opportunities are waiting for when you physically submit the application form, dress well, and make sure you’re polite. If you’re submitting online, make sure to wait for a day or two before contacting them about your application’s status. 

Interview Questions

The interview is the most important part of you getting the job. It involves displaying to the employer what confidence you have in yourself and your learning ability and experience. It involves answering questions that let your employer know everything about yourself, and the resume will allow them to see what experience you have and the places where you have worked. Dress well for the interview, be neat and tidy, be obedient regarding the interview timings and be polite to the interviewer whenever answering the questions.

The three main important interview questions are:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. What are your career goals?
  3. Why should I hire you?
  • The first question helps the interviewer know who you are as a person. Tell them what you are doing currently, your hobbies, and what you like to do in your spare time. This will allow them to gauge who you are and what you can do as an employee. You can also talk about your college and where you study if you are a college student.
  • The second question talks about what you want to do further on in your career. If you are a college student, then you can talk about advancing further in your respective career, or if you are an adult looking for a managerial job, then you can talk about being in the company as a manager for the future, this will show the employer your commitment and ambitions towards the company.
  • It would be best to talk about the qualities you possess but remember to talk about keeping the job description in mind. This will show the interviewer that you have done your research and are willing to commit to learning about the company and taking the job seriously. For example, if you’re applying for the cooking job, mention your ability to work well in a team and your culinary skills, play to your strengths.

The Takeaway

The takeaway of the article is that there are many jobs that you will find at the Firehouse restaurant, but you need to be able to see the opportunity, apply for the job, make sure your resume is up to par. Showing up for the interview, you need to be on time and have good command, be confident and answer each question confidently, play to your strengths so that you can get the job. Good luck!

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Firehouse Subs Job Description, Salary, & Interview Questions

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