Firehouse Subs Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

Firehouse Subs Hiring Age

The Firehouse sub is the third-largest US-based restaurant that makes submarine sandwiches, salads, and other seasonal items. Their subs are prepared with generous meat, cheese, several vegetables, and over 50 different condiments are applied. The firehouse subs restaurants grow rapidly and require numerous staff to help them continue their sales and attend to customers. The business has more than 700 quick services which respond to customers’ needs nationwide. Each location can employ about 17 to 20 workers, and some other managerial positions are also filled up. Here, let’s know about Firehouse Subs Hiring Age.

Meanwhile, the company has more than a hundred professionals who work from the company headquarters and oversee the restaurant activities by providing more than 10,000 jobs. In addition, the restaurant chain has various locations outside the US in countries like Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In the year 2015, the firehouse business was named as the best franchise to buy. More so, the employees of the firehouse get to enjoy some benefits such as on job training, career opportunities and growth, discounted meals, paid time-off, health care coverage, life insurance, and 401K retirement plans. 

Generally, firehouses offer a fun and positive work environment where the employees perform their duties efficiently, as emphasized by the firehouse theme. In addition, the organization prioritizes the health and overall wellness of its workers above other things and properly acknowledges and compensates them for extra performance on their duty. 

Known facts about working at Firehouse Subs

How old should you be to work at Firehouse subs: Generally, the minimum age required from you to be employed at the firehouse sub for an entry-level position is 16 years old? Although for other positions requiring a wholesome experience or managerial position, you must be 18 years and above.  

Firehouse operating hours: The operation hours of the firehouse sub are fixed from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. On Sunday the working hours is pegged at 10:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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The available positions at each firehouse subs are Crew members, Prep Cook, Shift Leader, General Manager, Franchise, Area Representative, and Assistant Manager. 

Firehouse Subs Careers

The employers fill various roles at the firehouse subs listed above would be explored in detail. The continued representation of the business in various parts of the country has shown that the business needs more hands to handle its operations. Workers are expected to work in a fast-paced environment where quality service is rendered to the customers. The following roles are available at the firehouse subs. 

Crew member: As a crew member, you are saddled with the responsibility of providing front-end services to the customers and ensuring they are satisfied with their orders. They accept guest orders, serve their meals, ensure all payment transactions are completed, clean the kitchen and dining area. Aside from this, they are supposed to organize inventory and wash the kitchenware and other used utensils. The crew member earns $8 to $16 per hour, while the required age for the position is 18. 

Delivery driver: the role is saddled with responsibilities primarily meant for the efficient delivery process of meals to customers who place orders online. Other responsibilities involve packing orders, communicating with customers, and obtaining instructions about the delivery process.  They might also assist with taking orders whenever there are no delivery activities to be performed. The delivery driver at firehouse subs must at least be up to 18 years of age before being engaged in the role. Based on information gotten from glassdoor, the salary for the delivery driver is $13 per hour.

Cashier: A cashier’s primary role is to handle all payments made by the customers and process their orders. All payments must be accurately handled and ensured that there is no error. Other responsibilities that the cashier performs include inputting the customer’s orders into the POS systems. The recommended age for a cashier at firehouse subs is 18, while the salary is pegged at $9 per hour.

Sign Waiver/Spinner: A waiver is located outside the store, and the primary responsibility is to attract customers to the store during operating hours. The duties might include dancing, waving, communicating with the customers, and guiding them to the store. The waivers are always young and energetic youths between the age of 16 to 18. They are mostly paid $9 hours.

Catering Associate: the role is critical as they deal with customer’s orders and assist with other requests that have been placed. Customer’s orders are handled in the store by the catering associate and they help log all catering services performed. More so, they make follow-up calls, before and after the delivery while they also assist with other activities in the store whenever there are no pending orders.  Being one of the important roles at firehouse subs, the catering associates handle customers to order and earn about $12 per hour. As the role requires a lot more dedication, individuals above 18 years are hired to fill the position.

Shift Manager: A shift manager is responsible for overseeing all the activities of the workers in the store at a particular shift. The roles entail resolving any disputes between the workers and the customers. More so, the shift manager also ensures that all the firehouse policies and government regulations are followed in the letter. The individual must ensure that the shift reports and sales reports are accurate and properly produced. The manager also assists whenever necessary. The shift manager takes home $12 per hour, and there are strict regulations regarding the age range of individuals hired for the position. The shift manager should always be above 18 years of age. 

Deli Meat Slicer: As the name goes, the role of the individual is to prepare all the meat-related products that would be used for the production of the subs. The duties performed by the individual range from slicing, cutting, washing, and dicing meat according to the business regulation and the company’s specifications. Also, the role involves assisting with packing orders and maintaining extreme cleanliness at the workstation. One of the most important ingredients of the firehouse subs is meat, which is why the meat slicer must be experienced in the role. The applicants for this job are always physically fit and are well above 18, and their salary is pegged at $12 per hour.

Food sandwich Prep: The primary role of the food sandwich prep personnel is to assemble all the necessary ingredients and components of the orders that would be needed to produce the subs. All ingredients prepped by the individual must follow the company standards and also comply with the law of food safety and handling. The individual must maintain cleanliness in the kitchen at all times. Another critical role at firehouse sub is the sandwich preparer, and the salary for this job position is $13 per hour. You must be well above 18 before you can apply for the role.

Assistant manager: this is the role that supports the manager, and the primary responsibility is to ensure that the restaurant is running smoothly. The individual is also in charge of hiring, training, and supervising the crew for efficient work production. Also, the responsibility of the role entails overseeing the opening and closing of the restaurants at the appropriate time of operations. As the assistant manager for any firehouse sub, your salary amounts to $16 per hour, and you must demonstrate enough experience before you can be hired. You should be about 20 to become a manager at firehouse subs.

The firehouse Subs job opportunities 

The firehouse is a large business constantly hiring workers to fill its ever-growing demands for labor at its various restaurant locations. According to projection, the sandwich franchise is aimed at making 2500 locations by the end of 2021. This then means with the increase in the locations being operated, there will be increased numbers of entry-level roles and managerial positions at the new locations. The entry-level job descriptions entail preparation of food, overseeing customers’ activities, ensuring the restaurant environment is clean at all times. Meanwhile, the managerial positions entail coordinating the affairs of the restaurant and ensuring the smooth operation of all activities. For convenience purposes, the employer has several roles listed differently on its websites The online application forms can be easily filled by job seekers and dropped off at the respective restaurant locations in person.

At the firehouse subs organizations, the business maintains an impressive growth index rate nationwide, which gives job seekers chances to seek employment at the organizations. Besides, it is a dynamic restaurant where various employment opportunities fit every individual seeking employment. From entry-level staff to managerial positions, job seeks are expected to possess strong work ethics and formidable customer service skills. However, candidates who are seeking to occupy managerial positions are expected to have prior experience running a restaurant and coordinating the affairs of such restaurants.  In addition, applicants can opt for the full-time or part-time role at the restaurant. Meanwhile, the majority of work schedules available for any entry-level position are often part-time, while the managerial position requires a full-time commitment at the restaurant.


The concept of the firehouse sub is centered on sandwiches heated with an exclusive steaming process, while their produce is served in an exciting environment. More so, the initial ideology of the company being founded by firemen is still carried on. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with pictures of local fire departments, and the genuine equipment for firefighting is also displayed.

Firehouse subs hiring age Faqs

At what age can you work at Firehouse subs?

The minimum age you can pick up a job at firehouse service is 16.

How much do you get paid at the firehouse sub?

The amount you are paid at the firehouse is dependent on your job role and your experience level. However, the average salary is $11 per hour.

Firehouse Subs Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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